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13 Best Gun Grease 2023 – Oil, Lube & Save Your Gun

The performance of the best gun grease is important for us. Why? Because we don’t want you to deal with the trouble of investing in something unreliable.

More often than not, this happens to most buyers while searching for the best of the best, they end up paying more for a product that’s short-lived.

Unless you plan on going to a shop each time you want to advance your gun, you need gun grease for your gun’s safety. With gun grease, there’s no noise and friction. And you have it with you for much longer than expected.

Best Gun Grease

Finally, you have to buy the perfect gun grease because of the way it’s designed. Let me do most of the work for you to help you buy the best at an affordable price.

Top Picks Gun Grease 2023

There are two important types of gun lubrication forms: grease and oil. Gun oil is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas while gun grease is for a longer-lasting effect.

The latter is best for all sorts of cleaning, protection, and lubrication. And at the other end of the spectrum, they promote the smooth flexibility of any gun.

All you need is a tiny drop of gun grease, and it’ll help prevent rust, corrosion, and decay for a very long time. You have to clean your gun after every intense shooting session.

If you didn’t already know this, it’s time you upgrade to gun grease right away.

Gun Grease Name Our rating Use on Smells Weight
Tetra Gun 004B1I Tetra Gun 004B1I

#1 (Editor choice)

Rifles, pistols, shotguns Yes 1-ounce tube
Mil-Comm TW25B GreaseMil-Comm TW25B Grease


All types of firearms Almost None 1.5-ounce tube
Slip2000 60341 EWGSlip2000 60341 EWG


Metal, wood, plastic parts None 4-ounce jar
Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun GreaseHoppe’s No. 9 Gun Grease


Guns, fishing tackle, and tools Yes 1.75-ounce tube
Super Lube 21030 Synthetic GreaseSuper Lube 21030 Synthetic Grease


Compatible with other lubricants None 3-ounce tube
Sentry Solutions HI-SLIP GREASESentry Solutions HI-SLIP GREASE


All types of metal, guns, and knife Yes 0.8-ounce syringe
Birchwood Casey RUG4 Rig Universal GreaseBirchwood Casey RUG4 Rig Universal Grease


All types of firearms None 3-ounce jar

Doesn’t matter how often you use your gun, it needs to be taken care of. I found many grease brands to choose from, but only high-caliber grease can get the job done.

1. Tetra Gun 004B1I – Best Gun Grease for Ease of Use

Tetra Gun 004B1I 

The Tetra Gun Grease starts as a white fluoropolymer grease and ends as a colorless coating. It’s low friction gun grease for all moving gun parts. It features long-term weapon protection, regardless of the gun you use. It maintains proper weather resistance and can withstand intense use for many hours.

I also liked that it doesn’t feature a sticky consistency, unlike many grease brands. All you need to do is apply a tiny amount of grease. And using a swab or piece of clothing, you can rub it on the metal parts. It takes only minutes to coat all moving pieces of the gun, so it’s a time-effective buy too!

Known for its anti-friction, anti-corrosion, and tough coat, this grease is very reliable. But it does have a minor drawback. It has an unyielding odor that’ll last for days. Following this, the grease smell is hardly under one’s nose.

  • It can handle extreme temperatures.
  • Suited for all types of firearms.
  • The grease features a strong odor that sticks for a couple of days after applying.


2. Mil-Comm TW25B Grease – Best Durable Gun Grease

Mil-Comm TW25B Grease

Even a single drop of the Mil-Comm TW25B Grease will do the job. This gun grease fits the bill for complete firearm protection. It’s the perfect gun grease you need for your gun cleaning tool kit. The smooth and tender consistency sits well on all types of firearms.

I liked the way this grease goes a long way to prevent powder, rust, and debris buildup for a better effect. You can apply it in an easy way and it stays for longer, offering extreme resilience.

If you go out a lot and need something that protects your gun from environmental factors, this is the one for you. It can handle extreme temperatures, moisture, heat, and residue.

The gun grease features a non-toxic composition and effect. This means that even a single drop of grease after cleaning will not cause external harm. You might have a problem cleaning the grease off the moving parts after you coat them a few times. This happens more often after shooting.

  • It is the most aggressive gun grease for all-weather protection.
  • It is easy to apply and run on metal parts for lubrication.
  • The grease is thick enough to not drip after application.
  • It is hard to remove.


3. Slip2000 60341 EWG – Best Versatile Grease

Slip2000 60341 EWG

The Slip2000 60341 is the average gun enthusiast’s favorite tool. It is everything you would want from gun grease; to extreme weather protection to decay resistance. It features the strongest composition and effect for a longer-lasting shine.

Even if you tread in hot climates, the grease won’t melt into places. Unlike other greases on the market. Plus, its protective coating doesn’t dare attract any dust, powder, or debris. You can use this for greasing any metal, wood, and plastic parts. And it also decreases clean-up time by almost half.

