Is There an Adequate Alternative to an N95 Mask

Since the end of 2019, the world has been dealing with one of the biggest pandemic in the human history – the covid19 pandemic. It has completely changed the way we live. There isn’t a single country in the world that hasn’t introduced at least some of the measures, from social distancing, the prohibition of movement, mandatory mask-wearing, to a curfew at some point.

Wearing a mask, however, seems to be the measure everyone is obeying on their initiative and we will probably have to accept this as the new normal. But besides accepting the way things are, it is important to know what masks provide us the best protection. Not all of them are the same. There are countless designs and technology solutions offered on the market, where the majority of them can be found on Canberra Diamond Blade. However, if you need maximum protection, surgical masks are the type to choose.

For quite some time now there have been different researches conducted in order to test which masks are offering the best protection from the covid-19 virus. The researches included all the types available on the market, starting from those used by surgeons to the alternative ones, made from the cloth.

What was found out is that the N95 type, the one worn by the medical workers provides by far the best protection. It manages to filtrate 95% of particles transmitted via air, including viruses and bacteria. This type belongs to the category of respirators, and it is getting harder and harder to find them on the market. Having this in mind, we will present you with the alternatives that are adequate to this popular mask.

Medical face masks are the most available on the market at the moment, although some countries face the challenge in order to provide enough for all the people. Protection wise, they are also the second-best option or an alternative to N95.

When wearing this type of mask, you should know that they have a recommended expiration date. After wearing it for 3 to 6 hours, you should change it. You should carefully dispose them afterwards. The best is to read the instructions on the product declaration. In case you feel they are soaked with sweat and other bodily fluids, immediately change the mask.

The good thing about these masks is that in cases of severe exposure to the virus, there are some tricks that will make it more endurable. Take two masks and place a paper tissue in between them. This will offer an additional filter. This can prevent smoke, dust, as well as gasses to jeopardize the health of a person. It’s also great for these pandemic days, but the chances that you may find such masks in the pharmacy are low.

Respirator masks are provided in two designs, for isolation, and for filtration. Meaning that those that filtrate contain the filter device as well, and in most of the cases they are integrated into the face protective part. Depending on the type of filter it has, the mask can be successful in preventing the particles to get to your respiratory system, prevent the gasses to get to your respiratory system or both particles and gasses.

They do give feel weird when you wear them, but some have an exhalation valve that makes wearing the mask more comfortable. The valve also prevents the condense inside the mask, making breathing easier.

It is important to state that these kinds of respirators protect you also from droplet infections. They can be for single or multi-use. In a multi-use respirators, it is possible to change the filter after its full, install another one and use it a couple of more times.

Cotton masks are believed to have a very fair effect when it comes to protection and prevention of the virus spreading. The effects are less than the medical face masks and respirators but still offer good alternative. The result everybody would like to achieve is protection from the virus, the best one the current situation offers.

To be fair, the scientific proofs of the realistic protection face masks offer in general, are not enough to prove their effectiveness in preventing the transmission of the viruses causing respiratory diseases. What can be heard in the news every couple of months is that the virus is constantly going through some mutations and that the droplets produced by coughing can now contribute to the spreading of the infection. However, it is also said that the percentage of the virus inside these droplets is not so big, so there isn’t any reason for panicking. This means that a simple walk by an infected person will not jeopardize you. Of course, as the contact grows closer, the possibility of infection also does. So, cotton masks are better than no protection at all.

Hybrid masks are already being offered for sale, mainly online, and different portals write that those who tested them were quite surprised by their efficiency. Apparently, the two layers of thick cotton and an additional layer of silk, chiffon, or flannel are able to filtrate more than 80% of very small particles and more than 90% of the larger ones.

The scientists are hopeful that this type of mask can be more effective in filtrating bacteria and viruses than N95. They even suggested that the mask is further fortified by the two layers of chiffon, aside from the two layers of cotton, which could make this mask even better protection than the medical face mask.

A bandana made from the scarf can also be good protection. It will not be as successful as the ones we mentioned, but it’s better than wearing nothing.

As was mentioned above in the article, all of these are still just speculation when it comes to the protection from covid-19. However, we have proved that certain products can be an adequate alternative to the N95 mask.

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