Supplements For Horses You Should Try: CBD Oil, MSM

When it comes to our animals, no owner can say that they aren’t ready to do everything it takes so they can be completely sure that their animals are perfectly healthy and in great shape. Just imagine yourself being so reckless as to let your horse fall ill due to your negligence. We believe that you, as a responsible owner, won’t let that thing happen, and you will do everything in your power to protect the animal from that.

Horses are naturally and generally pretty strong and healthy animals. Their robust constitution might misguide their owners and lead them to think that nothing bad can ever happen to such a powerful being. Don’t make that mistake, though. Horses require much attention despite their appearance and they do tend to get quite sensitive to certain surrounding factors.

What does that mean for you? Should you spend 24/7 observing your equine and checking its well-being without ever being able to relax completely, being sure that everything is alright? Well, that would be both physically impossible and rather harmful for your own mental well-being. No expert will ever recommend you to do that, but it’s on you to prepare their stall with all the conditions they need to feel comfortable and access the food and fresh water.

So, what should you do then? Perhaps let things be, pay no close attention to your equine’s behavior, and simply hope for the best? Maybe there’s no need to do anything or react in any way until your horse has actually developed some obvious symptoms telling you that it’s time to step up your game and help your animal? That’s another wrong way to go.

The trick is to find a good balance between these two types of behaviors. Observe your animal, but don’t get consumed by worrying about it. Similarly, don’t wait for any negative symptoms to appear in order to start taking care of your equine. Taking care of it means watching its behavior and providing it with the nutrients that it needs in order to stay healthy. If you take a quick look at, you’ll see that there are supplements that could help you make sure that your animal stays healthy and you should try those supplements out.


There are quite a few different supplements on the market, but two of them are standing out as particularly beneficial these days. CBD oil is the first one and it has become pretty popular among equine owners in recent years. That’s because it has been found to have a positive impact on the well-being of horses by promoting its health in general, as well as helping treat certain medical conditions.

For starters, this product is known for being able to reduce the joint pain caused by arthritis. Additionally, it can address any other type of pain, including the gastro-intestinal one that is known for bothering this animal frequently. Plus, CBD oil is perfect for easing that anxiety that can significantly damage your horse’s quality of life and overall happiness.

This supplement is fairly easily administered. You just put a few drops of it in your animal’s food and they’ll surely ingest it without any issues. Of course, you will need to determine the dosage prior to administering the product, but that can easily be done either by consulting an expert or searching for help online.

Also, pay attention to the concentrations and the product in general. Just because it’s for an animal, it doesn’t mean you can set for low-quality products. Very often you can find specialized products for domestic animals, that are completely balanced to be used with horses.


Now, the second supplement that is becoming increasingly popular is known as methylsulfonylmethane, or simply MSM. This one is on almost every owner’s list of necessary horse products, especially if their equines are rather an active day after day. You are bound to recognize soar and stiff muscles in horses and you will surely want to find a solution for that issue.

Since these animals are usually rather active, it’s no wonder that their joints and muscles can get stiff. In addition to CBD oil that can treat the pain and the stiffness, the supplement known as MSM does the very same thing, which is why people are increasingly using it. Its popularity is on the rise and all for good reasons, because it shows great results when used.

MSM can help the animal recover more quickly from an intense exercise by assisting its muscle tissue in rebounding. Studies have shown that equines using this supplement are at lower risk of getting sore and stiff muscles. This can not only improve their health but also their results in competitions.

We can compare this supplement to the magnesium we are taking after a high-impact workout session. Our muscles and joints may hurt after that, and the same may happen to the animals. This is a point when the methylsulfonylmethane jumps in.

How to take care of your horse and prevent unpleasant situations?

You have plenty of options to prevent the eventual harm that may happen to the animal. You must be dedicated to its well-being, even if that means you will have to try alternative methods to maintain good health. Together with the supplements, we mentioned above you always need to be sure that:

– You feed the horses regularly every morning and night

– You provide them with fresh and clean water in the buckets

– Check them regularly

– Improve the flooring in the winter months

– Use repellents against the insects during the summer

– Let the horses ride and run, so they can stretch their legs and muscles

When you give them love and attention, you can be sure that they will give back even more of it to you. Feed them with a lot of care, with a controlled amount of food and water at regular intervals twice or three times a day. They should always have fresh food and clean water. Don’t let the waste build-up, and clean the stall every day. You can even hire someone to take care of that.

Always be on the line with your vet, so you can give the animals the regular therapy, or take advice on how to dose the CBD and MSM supplements. If you see that they are sad, look sick, or develop some skin condition, you should first consult the vet, before you apply anything, no matter how organic and natural are the treatments.

If somehow happens that your animal gets sick, you need to be more cautious, check it more times than usual, and give them more water, because when they take some medicines, they can easily dehydrate. If that happens, the recovery will be slower, and no one wants that to happen. Also, they may have hard times with eating, and you should be there more often to encourage the sick animal to eat fruits and vegetables, following the vet’s instructions.

Taking care of an animal is not a simple task, and requires a lot of time and attention, but also love and effort. Keep that in mind when you have an idea to own such a delicate being like the horses are.

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