Top 11 Best Gun Safe Drawers 2024 – Secure Your Guns

Are you are looking for something to keep your gun at the safest place all around in your home? I will recommend you to select safe gun drawers.

Yes, the safe gun drawers are the best for storing your guns and pistols. These drawers contain many different features and specifications which enhance their safety systems so you can keep your firearms safe.

Furthermore, they can be stored in your drawers which makes them very easy to access.

You are not only bound to store the guns inside it but can also lock your money and other precious items inside, including the safety tools.

As this is an essential addition to your home defense system, make sure to select the best product to give you the best safety features.

I am here to make your search easier by simply summarising the seven best gun safe drawers.

Our Picks for Best Gun Safe Drawers

Here you will find the five best gun safe drawers, which will help you secure your guns in the right place to make them quickly accessible in case of emergencies.

1. Moutec Under Bed Safe – Best Rapid Gun Storage Safe

Moutec Under Bed Safe

This is a great gun safe draw with advanced features settled in it that help you in enhancing the security of your gun.

The high affordability of this gun safe draw makes it more in demand because, at this price, these features are unmatchable.

The first and the foremost important thing is the pry-resistant and tamper-proof door which makes the construction of the draw unbreakable.

There is an additional slide-out draw inside it which gives you the additional storage space for many essential items.

This includes money, papers, and gold. Furthermore, the installation and placement of this safe gun draw are outstanding and very convenient.

You can install and place it there under the bed, inside some large drawer, inside of the cupboard or can allocate it alongside any big furniture.

It consists of dual security codes, the basic pin code, and the other backup codes that help you assess your draw in case you forget the pin code.

Moreover, the installation has been made easy using screws and bolts in the holes present at the back and beneath the drawer.

The product comes with a two years warranty from the company, which makes it more reliable.
  • Reliable locking system
  • Strong construction
  • Easy installation
  • Expensive


This is a great gun safe draw that you can place anywhere in your home. Easy installation methods make it easy to locate it anywhere.

The robust construction and reliable locking system make this draw highly recommendable and popular.

2. V-Line Top Draw Security Drawer Safe – Most Secure Drawer Safe

V-Line Top Draw Security Drawer Safe

This is another excellent gun safe draw that is made with high-quality construction and durable features. This robust construction helps this draw to last long years because of the strength and durability it gives.

This solid and sturdy steel draw in the US with a high-grade lock makes it extremely tough and completely unbreakable.

The most important feature which makes this highly reliable is that its locking system allows you to make 1000 combinations in its pin code.

This feature makes it nearly impossible to guess the correct pin. This lock system looks casual but works with high efficiency when used appropriately.

This safe is straightforward to assess as you can place it even in your bedside nearest draw because of its compact size.

No complications of batteries or low battery warnings are shown because this safe can easily be operated without batteries.

This gun safe is highly portable and easy to carry from one place to another. This enhances its security because you can change its position and mount it in another location with simple built-in holes.

  • No requirement of battery
  • Reliable locking feature
  • Strong construction
  • Small to store 9mm pistol


V-Line Top Draw Security Drawer Safe is another excellent gun safe draw to ensure your gun is placed in the safest place of your home.

It offers you more than a thousand combinations of pin codes. No need for batteries and robust construction makes this draw reliable to buy.

3. Paragon Lock and Safe Premium .24 CF – Best System Drawer Safe

Paragon Lock and Safe Premium .24 CF

If you are looking for the best biometric locking system, I recommend buying this Paragon Lock and Safe Premium .24 CF Drawer Safe.

The outstanding quality feature alone is enough for you to go with this safe draw. You are not bound to use the biometric locking system, but it also provides you with other keys and pin codes to assess your draw.

This makes it versatile in terms of security and safety.

The total weight of the drawer is 13 lbs making it easy to carry and change placement so that no one is sure about where you have placed the safe.

If you are looking for storage for small pistols and multiple handguns, this is an ideal safe for you. No need to worry about other small precious items as you can also store them in this drawer.

The mounting of this drawer is very convenient as it comes with all the necessary tools and anchoring holes inbuilt in it.

These bolts allow you to fix the draw permanently to anywhere at any time. Moreover, the construction of the safe itself is very reliable in terms of facing manual prying attempts.

The electronic code is present, which is programmable up to 6 numbers. Additionally, it also contains two alternative backup keys.

  • Affordable
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Electronic coding system
  • Loud beep sound


In terms of a biometric locking system, this is an ideal gun-safe draw that is lightweight and portable. Additionally, it is solid and durable in construction, making it highly durable and reliable for strength.

4. Honeywell Safes And Door Lock 6110

Honeywell Safes And Door Lock 6110

Are you in search of a fireproof safe to store your guns? We are here to give you the best fireproof product to secure your guns and other treasures in a reliable place.

This is Honeywell Safes And Door Lock 6110. An affordable price makes it more popular.

The double steel wall construction with their insulation inside makes this safe recommendable for those afraid of fire.

Additionally, this safe is compact and small in size, making it appropriate to store inside draws. There is a handle located on the draw to make sure you can carry and hold it easily.

If we talk about the locking system, we will know that this Honeywell Safe consists of a programmable digital lock.

The pry-resistant concealed hinges make this safe mode ideal in terms of security and safety. Furthermore, a 1-year warranty makes this safe and reliable to use by the user.

  • Affordable
  • Fireproof
  • Warranty
  • Not strong


This is another good product on our list and is recommended for those looking for fireproof products. At an affordable price, it also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Additionally, you will get a handle and double steel walls with an insulation layer present inside.

5. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Drawer Safe Model # QAP1BE

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Drawer Safe Model # QAP1BE

There are multiple types of locking systems present in this safe,  making it highly reliable from a safety point of view.

There are combination locks available and biometric security which enhances the safety of your gun and other precious items placed inside. As soon as you record your fingerprint, no other fingers can open the draw.

The quick opening of the lid in this drawer is beneficial and reliable, especially in an emergency scenario.

If you are looking for ample storage and an efficient locking system, go for Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Drawer Safe Model # QAP1BE.

This draw also provides you with a large capacity inside to store both smaller guns and large pistols.

Programmable and silent functioning of the keypad allows you to work in silence so that no one knows about the changes you are making.

The door is made with pry-resistant features, making this safe gun draw more reliable and efficient in terms of security and safety from burglars and pryers.

Furthermore, this draw is made portable because of its lightweight and compact size.
  • Multiple locking system
  • Quiet functioning
  • Reliable doors
  • Unmountable to walls


This is another excellent gun safe draw to keep your small guns and primarily comes both in the safest place.

Furthermore, multiple locking systems and reliable doors and their hinges ensure no access to pryers. Lastly, the functioning of this safe gun draw is quiet, making it ideal during emergencies

Buying Guide

awesafe Drawer-Style Gun Safe with Biometric Fingerprint Quick Access

Some of the key features are mentioned below, which you should focus on to ensure you are getting the best gun safe draws possible.

Size Range

Check for the diameter of your safe carefully, as you have to use this safe for both the present and future. Make sure to get the large area safe so that you can store multiple items in it.

Keep in mind the area where you will keep your safe, as this will also help select the size of the safe more efficiently.

There are several different designs and styles, of which some are specific for increasing the capacity inside the safe.

Many safes contain double shelves or even triple shelves, which automatically increase the diameter and area inside the safe so you can store more items. Try to get the safe which is size.


Look for the level of protection and the safety features that the safe you are selecting is giving you. Various features are used to enhance the safety of the safe to select the best safe according to the features present in it.

There are different security systems, door locking systems, the thickness of the outer material, and different types of weld used in different types of safes which makes all of them different from each other from a safety point of view.

There is this Eastern Security Rating System which has been developed for many years and is now being used to check out the safety system of the safe.

These levels help you to select the best suitable one for your needs. They lie in between 1 to 10 and 10 is the highest level which contains most high-security features.

This will also help you in avoiding all the other brands and models which are not fulfilling requirements.

Type of Locks

Two different types of lock that exist for safe gun drawers; the mechanical dial lock system and the electronic keypad system. To select the best type of lock, keep in mind how frequently you will use your safe.

Make sure to select the lock which will keep you convenient and easy if you are going to use the safe daily. Similarly, you can modify the locks if you use the safe once or twice a month or a year.

Look for how many people will use the safe so that you can select the multiple-user keypad. Ensure the lock system you will purchase in your safe should be accessible and easy to manage.

Keep in mind it should not be simple enough so that anyone can learn as quickly as at first sight.

Extra Accessories

Check for what extra accessories and features your safe gun drawers are providing you. You can Select the safe with lights installed inside it.

This will stop you from using the external flashlight. Get the safe where pockets are made inside or under the shelves as this help increase the storage.

Look for safe drawers which contain innovative safElert features. This will connect your mobile with the safe and give you notifications about the operations of your safe.

Get the safe which contains rifle rods inside it, as this will enhance the area of storing guns so you can store more guns in limited space.


Drawer-Style Gun Safe with Biometric Fingerprint Quick Access

Do gun safes damaged guns?

It has been observed many times that gun safes corrode and rust the gun. The observation was that the gun which is placed in the safe corrodes faster as compared to the gun which is not in the safe.

No need to worry. This problem is in the sight of the companies and manufacturers. And they are now working to correct it.

How long should a safe be fireproof?

A fireproof safe should at least protect the inner materials from fire for up to 1 hour. A minimum 1-hour fire rating is considered as standard for fireproof safes.

Otherwise, the safe, which consists of less than a 1-hour fire rating, is not likely to protect the inner papers, money, or items.

Can you keep a gun safe in the garage?

Make sure to place your safe away from evil eyes. Ensure it is not easy to see your safe from the Windows or doors.

To make it safe from preying eyes, keep your safe to the safest location and not in front of the whole street, just like a garage where there is a possibility that every time you put in or take out something from your safe, you would be in the eyes of all the people around in your street.


Look for the best possible drawer which you can buy. Make sure it does not lack any of the essential features which can secure your gun at the highest level. This drawer safes not only stores guns but can also store your precious items, so never compromise on anything while purchasing.

So spend some extra money and get the best available product. Read the details mentioned above with proper attention, including the buying guide, so that you will be able to get the best product.

I will recommend you to go with

  • Moutec Under Bed Safe Rapid Gun Storage SafeMoutec Under Bed Safe Rapid Gun Storage Safe, as it is made up of robust and sturdy construction, which is unbreakable. Moreover, the locking system of the draw is highly reliable and trustworthy.
  • V-Line Top Draw Security Drawer SafeV-Line Top Draw Security Drawer Safe because this safe gun draw is highly reliable in the locking system and construction. Furthermore, no need for batteries and an easy mounting makes it high in demand.

Paragon Lock and Safe Premium .24 CF Drawer Safe is ideal because it contains a biometric locking system. This draw is highly reliable in construction and lightweight, making it easy to carry from one place to another.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

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