Various Myths about Casino

The history of gambling is quite old since people have been addicted to gambling since long time. During the last century, many land based casinos came into existence and some of them added bar, restaurant and hotel to them to attract tourists from different cities. As a result, Las Vegas became a major spot for tourist attraction over the years. The entire situation changed with the advent of the Internet as people started playing casino games from the comfort of their home computer or laptop. There was no need to go outdoors as people were enjoying playing the game from their home comfort.

The situation further changed with the arrival of the smartphone in the market. Almost all smartphone was enabled to play casino games online. Keeping with the trend, many online casinos have come up in the market. Even the big land based casinos have also opened their website so that their customers can play from their home without going to some other casino. Afterall, nobody wants to lose business at the end of the day. The last decade saw a massive growth in online casinos and the acceleration started with the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Due to the lockdown in different countries, people stayed back indoors and played online casino games. Hence there was a massive growth in online casino and gambling business especially during the lockdown period.


If you are new to the world of online casinos, you must be careful about choosing the right casino. You must know that not all of these casinos are safe and many have developed a bad habit of running away with players’ money. You must go through a good review site like and know which the good online casino sites for playing are.

Whether it is playing in a land based casino or playing from Smartphone, some belief about casino playing are common. It is irrespective of the fact which platform you choose for playing. These are considered as myth for playing casino games. Let us discuss about the long beliefs which are rampant about casino playing since ages.

The House Will Always Win

Technically speaking, this myth is considered to be true. The odds will always go against the player. This is simply because casino house always make an in-built edge that is not possible for anybody to overcome. The only way by which you can defeat the games is by cheating or by counting the cards. Remember that if you cheat, you will get caught in the process and that will create a bad record for you. As far as counting of cards is considered, casinos use various techniques to stop the counting of cards. Hence in the long run, the house is always expected to win. The main keyword here is “in the long run”. It is not that every single player will be beaten every time he plays. But in the long run, he will start getting defeated and found his money in the negative after few rounds of games. But you may have a few winning sessions and if you quit at the right time after a few wins, you may be able to walk out as a winner.

Oxygen is pumped into the room


It is a general myth that oxygen is pumped into the room by the casinos so that the players do not fell asleep and can play for longer hours. It is surprising to know that many casino players belief in this myth for many years. It would be considered to be fully illegal if the casinos do this thing anywhere. To attract the customers and keep the players busy, they serve food and drinks to the players. Some casinos offer free drinks to keep the players busy. The casinos need not have to do anything else because there are many players who are willing to play and they do not get attracted for free oxygen but for free bonus and other attractions. People play casino games not only for fun, but for earning some extra money, too. Hence providing free oxygen cannot be the attraction for playing casino games. A few more bonus points can be an added attraction, but not free oxygen.

Casinos are game of chance

This myth is very much true that casinos are nothing but game of chances. The only exception is Blackjack where counting of cards and a little bit of strategy is involved. In all the other games, there is no strategy or skill that can beat the house edge. The only thing that can help you is your luck. If you are lucky, you can easily come out as a winner and if luck does not favor you will have to come out losing a few bucks. In order to win and maximize your money, you need to place the right bet amount and make the right moves. It will be easy for you to win and come out as a winner. If you are a new player, you need to learn the moves and strategy first and for that you need to play some free practice matches. There are many websites which offer playing casino games free of cost. You can try your hand there before jumping into the world of commercial gaming.

Counting of cards is illegal

Many people have the feeling that counting of cards is illegal, but the matter is actually not so. This is completely a myth and the casinos want this belief to continue. It is for this reason that the card counting counter is not very popular in the casinos. If any fact or myth discourages card counting, casino management people will be the happiest people. Though having card counters is well within the law, casinos have full legal rights to refuse the players to do card counting. In fact, if they found anyone counting the cards, they have got full authority to ask them to leave the casino premises.

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