6 Genius Things You Can Do With Your Broken Mobile Phone – 2024 Guide

Oops! You didn’t even have time to react and your mobile phone is already on the floor, in parts. You collect the parts from the floor in the hope that you will be able to assemble them, while every buck you gave for that phone goes through your head. Good. It worked. We are sure that there are almost no people among you who are unfamiliar with this feeling. Some experienced it for not wearing a protective mask and protective glass and some were simply clumsy. The reason no longer matters. Since you are already in trouble, the most important thing is to know how to solve it. Most people simply decide to throw away a phone whose screen has been broken, or whose other functions have been damaged and buy a new one. We agree that this is the easiest way, but why not take advantage of those features that still work well?

Many genius tricks can give you an idea of ​​how to find a new purpose or use a broken device wisely. Throwing it in the trash isn’t the only solution, especially when it comes to something you have spent so much money on. Believe us, many people and children would like to be able to afford at least such a broken mobile phone. So think about it the next time you want to just give up. After that, depending on the condition of the device after the fall, use one of the following tricks and find a new purpose for it.

1. Use it instead of an alarm clock

One practical way to use your broken device is to turn it into an alarm clock. However, it doesn’t have to be an ordinary alarm clock that your grandparents once had, but you can enrich it with additional features that can benefit you.

By this is meant the installation of some applications whose purpose is to monitor your sleep. There are those apps that record all sounds all night and can help you check if you are sleeping peacefully or anxiously. We all know how important healthy sleep is for daily functioning and that is why this is a great way to check if it’s really healthy. Also, some of the applications can activate sound effects that help you fall asleep easier and wake up easier and thus start your day better. Great new purpose, right?

2. Let the old phone camera become the new security camera for your home

This is possible, of course, provided that the camera isn’t damaged and that its functions can still be activated. All you will need is your old smartphone and a stable wireless internet connection. Install a Skype account on your device, because it will be the easiest way to access video surveillance. Then, install an application or program that allows the device to answer each call automatically. Place it in the appropriate place you want to monitor and that’s it. Your security system is ready. From that point on, wherever you are, you can call the number of the device whose camera you are using, the program will automatically call you and you can see what your children or your pet is currently doing.

3. Use it as a baby monitor

If at the time your phone broke, you are a parent and you have a newborn baby at home, we have another idea for you on how to turn things around in your favor while saving money. A baby monitor is a mandatory device after the birth of a child because you have to follow the events in the crib even when you aren’t physically present in the room.

Leave the broken device in the room to be your ears. But before that, find an app that, when it has a wireless connection, alerts your current phone when it hears a noise. There is also an option to answer and thus try to prevent crying before you reach the room and take the baby in your arms.

4. Use it as an mp3 player

The next nightmare we fear, in addition to breaking the phone, is not to fall into the water. For this reason, we often avoid listening to music on the beach or pool. And you will admit that we need music in such relaxing moments. Now that the screen is broken and many functions are disabled, we no longer have anything to fear. We can start using our broken smartphone as an mp3 player whenever we are near some water surfaces, without fear of damaging it. Again, only if the speakers and other music functions are not damaged. Another great solution is to have the option of listening to the radio.

5. Sell it or recycle it

If you still don’t agree with the reuse option, no problem. There is still a way to give up throwing broken equipment in the trash. Depending on the amount of damage, you can try to sell or recycle it. In case of a minor breakdown, you can try to find interested customers via eBay or take it to some service that will want to buy it and use the parts. With the original packaging, charger, and headphones, you may be able to increase the purchase price.

There are also recyclable options for devices that are in a slightly worse condition, you can learn more about those options on

6. Allow children to use it as a camera

Watching you take photos often, your children will want the same. So they will be persistent in their intention to borrow your new mobile phone to use the camera and take some selfies. If the camera on your broken device still takes good photos, give it to your child. Photography does not have to have an exclusively negative connotation and refers to posting on social networks. Through them, creativity can be expressed, which children can improve in that way. They can also acquire editorial skills through various editing applications. Try to save all their work on another device with more reliable memory in case this one wears out.

Now you know how to reuse your broken device. In case you don’t want it, your child will want it, as well as technical services that will benefit from the parts. As you can see, a new creative purpose can always be found, the only question is whether you want it or not.

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