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Why is your VPN not working on Apple TV

One of the best perks of living in a digital age is definitely having access to almost every info you may seek or need. Now, when we don’t have access, and that infamous “ERROR” message appears well, let’s just say that it can be stressful, especially when we are in a hurry and really need to check some info quickly. Okay, some websites simply don’t exist anymore or are now about an entirely different thing, as the previous owner of the domain sold it, but there are times when we can’t access a website simply because it is forbidden. In most cases, it’s because the country you live in has limited certain actions or access to some sites due to legal or other issues.

Another reason why we cannot access some websites is when the content on certain sites is considered untrue or worse, and the country in which we live has restricted access to it. The reasons are numerous, but those who know at least the basics of how it all works are well aware of the fact that by using a VPN, for example, you can access any website while still living in the country in which doing so is not possible. That’s because these private networks mask the IP, meaning that no one can restrict any content if they are not aware that someone is trying to access it.

What is VPN, and how does it work?

We have already scratched beneath the surface regarding how these networks work, but to better describe them and showcase their importance more correctly, let’s check some facts. Namely, the main purpose of a VPN is to hide your online activity, and people mostly use it precisely for this objective, having access to websites they would otherwise not have. Of course, there is also a safety aspect, as using this network makes you much less vulnerable to hacker attacks.

In order to better understand it, think of the IP address as your social security number, and yes, just like when someone steals your social security number, they can cause so much damage and also have insight into your entire life, the IP address has similar features, meaning that one can track every move you make online. So, since VPN can hide it, it makes your browsing activity and all the personal data while connected on any WiFi network much safer and, what’s even more important, private.

Now, when we know more about VPN and how it works, let’s check why in some cases, it simply doesn’t work and how to fix it.

You haven’t chosen the right VPN

One of the simplest ways to activate the VPN on Apple TV is to choose the ideal proponent that will allow us to stream whatever we like without any problems. It can be pretty challenging because many of them are made only for certain platforms and for certain apps, which is not enough for Apple TVs and will not work on them. By choosing the right VPN, we will be able to use it whether we decide to connect it directly to the router or use the streaming device.

The IP address is not registered

After choosing the right proponent, the next step is registering the IP address, and if it is not done properly, it can cause problems with operating. Once the IP address is registered, we should set up the VPN settings by setting up other devices in the settings bar. It is necessary to select the Apple TV, and we will get the DNS IP Address that we can use to stream the content we want. The final step is turning on the TV, going to the settings of the network, and switching the DNS to manual configuration. After that, it will be necessary to enter the DNS IP that we have got, restart the TV, and everything should work without any problems.

VPN is not connected to the router

In situations when one does not want to use DNS IP Address on their Apple TV, the other solution is to connect the VPN directly to the router, and if it is not done properly, it is most likely that it does not work. In order to do that properly, it is necessary to download the firmware from the website of the VPN we have chosen to use and install it. Installing is a simple process, and all we need to do is enter the IP Address of our router to the address bar on the browser we use in order to upload the firmware directly to the router. After the installation, we need to open the router dashboard, complete the whole process, and it is ready for use.

Extra tip: Use the screen mirroring

For people who still cannot use VPN on their Apple TVs, no matter what they have tried, we have one more solution that can help them solve that problem. Basically, it is not a way to set up a VPN, but it is a way to watch the content you want on the TV without any problem, and what is most important, it is simple. All you need to do is to use the Apple device that already has a VPN (iPad, phone) and use the screen mirroring option to watch everything you want. It is as simple as it sounds, and in that way, you will save nerves if other options do not work.

The bottom line

These tips mentioned above should come in pretty handy, as there should be at least one that would work for your Apple TV. There are no reasons not to use something when it can only benefit us, and the same is about a VPN, a protected network connection when on a public network. If you still haven’t tried it, then WeVPN is the way to go, as it will unblock several streaming platforms, provide strong security and offer a decent range of apps that are reliable and easy to use.

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