Mobile casino: gambling on your smartphone or tablet

Online casinos cannot ignore mobile usage anymore and this is reflected in the increasing offerings. Nowadays, every provider is also trying to reach mobile users by guaranteeing a user-friendly experience on any device, be it a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Meanwhile, a large proportion of online casino players play their favorite casino game on an iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet or another mobile gadget, for example like on this site. The technology provides room for further development and exploitation of online gaming and allows people to play online games at a mobile casino anywhere, anytime. How exactly does the mobile casino work and what are the benefits? Read all about the mobile casino now.

Online casinos with the best mobile user experience

Does a casino think only of its players who play from a desktop? Then you can be sure that the website is missing out on a lot of customers. Differentiating yourself from other providers when it comes to mobile gaming can be done in several ways, which I’ll briefly go through with you. For example, what about?

  • Complete online game offer: when you start a gaming session on a desktop you want to pick up where you left off even when you have to leave the house. A mobile casino facilitates this and doesn’t leave you with any unexpected surprises. What do I mean to say with this? That this is not always a matter of course. There are plenty of casinos that don’t have the same game offerings for mobile players.
  • Optimal functionality: in whatever solution the mobile casino comes (mobile site or app); it just has to work. So the games must load without a hitch, payments must be able to be made with equal ease, and customer service must also be reached within a few buttons.
  • Mobile casino bonuses: at sportsbooks, it’s common to find a special mobile bonus ready for players who download the mobile app on their phones. This is a little less common for online casinos, but it does not take away from the fact that mobile casinos could definitely stand out with special promotions.

How does a mobile casino work?

Playing on your mobile or tablet is in practice not much different than playing on your computer. You can do everything on your mobile that you can do on your computer. Below we have described point by point how the mobile casino works:

  1. Most online casinos offer a mobile casino.
  2. Create an account. Creating an account can also be done on your cell phone. At most online casinos, creating an account does not cost you any money. All you have to do is choose a username and a secure password. This will prevent anyone else from using your account except you;
  3. Discover the best mobile casino games in the flash casino. Here you can try the games for free first. This way you can find out which casino games you like best and which games you don’t.
  4. Visit the live casino. Mobile play is now also possible in the live casino where you play against other people in a connected land casino.
  5. Enjoy your favorite casino game!

Free Mobile Casino

Playing free casino games on your mobile is possible. The advantage of playing free casino games is that you can discover a game without risk. Card games require some extra knowledge. Therefore, it is better to first research which game variant you prefer. This way you are more likely to become a winning player. Most casino games nowadays can be played on the move. Try for example the immensely popular video slot Starburst for free on mobile.

Starburst Touch

The Starburst video slot is beautifully crafted and this is equally evident when you play on the computer as when you play on your cell phone. The game brings the excitement and thrill that you would expect from a high-quality slot game. You imagine yourself in a spacious and colorful environment and play with up to 10 win lines! The right symbol combinations ensure big prizes. Starburst Touch is enriched with a so-called Win Both Ways feature. That means you can form win lines from left to right and vice versa on the screen. The Wild in this casino game folds out over the entire reel and earns you free spins. The substitute Wilds can be spun on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Popular on mobile: live casino

Nowadays you can use mobile casinos also in the live casino. Live casinos are extremely popular. You play in the live casino against players in a real casino. This makes you enjoy a true casino experience. So this experience is now also among the possibilities with your mobile. Again, you can take advantage of all the features and functions. In the live casino, you are accompanied by croupiers and you play against real players. You make contact via live chat. HTML5 techniques have ensured that the mobile casinos are easy to access with your mobile. Playing live on your mobile is very popular. All you need is a good internet connection. Let the gaming fun begin!

Cell phones vs. tablets

Playing in a mobile casino can be done on cell phones and tablets and both devices have their advantages. The advantage of the tablet is that the screen is a lot bigger and that you have a better view of the casino game. On the other hand, tablets are less practical and don’t fit in your pocket. Cell phones have exactly the opposite advantages and disadvantages: yes, a smartphone is easier to carry in your pocket, but the screen is therefore immediately smaller than a tablet. That said, a good mobile casino will make sure the user experience on both smartphones and tablets is satisfactory. Whether you’re playing on a tablet or a phone, mobile casinos make life a lot easier.

