3 Signs You Need A Better Blackjack Strategy

Remember the days that we were absolutely fascinated with cards? The feeling of just being able to marvel at things with it is a feeling that most people can’t fathom. There might have been times when you’ve seen a parent playing cards with their friends and you’ve probably had no clue as to what was going on.

We’re not speaking with reference to card tricks and card throwing, we’re throwing light on gambling. Card playing happens to easily be the most versatile tool that people use to gamble globally in the current scenario. It should make sense because there are so many elements on it that people can make use of it in a game.

A perfectly set up instrument for propagating various numbers of games. 4 houses, 13 cards in house, 52 cards. Each with numerous combinations. It just seems like the perfect mixture of elements to either cook up a storm or lead to complete disaster. Blackjack has been popularised globally and is one of the most famous gambling games that happens to be based primarily on playing cards themselves.

It’s vital to remember that mainly because of the number of cards and elements existing, Blackjack can be pretty confusing and straight up frustrating to lose at for beginners. Like we said, it can be a boon or bane. Visit 9winz if you’ve always desired to dive deeper into the universe of card based gambling.

In this article, we’ll run you through the various things you need to know about Blackjack and all various signs that you need a better strategy for your blackjack adventures. On that note, let’s get into this without any further ado!

The History Of Blackjack

Easily recognised as the world’s most popular gambling casino game, Blackjack has another name popularly called 21. This game happens to be fairly easy to understand that anyone can easily get in a matter of a few minutes.

Alongside being a gambling game that involves money, this is also a social game that can be played in events and so on. In poker, you’re usually competing with more players to acquire all their bets, but in blackjack, everyone is up against the house itself.

This reduced competition against each other makes it a relaxing and fun game to play. The origins of blackjack are a little hazy and unknown, but we’ll try to pinpoint where it came from.

Origins Of Blackjack

Blackjack has its origins in Europe. The first written reference of any game related to modern-day blackjack was in a short story written in 1602 in Spain. The story had a reference to the Spanish game, Van Theo La Venta Yuna in Spanish 421.

The game was similar to the modern version of 21. Since that time, the game has spread around the globe. The rules have evolved into the modern game of 21 we know today in the United States. The game first appeared legally in Nevada in 1931, when the state legalized gambling.

Most gamblers didn’t like the game as much as they liked craps or poker. Gamblers had to be persuaded to come and try 21 to attract gamblers to the game. Casinos promised huge payouts on a specific hand. That hand was the ace of spades paired with either the jack of the jack of gloves.

That hand typically paid out ten to one. It was popular amongst gamblers. It was termed as a blackjack hand. Blackjack quickly became popular, so the big payouts on the blackjack hands soon disappeared, but the name of the hand stuck. Hence, people call it blackjack. Today, a modern blackjack hand is any combination of a 10 or any face card and any ace.

How To Play Blackjack


Blackjack is simple to learn but hard to execute. You’ve been dealt with a set of cards and the primary goal is to ensure that you have a greater hand in comparison to the dealer but not a hand which is greater than 21.

Every game has a way of siphoning you out and the way to ensure that doesn’t happen is by making sure you don’t have a hand that totals or is greater than 21. This results in a situation called a ‘bust’, this eliminates you out of the game.

The whole round within the game starts off with everyone exempting the dealer putting a bet.  The cards from 2 to 10 are all graded and scored based on their face value with all the face cards such as King, queen and Jack are all valued at 10.

Depending on your situation, you may pick the dual value of an ace to be either 1 or 10. This is prevalent and available to change throughout the entire round. Two face up cards dealt to the players at the start of every round, amounting to 21, immediately wins the title of player of the game.

This wins you 1.5 times the value of your bet and that’s where you’ll be done for the round. Either this, or you’ll be asked if you want another card from the top of the deck.

Signs That You Need A New BlackJack Strategy

Getting the same type of hand every time

You have little to be aware of control of the hand you get dealt, however you definitely do have control in changing in. If you’re continuously running into deadends with your current strategy, it’s time to get a new one soon, see more.

  • Same result repeatedly

Too much of something is always bad. You might be getting your wins, but as the saying goes, the house always wins. The dealer and the house will make sure that you lose at any cost. So before they crack through your system, be certain to switch it up every now and then.

  • Losing streaks

No one loves losing and they hate a losing streak even more so. Make sure to change up your strategy when you begin to lose continuously or you will continue to do so.

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