A Complete Guide to Plunge Pools

It’s nice to come home and relax by going for a dip in your backyard pool. Many people, though, may not have the money or the backyard space to be able to install a full-size swimming pool. Plunge pools are the perfect alternatives in such cases, making it possible for people with limited space or budget constraints to be still able to enjoy having a pool in their backyard.

What is a plunge pool?


Plunge pools are termed after naturally forming ponds at the end of waterfalls that people believed had revitalising properties and offered numerous health benefits. These are smaller pools when compared to the size of regular swimming pools and are meant for relaxation rather than for use as a means of exercise.

If your backyard is smaller, getting a plunge pool will still allow you to benefit from having a pool in your backyard. Even larger backyards can have plunge pools if your aim is only to create a peaceful space where you can unwind in the corner of your backyard as opposed to keeping a swimming pool that will dominate the backyard space.


Plunge pools are generally 6 metres long and 3.5 metres wide, with a depth of 1.2 metres, although you can have shallower or deeper pools based on your preference. Plunge pools are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, and come with built-in seating for relaxation.

While they can be made either from fiberglass or concrete, making use of a fiberglass plunge pool is better because the shell can be pre-constructed and transported to the site, making installation quick and easy. They’re also cost-effective and durable, helping you save money on maintenance and refinishing charges.

What features does a plunge pool have?

Several features of larger pools are also available for plunge pools. In addition to these, plunge pools also have some unique features like:

Spa jets


You can turn your backyard into a spa with spa jets in your plunge pool. These offer a means of hydrotherapy, aiding muscle recovery, reducing anxiety & stress, lowering blood pressure, and assisting with relaxation.

Swim jets

Swim jets are another popular feature for plunger pools. These are unidirectional high powered jets that provide resistance in the water, making it possible for people to swim in one place and get in a workout.

Some people take their fitness goals to the next level by having an underwater treadmill or water bike installed in an attempt to improve cardiovascular health.


There are many LED lighting options available that can turn your plunge pool into a more attractive space. These are cost-effective and come in different colours, offering an opportunity for customisation. They also increase safety by lighting up the plunge pool area, especially if you’re trying to use the pool late at night.


You don’t want to come back from a long day at work and get into a cold pool; nothing about that is relaxing. Equipping your plunge pool with an efficient heating system will keep the water warm and make getting into the pool a relaxing experience for you.

What are the benefits of having a plunge pool?


You can relax or exercise

There are many benefits to having a plunge pool. To start with, they offer a great way for people to relax in the comfort of their backyard. They can also be used to exercise and keep up with fitness goals via the addition of swim jets in the pool.

They’re cost-effective

Plunge pools are perfect for those with budget constraints since they cost much lesser to install than a conventional swimming pool. Since plunge pools are a lot smaller than conventional swimming pools, they also require you to spend less money, time, and energy on pool filling, cleaning and maintaining.

They’re good for large or small backyards

Their smaller space makes them ideal for backyards that have limited space, but they can also be installed in large backyards. For large backyards, they can serve as an excellent focal point, with landscaping and other decorative features added to complement the design and style of the plunge pool. They come in versatile design features, and you’ll be able to select something that is suited to your taste and preference.

They’re better for the environment

The smaller size of plunge pools makes them a better option for the environment. Such pools use up to 80% lesser water than traditional swimming pools and require far lesser chemicals for their cleaning. Heating of a plunge pool can also be done more easily due to its smaller size and lower volume of water, which means that lesser energy is utilised and you can save on energy bills.


They can make your backyard more attractive and add to your property value

Plunge pools can give your backyard some style and higher attractive value. They can also add to the value of your property if you ever plan to sell it.

What does plunge pool installation involve?


Plunge pools can be installed either as concrete or fiberglass pools. We’ve already covered the benefits of having a fiberglass plunge pool installed. Installation can happen either in-ground or above ground. An above-ground plunge pool is usually a cheaper option and can be completed more quickly. In-ground pools tend to be a more popular choice because they’re more aesthetically appealing, but they require excavation of your backyard land, making them a more expensive and time-consuming option.

The cost of installing a plunge pool will differ based on:

  • Whether you want an in-ground or above-ground plunge pool
  • Shape and size of your backyard
  • The material model and pool company you choose
  • Any additional features you want for your plunge pool

You must make sure you use the services of a trusted professional such as plungepoolsperth.com.au when installing a plunge pool for your backyard. They will be able to evaluate the land, recommend the best options for you, and customise features of the pool to suit your needs.

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