Can Plunge Pools be Built Above the Ground?

If you’re contemplating the idea of a plunge pool for your home but you’re not sure if your budget or backyard will allow it, the good news is you do have options. High-quality fiberglass plunge pools can be installed above ground and are not only cheaper but can accommodate practically any site.

They can look just as beautiful as ones installed in the ground. Your pool builder should have years of experience and will know how to tie it in with your yard to create a stunning focal point.

What are the advantages of installing a plunge pool above ground?


The price

We all want to save money where we can and how much the pool costs can greatly influence the way you choose to install your pool. Above ground, pool installations are typically far cheaper than those installed inground. This is because there is minimal excavation needed and in turn, will save you money on equipment and machinery as well as labor.

Aesthetically appealing

For many of us, when we envision a swimming pool we automatically think of a pool that is in the ground and while inground pools are fantastic, some prefer the look of above ground pools and some don’t have the option as their land is sloping. Years ago, above ground pools were placed on the ground with not much around them which made them a bit of an eyesore, however today, there are many clever ways your pool builder can integrate the pool with your home and backyard to create a cohesive space.

Simple installation


An above-ground fiberglass pool can be installed quickly and easily. As the labor is so minor, once it’s been lifted into place, you can virtually swim in it straight away. High-quality fiberglass pools are reinforced and they will maintain their strength and structure over their lifetime without the risk of cracking or bowing.

Unrivaled strength and durability

Fiberglass pools are the most technologically advanced pool on the market today. They are designed to have extreme strength, durability, and superior interior surface performance and can be built on virtually any site, including the sandy terrains that Perth is notorious for. Top-quality fiberglass pools are skillfully engineered to be able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and earth movements. A plunge pool that is installed above ground will last just as long as one installed inground. Many companies offer extended warranties on their pools as they know how strong and long-lasting they are.

Benefits of an above ground plunge pool

  1. All our pool range in suitable for above-ground installation
  2. They can be installed above or partially above ground
  3. Manufactured to surpass Australian and international fiberglass pool standards
  4. Can fit in small, awkward shaped backyards
  5. We have a huge selection of plunge pools on offer making it easy to find the perfect one for your home
  6. Any sanitizing system can be used in them
  7. All plunge pools come with non-slip surfaces and steps
  8. Suited to the modern-day backyard
  9. Stylish and contemporary designs
  10. Economical and easy to maintain
  11. Extra inclusions such as heating, lighting, and jets can be included to enhance the swimming experience
  12. All our plunge pools come with a lifetime internal, structural, and osmosis guarantee, so you can swim worry free over the lifetime of your pool.

Our plunge pools can accommodate nearly any site

If you have a difficult site that is sloping or uneven ensure you hire a qualified pool builder that has extensive knowledge and experience installing pools on similar sites. They will know the best way to approach the pool builder to give you a beautiful pool that is highly functional. Make sure you verify this before paying a deposit. Our team of pool experts has many years of experience installing plunge pools on difficult lots, soil conditions and terrains.

Different methods of installing a plunge pool


When you’ve decided to put a pool in at your place, it’s a smart idea to have a look at the different ways it can be installed to help you make your choice. Fiberglass plunge pools can be installed via three different methods, they include:


Inground pool installations are usually the most common way people install their plunge pools and are sought after by many in the market for a home. They are an ideal choice for those who have enough room in their budget and a relatively level area to install the pool.

Partially inground

In an ideal world, everyone would have a piece of flat land in their backyard for a pool, but we realize this isn’t the case for many. Partially above ground pools are as the name suggests, partially above ground. They are a great choice for those who have a sloping yard or uneven ground. When the pool builder comes to your home to do the onsite quote they will assess your block and advise you on which pool installation will work best given the condition of your site.

Above ground

An above-ground pool means there is no lengthy and costly groundwork and your pool builder can give you ideas on how to blend the pool area in with the existing space and your home. For people living in a home that is elevated, in most cases, they will need to have their pool installed above ground. When it is done by a skilled professional, it will sit flush with the exterior of the home and outdoor space. This can create an illusion of the pool being inground and most people don’t notice that it is above ground until someone brings it to their attention.

Weighing up which installation technique is best for your site and budget


Our team here at PlungePoolsPerth has many years of experience and an in-depth understanding of how to install plunge pools safely and to the highest building standards regardless of whether it’s above ground or inground. We have a huge selection of pools on offer and have options to suit every backyard and lifestyle. If you would like to discuss the suitability of one of our stunning pools, get in touch with us today to organize your obligation free onsite quote, we would love to hear from you.

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