The Homeowner’s Complete Guide to Building Maintenance

If you have just become the proud owner of your very first home, there is a lot to take on board, and building maintenance is a fact of life, as the harsh weather does what it can to damage the exterior of your property. The key to managing any property is carrying out frequent building inspections, as this enables you to make prompt repairs in the event there is a need, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that your investment is well-maintained.
  • Roof Maintenance – The roof of your home is, without a doubt, the most important component of all, and you should ask your local roofer to carry out a thorough inspection every six months. This inspection would include checking for missing roof tiles, cleaning out the guttering, and generally making sure all is in good order, and should there be an issue, it can be promptly dealt with. An undetected rook leak could prove to be a very costly fix, especially if it is undetected for a few months, allowing water to enter the internal roof structure. The roof is the one component that cannot be seen clearly from the ground level, which is why you are advised to have a roofing contractor inspect the entire roof.
  • Exterior Walls – Regardless of the material, your exterior walls will have to endure the full force of the Australian climate, with constant sunlight, strong winds, and rain-bearing down upon the structure. If your exterior is made from brick or stone, a power-wash every couple of years will restore the material to its original state, while timber structures require staining or painting, to protect the property. Many homeowners have the exterior walls rendered, which adds a layer of insulation, plus you can choose a nice color to transform the exterior. Rendering isn’t that expensive, and if funds are limited, take advantage of Nimble online quick loan, which would cover the cost of the work. Brickwork may need repointing, as the harsh winds can erode the mortar between the bricks, and any decent bricklayer would handle such a job. There are special coatings that are designed to protect exterior walls; talk to your local builder, and he can explain how these products can protect your property.
  • Plumbing – It is a good idea to have your drains cleaned every couple of years, which would practically guarantee you will never experience a blocked drain. In the event you do find your drainage system is not working as it should, there are emergency drain unblocking services that you can call. Specialist companies like WaterlinePlumbing offer a 24/7 service, as drains can become blocked at any time, and while there are over-the-counter products, you are advised to leave this one to the professionals.
  • Dampness – This is the number one enemy of the homeowner, as if damp affects the property, it could lead to serious repairs, so do check the basement (if you have one) and check for damp patches on the ceilings. Even a small leak on the roof could result in a lot of internal damage, so do keep your eye out for damp, and if you notice signs of damp, call in a local builder as soon as possible. Here is an informative article that offers outdoor design ideas, which is a must-read for a novice homeowner.
  • Driveway & Garden – If you have a tarmac driveway, this will probably require repairs every couple of years, whereas something like block paving will last for many years, and a power-wash is all it takes to maintain that new look. Of course, you should tend the garden, or if you have limited time, call a local landscaper who can pay regular visits to keep your garden looking good. An untidy garden makes any property look bedraggled, and it doesn’t take long to run the mower over the lawn and trim those hedges, which makes all the difference.
  • Water Leaks – The water system in your home is pressurized, and in the event a joint fails, or worse, a pipe ruptures, water will rush into your home instantly, and if no one is at home when this happens, the potential for disaster is there. There are preventative measures that can be taken; you could ask your local plumber or to inspect the water system, looking for corrosion or signs of imminent leakage.
  • Ground Subsidence – The ground could move at any time, which might be caused by additional construction or natural tremors, and you should inspect your exterior walls looking for tell-tale cracks and splits that form when ground subsides. If, for example, you find you have a door or window that no longer opens and closes as it should, this could be caused by the ground moving slightly on one side, which would pull the door or window frame out of square.

It is easy to forget about building maintenance, but with regular inspections, you will be able to carry out prompt repairs should the need arise. It might seem like a full-on challenge keeping your home in good order, but if you contact the professionals, they can inspect and carry out any repairs that are needed.

Your home is likely to be the biggest single investment you will ever make, so it does make sense to maintain the property, and regular inspections are the key to maintaining any property. In the event you notice any issues, have them looked at as soon as possible, as early intervention keeps the repair bills down.

Of course, the older the property, the more likely repairs will be needed, and if you haven’t had your home inspected recently, now might be the right time to do just that. It is easy to become complacent and forget about building maintenance, and with so much at stake, you owe it to yourself to be on the ball regarding building maintenance.

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