5 Tips for Keeping your Firearms Safe and Secure – 2024 Guide

Possession of a firearm is very common, especially in the USA. There you can find some of the most liberal gun laws in the world and you can buy it in a lot of places, like shopping malls, which is not possible in Europe and the rest of the world. That is why you are probably used to your father has it, and now you own it, at least one piece, if not more. But it also comes with it a great deal of responsibility. Not only are you responsible for how you use it, but also how you storing it. This is very important for your safety and the safety of other people, as well as for the weapons themselves, which are important to be stored properly if you want them to last you a long time. In which ways can you keep your firearms safe and secure, read in our guide, since there are many different ways, and each has its advantages.

1. Clean regularly


Weapons need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them functional for as long as possible. There are various agents made specially for this purpose, so it is best to go to a store and buy it. You must follow all security protocols and do not let anyone but you be in the room while doing so. If you are not sure that you will know the right way to assemble and disassemble, then leave the job to professionals, who will do it for you. But remember that it is important to do this regularly.

2, Keep them always unloaded

Whether you are a hunter or need a weapon for any other purpose, it is best to always have it unloaded while it is in your house. We understand that you may not do this because it serves you in a potential case of self-defense, but there is a high risk of keeping a gun or rifle loaded in the house. You never know when he may accidentally fire or if children will come in contact with him. You should teach children from an early age how to behave when weapons are around because it is very important. Explain the danger to them immediately and what it is for, don’t just tell them not to touch it. However, always empty and then check again if it is really unloaded because it happened that someone thought it was unloaded and in fact there was one bullet left in the barrel. You will probably get a trigger lock with the weapon you buy and you should definitely use it.

3. Never point a gun at anyone


We don’t think you are going to do it on purpose, but it happens that while you’re moving, packing, or cleaning weapons, you do it by accident. Such a move has led to many catastrophic consequences, so you have to be careful. Always point it at the ground or in the air, although if you are on the ground floor and someone is above you in the house, then it can be dangerous if you fire upward. So it would be best to do load, unload, clean and all other actions in the yard if you have one. If you do not have it, then be careful and follow all safety measures.

4. Store it properly

Now we come to a very important part, and that is where you will store your weapons. It’s not something you just can keep in a closet or the like, but you need to keep them in specially designated places. Here are some of the best ones to choose from:

– Special box


You can use a lockbox for this purpose, especially if you have a gun. It is not an expensive investment, and it will completely satisfy your needs. There, in addition to money and important documents, you can keep a pistol and bullets. They will be safe there, and you will also be able to move easily from place to place. And during the move, they will remain safe. The lockbox has different protection systems, so it’s up to you to choose the one you want.

– Gun cabinet


If you have more rifles and that is very important to you, then gun cabinet is the right choice for you. In addition to being an ideal place to store rifles, it is also a very nice decoration of the room in which it is located. And you will be able to show everyone what you have, without taking out your weapons. So security will remain at the maximum level. When shopping, it is best to buy a little larger than your current needs. Since you will probably buy more weapons in the future, then you will not have to change the cabinet.

– Storage bag


There are also special bags designed for storage weapons. They are designed to always keep your weapons safe, clean, and dry. There are different sizes, and try to choose the one that fits your rifle exactly. If it is much bigger, then it’s not so safe anymore.

– Carry belt


It is not only enough to store it safely while at home, it is very important that it is safe while you carry it outside. Concealed carry belts are just made for that purpose so you can easily pullout a gun if you need to. If you have a license to carry a weapon, then you must have a carry belt, and not use a regular belt. At www.itishooting.com read reviews for the best carry belts on the market.

5. Pay attention to moisture

Moisture is very harmful and will accelerate the deterioration of your weapon. You should consider different ventilation systems or purchase a dehumidifier to make the environment as favorable as possible. This is not only a matter of extending working life but also security. We advise you to do that because if the weapon has moisture in it, it is very possible that it will fail when you need it most.


You need to follow these and many other things to keep your weapons safe and secure. Only in this way will you and everyone around you be safe, and you will also have a functional gun if you need it.

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