How can You Monitor Your Childs Phone for Free?

The monitoring of any device such as a phone or laptop is a difficult prospect today. There are different methods of monitoring and different methods of blocking as well. These software and tools allow people to keep track of various things such as online activity, hours of operation, sites you visit, and so on, to speak generally. And, that is what we call monitoring.

Does doing this with your child’s phone mean anything? For any parent who is afraid and worried about online activities, it is a great relief. But, for many these things may not be of that interest because they have a transparent relationship with their kids. However, if it was a necessity, how could you monitor your child’s phone for free? There are several paid services, but are free services any good? What can you do for free, as a technology expert, and as nobody? Such questions make this article an important piece to learn and understand.

Monitoring a Phone in General

Let us understand what monitoring means for a phone. These days, there are two types of phones, an Apple device or the iPhone and an Android device from Google. Speaking of monitoring a phone means keeping logs of usage. These can be simple things like tracking battery consumption by various apps, how many hours which app was used, and so on, to more detailed logs and records.

The iPhone has iOS and there are several tools online that can allow you to make settings with the help of free parental control apps.

ON Android, there are even more such free tools, which also can help someone create logs and analyze such details, for example, Qustodio, OpenDNS, KidLogger, Spyrix Free Keylogger, and so on. Monitoring a phone means logging all activities on a device, and key loggers are the first-step and most versatile tools for the job. Without a keylogger, which keeps a log of each keystroke, as the name suggests, it is not possible to understand what activity was going on. Monitoring a phone means the following in technical terms.

  • Filtering explicit search results and blocking words on browsers.
  • Giving detailed driving reports and viewing activities like high-speed, over-speed, hand-braking, etc.
  • Detection of risky media on mainstream social media sites and channels.
  • Monitoring real-time GPS location and geo-locating the phone, and hence the child.
  • Tracking app activity for each app and setting time limits on certain apps.

Monitoring iPhone for Free

Now, there are several things you can do for a specific platform. If you are speaking of an iPhone, monitoring an iPhone can mean several things, besides a keylogger.

  • It can mean monitoring iMessages.
  • It can mean monitoring iCloud and the use of payment services.
  • It can mean monitoring the iPhone’s location at any time of the day.

And so on.

There are some ways you can freely monitor your child’s phone in this case, even without a free parental control app like the one found here For example, in the case of iMessage, you can do the following.

  • Open ‘Messages’ then enter your child’s credentials of iCloud. For that, you can have to go ‘Settings’ then opt for ‘Messages’.
  • After that, you have to “trust” the device with “handover” under the Settings>Messages which is a necessary but optional step.

Then, double-check the “Send & Receive” option which means, it will be the contact number of your child’s phone. By performing these simple steps above, you can monitor the iMessages for free.

Safety for Android Phone

As of 2024, it goes without saying that keeping your kids safe online is tough work and not all types of tools and software work alike. These days the access to technology, changing OS platforms, devices, and privacy issues in them, make this a challenging task. So, even if you are a tech-savvy person, you would have to resort to some free parental control apps for your job. If your child has an Android device, tablet, or phone, here are some tools you can use for free.

FamiSafe is one of the full-featured parental control apps that are free of charge. It is available for Android, and it is one of the best apps for kids between ages 2 and 18. It is an all-in-one platform, so you can access it from lots of other devices. There are several neat and clear features and many advanced settings as well. For basic offering, FamiSafe can do the below.
  • Track a kids or child’s location.
  • Display their location history.
  • Set screen time allowance for different apps.
  • Instantly alert the parent when intrusion is detected.
  • Alert parents when risky, alerts, that and other types of messages are received.

So, we had discussed in the points above, it works for the basics of what a monitoring platform should do. There are other apps as well, as per, 2024s survey. For example, mSpy, Kaspersky, Net Nanny, Norton’s Family Control App, and more.

Free Tools & Their Performance vs. Paid Apps

If there is something we must discuss here it is also the efficiency and quality of results free parental controls app can give you, as a parent. If it does not work well, trusting this app for your child’s safety can be a big problem. Hence, it is always advised to check a few different apps from time to time and then use something that works fine, and you are comfortable with it.

Because some apps are free but may need a lot of tinkering while others may be more convenient to use. Apps, in general, can undergo bugs, bloatware, crashes, or be incompatible with your child’s phone. Qustodio is one example of a paid app, which also has a free version. The free version comes with comprehensive parental control tools as well, and this can be helpful. Many other paid apps also have free versions. You can also try someone as TheOneSpy for a feature packed application.


Monitoring your child’s phone is not a matter of money or expense, but safety. However, not everyone can spend a lot of resources on spying their kids. The use of a free parental control app is one such solution that the technological advancements bring us. From basic things like blocking undesirable content to tracking messages and location alone can be very much useful.

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