Above Ground Pool Deck Plans For Small Backyards

You might be one of the homeowners who acknowledge swimming pools to be a luxury amenity. Of course, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to plunge into the pool to pamper yourself at any hour of your choice.

However, you might face a problem that doesn’t allow you to have a regular pool. Under certain circumstances, you need to build your pool above the ground and configure the deck accordingly.

Some issues that you might face include high water tables, poor conditions in the soil, zoning and building restrictions, and issues with the terrain. Thanks to any of these reasons, you may decide to build your swimming pool and deck above the ground.

In this post, we have come up with some alluring above-ground pool deck plans that would be ideal for small backyards. For more information and ideas concerning your backyard and amenities therein, contact this page.

1.Deck Backyard In Above Ground Pool


Do you want most of your backyard elements on the deck surrounding the pool? This can be an effective strategy to beat space constraints. The pool would have a perfect deck surrounding where you can enjoy sunbathing. Alternatively, you could simply sit around with friends and family members.

Arrange a few plants and a patio on the deck, along with cushions. This way, you can make the most of the available space. Install a few umbrellas around the deck to cherish the blissful shade.

2. Separated Deck With Above Ground Pool

Are you fancying the idea of having a patio or spa around your swimming pool? Well, you can go for one with separated decks. In general, homeowners think they can have only one deck. However, that’s the traditional practice!

You can always be experimental and have multiple decks, each for a specific amenity. You can also make space for a BBQ corner and sitting arrangements in some of these decks. With multiple and connected decks, you can optimally use the available space.

3. Fenceless Deck Ideas For Above Ground Pools


You might be willing to enrich your vision with the surrounding views while you take the cool dip. In these cases, you must explore the best fenceless deck ideas. This would give you a virtually open pool built above the ground.

You might like incorporating a retractable cover for the pool, particularly if your backyard has plenty of trees. This way, you can keep the pool covered when you are not using it. Besides, it would be easier to get the pool cleaned.

4. Wood And Stone Deck Around Elevated Pool


If you’d love to have a touch of elegance in your elevated pool, get a wood and stone deck around it. This type of deck is generally dark in colour which infuses it with a rustic look. This pool and deck would naturally blend into the surroundings. Also it is really appropriate for firepits, you can always check here for options.

You can also incorporate this type of pool deck for elevating the value of your property. Make sure to have the deck at a height of at least 4 feet from the ground.

5. Terraced Deck For Above Ground Pool


Homeowners with a fascination for patterns would fall in love with terraced decks. Get a wooden deck with steps. You can also remain partially submerged in this pool. Professional designers recommend adding natural elements, grass, and other suitable features around this type of pool decks.

This would make the water feature stand apart from the rest. Moreover, if you have a lot of greenery around your pool deck, this design would look visually appealing. Install hydrotherapy, spa, or jets around the place to spruce up your time!

6. Platform Decks For Above Ground Pools

If you have adequate space around your pool, you can go for a platform deck. This type of deck lures in a plethora of advantages. Integrate panelled walls into the raised pool deck. This would keep animals and kids safe. In the lower part of this deck, you would have your filtration equipment.

Moreover, it is easy to install this type of pool decks, particularly if you’re consciously looking for affordable options. To elevate your outdoor experience, you can have a pergola on the other end of the pool. Enjoy the shade in the afternoons!

7. Rustic Deck For Elevated Pools


If you are someone who loves dreamy and fashionable settings around the elevated pool, you simply need to go for a rustic deck. Artificial lights and weathered woods can spin the magic in this case. Install the surroundings with a wooden fence, which would generously add to the natural looks of the pool.

With professional guidance, you would be able to balance the tone of the artificial lights and the colour of the wood. Make sure that this tone blends seamlessly, and the elements do not fight for attention.

8. Connected Deck With Your Home

With adequate planning, you can have a customized deck for your elevated pool that also connects to your home. However, this requires plenty of woodwork, which might cost you more than a standard pool.

In the end, you would appreciate the blissful and natural wooden finish, connecting your home directly to the above-ground pool. This is a logical design in terms of functionalism for your deck. Besides, you would appreciate the aesthetic value of this design as well.

9. Composite Deck For Semi-Buried Pool


If you want something unique for your home, get a semi-buried pool with a composite deck. The pool here sits at the ground level. The top and walls of the pool remain wrapped in wooden planks.

In this case, you would require extra-wide planks. While the composite deck looks elegant, you would also be saving some bucks as these pools do not require any excavation.


You might be wondering that above-ground pool decks are not as attractive as the in-ground ones. Well, that’s not the case! You simply need some grading, creative decking, and professional guidance before you can transform your above-ground pools.

They can be equally inviting and also save you half the cost. Professional guidance on deck design for above-ground pools can help you balance aesthetics with elegance!

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