Is There a Bingo Games Strategy Spreadsheet?

The title may seem more of a contradiction than anything else, and yes, it is pretty rare to put the words Bingo and strategy together in the same sentence. However, although bingo is a game of pure chance, some ingenious and strategy-oriented keys can go a long way toward maximising your chances of winning – play at the today.

Even though there is little you can do to change the random numbers obtained in the course of the game, a card picking strategy can surely help you get the best out of a bingo game.

Do You Need a Bingo Strategy?

Bingo is a game in which you cannot interfere with the numbers that will come out of the hype; therefore, it is a game completely dominated by luck.

However, this fact hasn’t stopped players from trying out new strategies to get better rewards over the years, as you can do nothing with the numbers being rolled out, so almost all of the bingo strategies depend upon the bingo cards. As you might have known, bingo cards have different ranges. For instance, one card might have even numbers while the other one might be carrying odds. So depending on this variation, bingo players often try out new strategies to beat the game. So, do you need a strategy to win at bingo? We don’t think so, as it is all about the numbers being called out, and players can’t control them. Secondly, are there any bingo strategies to follow? Well, yes, there are a couple of strategies you can follow to theoretically increase your chances of getting a bingo.

The Most Popular Bingo Strategies

If you want to know more about the most effective bingo strategy, then we must tell you about the two most popular techniques that you can use to play with your card. Let us begin!

Tippett strategy

The first of the two most popular bingo strategies was developed by British mathematician Leonard Tippet and applied to 75-ball bingo. It consisted of a method of choosing the cards that depended on the length of the game. A “short” game was one in which simple patterns such as lines are completed, and a “long” game was one in which more complex patterns such as shapes or letters came into play.

Therefore, the card, or cards, that you are going to choose to play will have to be the following:

  • Short Games: Cards with numbers closer to 1 and 75.
  • Long Games: Cards with numbers closer to 38.

Statistically speaking, with the Tippett strategy, you should increase your chances of winning prizes by playing this version of bingo.

Granville Strategy

The second was presented by the American financial analyst Joseph Granville. He suggested that to have the best chances of winning at bingo you had to choose cards having:

  • An equal number of highs and lows.
  • A similar number of odds and evens.
  • A similar number of digits ending with a specific number.

As you can see, the Granville strategy and the previous one are based on the choice of the card because it is the only action that the player can perform throughout the game beyond marking the boxes.

Benefits of Playing Bingo

Many people do not realize this, but bingo is much more than just another fun and entertaining lucky game that brings you a sense of thrill. Playing a bingo game can actually have many positive effects on the overall person’s well-being, especially in the mental aspect.

Bingo is a Game That will bring you enjoyment and relaxation

The most interesting part about bingo is that you do not have to invest your time, energy, or any type of effort to learn the game. It comes with every simple rule, so people of all ages can enjoy it. Additionally, it does not any type of practice or development of skills which means that you can jump right in when you decide to.

Therefore, all those people that are looking for some fun new hobby that can relax their mind and get them rid of the stress, can try the bingo game. Best of all you will not have a reason to worry about whether or not you will get a successful outcome. Even though winning is great, every bingo player says that it is more than thrilling to wait for the unpredictable outcome.

Bingo is a game that will boost your socialization

You can easily make new friends and meet new people while all of you are engaging and playing a bingo game. This is truly one of the activities that will help you interact with others, no matter whether you are playing online or at some social venue. Therefore, aside from enjoying the game itself, you will experience the social benefits.

When it comes to online bingo playing, there are different chat rooms included that are hosting friendly players that want to interact with each other and get to know each other. All of this can really positively impact the person since he or she is going to feel comfortable in a friendly environment.

Bingo will enhance your cognitive function

One of the greatest benefits that come with playing the Bingo game refers to the fact that this game can stimulate you mentally, sharpen your mind, and improve your memory and focus. You are truly going to exercise your brain and improve the overall cognitive function which can have long-lasting effects on your brain. Additionally, your hand-eye coordination will be highly improved since this skill coordination is something that the bingo game requires. By playing this game constantly you will have a chance to decrease the risk of mental illness occurrence like Alzheimer’s.

Best of all, this game can even positively affect reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. Since the person will be engaged with the numbers and enjoy the entertainment that the game brings as well as the friendly interactive environment, he can get rid of negative thoughts, anxiety, and depression condition.

Final Thought

After you have read the benefits that bingo can bring you, and you want to indulge yourself in this activity and get yourself a new entertaining hobby, you should not wait anymore and try the game right now on the best UK bingo sites.

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