Mobile app vs. mobile site

In some cases, you can also download a mobile casino on your smartphone or tablet. This happens mainly in the form of a mobile casino app that is offered for either Android or iOS devices.

Downloading Android apps through a workaround

Android users should be aware that Android prohibits online casino downloads in its Google Play Store. Thus you will not find the mobile casino apps in the Google Play Store, while some casinos do offer an app. By going directly to the provider’s website you can still download the app. For iOS users, there is no problem, as the App Store does allow casino downloads. There are, however, a number of additional actions required, namely that you have to download the app. You also need to have enough space available on your mobile device.

Mobile website

By the way, many online casinos also offer a mobile site that works almost as well as on a computer or laptop. For that, you basically don’t have to do anything but open the regular website, which will be usable on a mobile device. Compared to the online casino, there may be minor differences in terms of game selection, as some older casino games are not optimized for mobile use. Still, the most popular games will be accessible on both a mobile device and a desktop or laptop.

50% gamble on mobile

Currently, already 50% of players choose mobile online casinos like those that can be found at and it is expected that this percentage will only increase. This makes sense because online casinos are growing by themselves. More and more players like to decide where and when they play. The comfort of the living room takes precedence over everything else. A nice bowl of nuts while playing your favorite online game of chance on your computer, tablet, or phone; online gambling enthusiasts get excited about it. Not only is mobile gambling even more flexible for players who love to gamble, but the quality of the apps you can download is insane. Netent is one of the developers that is working hard to create a beautifully aligned app that completely adapts to your screen. Since we always have our cell phones in our pockets, this is where the future lies, many believe.

Depositing money

Making a deposit into your gaming account can be done in the same way as is usual for you. For example, you can use a credit card, Neteller or Click and Buy. You can also transfer money in an easy way, using iDeal. What you do need to take into account is that you confirm the payment with your cell phone and you also need to have access to, for example, your bank app. This needs to be installed as well as activated in order to be ready to use.

Why play through your cell phone?

The choice to play on a cell phone is actually a very logical one. You can see it as a pastime and as a practical convenience: many people are on the road for a long time every day and have to wait a long time before their train or plane arrives. As a result, playing online casino games on a mobile device is extremely enjoyable. As a result, an increasing number of online casinos are offering games for mobile devices: consumers have learned that playing online casino games in this manner is really convenient. Also, more and more cell phones are designed suited for operating software and playing online casino games.

Side note on mobile casinos

“Every advantage has its disadvantage”, I don’t have to explain to you from whom that quote comes. Nevertheless, this phrase is completely appropriate when it comes to mobile casinos. The benefit of a mobile casino is that you can play anywhere and at any time without having to lug around a computer; your online casino is in your pants, and you’re mobile. Some online casino games do, however, necessitate a high level of concentration, which is why I advise you to avoid playing in crowded places where you will be constantly distracted. Take your time and make sure you can play with focus, especially if you’re placing a bet for money.

FAQs mobile casinos

What does a mobile casino essentially entail?

A mobile casino is simply an online casino that can be accessed from a mobile device. You can play at a mobile casino from anywhere as long as you have internet access. The casino games, on the other hand, are played on a smaller touchscreen screen. Mobile casinos are increasingly popular among players as casinos are increasingly visited from a mobile device.

Can I also deposit money in a mobile casino?

Yes, you can. You can use the same payment methods. What you need to take into account is that you confirm the payment with your mobile device and you also need to have access to, for example, your bank app. Therefore, make sure you have the necessary applications for your payments on your mobile device and have them activated.

Are there differences between iOS and Android?

Yes, there are differences. After all, we are talking about 2 different operating systems that create separate apps. As a result, the look and feel of the app, as well as the usability and functionality can differ between the two systems. For example, one app may offer better functionality on an Android device while another app may offer better functionality on an iOS device. How this works out in practice depends on the casino in question. Also, Android mobile casino apps cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store but only directly from the casino website. For iOS, this restriction does not apply and you can download your mobile casino from the App Store.

What types of mobile casinos are there?

There are essentially 2 types of mobile casinos: those accessible through the mobile website and the dedicated mobile app for Android or iOS. In the first case, the website adapts when you open it from a mobile device while the app must be downloaded on your smartphone. With a mobile site, no additional action is required, so with a mobile app, it is. On the page we’ve suggested about mobile casinos, you can read more about the differences between the 2 variants.

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