7 Biggest Online Slot Machine Myths

The Internet is a strange place. While useful most of the time, you can find much misleading information. Sometimes this is done on purpose, but there are times when people just share info they believe is the truth, without proper backing in facts. Their motives can be just having fun playing someone, or they can be led with a desire to earn some money by misinforming others.

It would help if you learned to tell the difference between the truth and what isn’t on the Internet. For example, there are people who’ll lead you to believe that playing slot machines is a waste of both time and money. You need to know better, and that entertainment these machines bring can’t be for free. But, there are people out there who are eager to make you believe that you won’t have any fun playing slot machines online. They base this belief on various myths circling the net. Here we’re going to introduce you to the seven biggest online slot machine myths. After reading this article, you’ll know better not to trust anything you hear or read on the Internet.

Slot Machines Have Hot and Cold Streaks

This is by no means true. Yes, online slot machines can have hot streaks, and yes, they can have cold streaks. But, this is happening by pure chance, not because they are programmed to do so. This claim is a myth at its best. These machines have installed programs that ensure every spin is random. But, people who don’t play frequently and find themselves playing during a hot or cold streak tend to believe they are real.

If a Machine Hasn’t Paid Out For a While, It’s Just About To Do It

This one is quite similar to the one above. But also it’s not true. Slot machines that haven’t paid out for some time aren’t any likely to pay anytime soon. The chances of a payout are the same with every spin you make. They are based on an algorithm of randomness. They will pay out eventually, but you can’t tell when based on the fact they have been idle for a while. So play whenever you feel like it, the winning is coming.

Slot Who Paid Out a Jackpot Won’t do The Same for Foreseeable Future

No, no, and no. You can hit a Jackpot with every spin. If a slot machine paid out a Jackpot, this doesn’t mean it’s going on a break. The chances remain the same that the same device is going to pay out a Jackpot compared to any other you can sit on. Most theories regarding slot machines revolve around the belief that they will start giving after a losing streak and vice versa. It’s worth repeating; you have a chance to receive a Jackpot with every spin as these devices work on a principle of randomness.

The Time of Day You Play on Matters

You shouldn’t pay too much attention to this one as it makes no sense. While online casinos are large organizations, and they have many employees at their disposal, they don’t deal with setting the chances of winning to a particular time of a day. This can’t be done quickly, nor it’s easy. Many people on the Internet claim that they gained more during a specific part of the day or a week. But, it would be best if you didn’t trust what they say, as it isn’t the truth. Your chances of winning or losing are the same at any given time, so you shouldn’t bother with trivia’s as this one.

Counting Symbols on Wheels

You can’t count symbols as they were cards in a real casino. It just won’t do the trick. The number and shape of symbols that will come out are generated with every spin. This means that there are countless combinations, and a mere human couldn’t count them all even if a life-span of an individual was dedicated to this goal. Because of the massive number of combinations, it’s not easy to win playing slot machines, but it also guarantees an enormous payout for someone who gets lucky enough.

You Can Hack Online Slot Machine

We can’t say people haven’t tried. There are those who believe this is possible and even easy to do. You can’t do this, not even with a standard sloth machine. People tried this with magnets, coins that have nonstandard weight, or by inserting electronic cards. Those who focus on online slot machines tried this with various hacks and softwares dedicated to cheating. You’ll lose more money trying to get your hands on equipment to do this scam that you would on playing. The games online casinos, such as provide, are protected by high-end encryption. These companies are worth billions, and one man can’t beat the system and the protection they have. This should be in the category: Don’t try this at home.

The Last Payout Indicates The Next One


When playing online, you can check when was the last time there was a Jackpot in the game you choose. This indicates nothing. If you have ever been in a real casino, and you see people who witnessed a Jackpot, you’ll notice that none of them will sit at the same slot. They are superstitious, and nothing else. That machine has an equal chance of the next payout as any other in the place. It’s based on randomness, and you should not pay any attention to this. It’s the same with an online slot machine. Even if a Jackpot was recent, you should continue playing. The chances are the same that there won’t be another Jackpot as they are, it’s coming with the next spin.


As you can see, gambling comes with a lot of superstition and myths. Most of them should be ignored as they do not improve your chances of winning. What you need to do is gamble responsibly and with an open mind. There’s a chance you’ll earn money, and it’s based on a computer algorithm you can’t understand, you only can get lucky, and eventually, you will. Don’t let myths distract you from playing without stress.

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