9 Signs You Need Testosterone Boosting Supplements

When we talk about hormonal imbalance, we usually think of those women who suffer from it, but the truth is that a lot of men have similar problems too. Testosterone is the most important hormone in men’s bodies, and because of it, they have all those things that define their gender, like facial hair, healthy sex drive, the characteristics of the male body, the depth of their voice, and so on. When the testosterone levels are low, most of the men will feel that, and they will know it’s time to visit a doctor, to treat the condition. Usually, it’s enough to take supplements that will boost the levels of this crucial hormone in a man’s body, and keep them in balance.

According to MedicalDaily, after the age of 30, the body produces a smaller amount of testosterone compared to the previous years, but that doesn’t mean you will immediately need to take some supplements that will increase the levels. But, surely there are some cases you may need to think about it, because even when you are over 30, you are still young, and have to maintain the healthy sex drive, but also the whole body potential too. So, here are a few signs that you may need these additions. Remember that even if they are available in retail stores, you have to consult your doctor before you take them.

1. Not being able to have an intercourse

Low levels of testosterone will lead to either lower libido or complete sexual dysfunction. The male organ needs this hormone to maintain the erection through the whole intercourse. That’s a result of the nitric oxide production, and if it’s low, the man won’t be able to have a proper erection, or they wouldn’t handle the whole sexual activity. When the man drinks too much alcohol, smokes cigarettes, or doesn’t control the cholesterol levels – all of these behaviors can affect the testosterone levels. Some health conditions can do the same too, like stress, anxiety, diabetes, problems with blood pressure, and conditions related to the thyroid gland.

2. You lose some hair

Aging is the natural factor for losing hair, but if you are too young for that, but you anyway see that you are losing a lot of hair, that may be a sign that you have problems with the testosterone balance in your body. This hormone is responsible for keeping the hairs thick enough and keeping the follicles healthy. The supplements will probably help you bring back the regular growth, including the beard too.

3. Weak bone tissue

If you feel like your bones will crash, and you are more prone to fractures, then that’s one of the signs of reduced and lower bone mass, as a result of the hormone imbalance. So, in this case, you have to visit your doctor and tell them how you feel. Then, after some examinations and blood test results, they will know what to recommend.

4. Some changes with testicles

If you see that they are becoming bigger or smaller, or their size is different, then you don’t have to think about the worst-case scenario. Probably you will only need to boost the testosterone levels in your body, and everything will be back to normal. Also, some men can see changes in the amount of sperm during ejaculation. Lower levels of this hormone can result in problems with your fertility. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore even the tiniest changes. Hormone problems can be successfully treated when they are diagnosed right on time.

5. Bad sex drive

It’s normal that people don’t want sex all the time, and it’s expected that their drive will decrease over time. Also, many other factors can affect it, especially tiredness, depression, anxiety, and everyday problems that aren’t that big but have a strong influence over our behavior. But, if this condition lasts too long, then you may want to check your testosterone levels, to see if you need to take Elm and Rye supplements or some medicines to bring back your sex drive.

6. Bad sleeping at night

It doesn’t have a direct effect on the quality of sleeping, but it may mess up the levels of other hormones and enzymes that are responsible for your regular sleeping patterns. Also, some sleep apnea may occur when the testosterone levels are low, which is one of the most common reasons for sleeping disruption.

7. Low levels of energy

Every hormonal imbalance is leading to energy changes. If you feel very tired, even though you eat quality food or get a good night’s sleep, sometimes the hormones can be responsible for that. Additionally, even men can feel hot flashes, as a symptom of low testosterone. That means you may need to take some supplements, but only after you visit your doctor and get a recommendation from them.

8. Muscle weakness

This is another symptom that your hormones may not be in the balance. As you know, eating enough proteins, fats, and minerals will help to build up a strong muscle mass. But, sometimes no matter how hard we try with the food and exercising, there is no sign of getting stronger – just the opposite, your muscles are becoming weaker as time goes by.

9. More body fat

As the muscles can’t get stronger, and you get really tired, low testosterone can also increase body fat, especially in the lower abdominal part and the hips. In more extreme cases, men can see breast enlargement, a condition that is known as gynecomastia. This hormone directly affects the way the male body looks, and lower levels can give a more feminine look in the most critical body parts.

As we said a few times in this article, you shouldn’t take those supplements by yourself, without consulting your doctor. Even with the natural and alternative medicine, you won’t be able to dose it properly, so scheduling an appointment with your doctor is the first thing you have to do if you see some of the symptoms we mentioned. Be responsible for your body – that’s the only way to keep it healthy and energized.

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