For your complete gun care and safety, the Slip2000 is an incredible companion. It bears all surfaces, reduces friction, and prevents recurring jams. But if you want something that doesn’t hold up carbon residue, this grease might fall behind. It’s known to contain carbon, which also makes it harder to clean.

  • It can handle extreme temperatures.
  • The grease is plastic, wood, and metal defensive.
  • It leaves carbon residue which can become hard to clean after shooting.


4. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Grease – Ideal for Long-Term Gun Storing Needs

Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Grease

This gun grease contender makes an excellent lubricant for long-term storage. It’s best for those guns that sit idle longer than they come in use.

If you use your guns on very rare occasions, you don’t have to worry about storing your guns. With the help of Hoppe’s No. 9, you can maintain guns for months without any flaw.

It features a soft butter-like consistency. And it’s not runny and liquidy like some other brands out there. How this grease works is it displaces moisture and protects against oxidation. It targets those areas that are more likely to rust due to inaction.

It’s also suitable for automatic firearms such as pistols that jam very often. The Hoppe’s No. 9 runs for a prolonged period. It sticks on all moving pieces for proper lubrication.

I found that this gun grease might feel a little too liquidy once in contact with heat. But that won’t be a problem for those who don’t mind using a swab for cleaning guns after use.

  • It provides optimal lubrication and protection against decay for months.
  • The grease consistency is very smooth and less sticky.
  • The grease consistency feels too thin on heated metal pieces.


5. Super Lube 21030 – It Offers Many Adaptable and Efficient Features Perfect for Firearm Protection

Super Lube 21030 

If you want to save your gun from drying out or decaying, the Super Lube 21030 is perfect. It features a heavy-duty, NLGI grade composition. It’s not only used for guns but for other purposes such as screws, faucets, etc.

The benefits of this gun grease go far and wide. It is water-resistant and doesn’t feel too runny. It is one of the most recommended greases for anyone who owns a firearm. Whether it’s an automatic pistol, or a rifle gun, etc. With the help of a cotton swab, you can coat it on all metal parts.

You shouldn’t expect it to come apart sooner or later. Even at a mild temperature shift, this gun grease adapts in the most efficient way. The only problem with this gun grease is that it runs very thick while rubbing on the moving pieces of the gun. Although it doesn’t drip, spill, or feel sticky while coating. And this is a huge plus point.

  • It’s a multipurpose gun grease.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • This gun grease features a thicker consistency.


6. Sentry Solutions HI-SLIP GREASE – A Basic One for Most People

Sentry Solutions HI-SLIP GREASE 

The Sentry Solutions HI-SLIP GREASE is a product that’s been around for a long time. It is not only great for gun cleaning but also ideal for lubrication. It even comes waterproof-ready.

This grease gun features a smooth composition that works hard to insulate. Moreover, I found that its rust-resistant quality is hard to beat on the market today. Before you place your bets on something any less helpful, take a close look at this grease.

The synthetic grease feels and smells harmless. If you’ve used greases before, you’d know that this is high-pressure bearing grease.

It can handle temperature changes. It’s better for locking lugs and guns that have to withstand extreme conditions. I also like it for its anti-galling mechanism. What is does it prevents sliding surfaces from jamming under high loads. This product’s full account features a tiny glitch.

Unlike most other higher-grade gun greases, Sentry Solutions features black grease. This means it can leave stains on the metal parts of any gun.

  • It features a very smooth grease consistency.
  • It comes in a plastic syringe which makes it easy to apply.
  • It has black grease that might leave stains on metal pieces.
  • Not intend to be refilled


7. Birchwood Casey RUG4 Rig Universal Grease – The Best Gun Grease for Corrosion Protection

Birchwood Casey RUG4 Rig Universal Grease

If you want something preventative and basic, go with the Birchwood Casey RUG4. Its application is very straightforward and efficient. It’s a lubricant that, once applied, can prevent rust, debris, and carbon formation. Any decay to the gun can ruin its performance, that’s why the Birchwood Casey RUG4 is so unique to most people.

They help owners preserve and maintain their guns for longer periods of time. And if you didn’t already know, rust is one of the major gun killers of the century. So to keep up with the rushing horde, you need a superior firearm lubricant. You can apply this grease on a variety of firearms including a handgun, rifle, or shotgun.

It works hard to keep oxidation and carbon formation away for good. You should know that this best gun grease lacks the ruggedness of higher-grade grease. It only works as a rust preventative measure, nothing more or less. This is bad news for people looking for something that protects against friction.

  • It’s the best rust-preventative gun grease.
  • It’s very long-lasting.
  • It only works as a corrosion-resistant lubricant.
  • It doesn’t provide friction release.


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Gun Greases Buyer’s Guide

Gun Greases Buyer's Guide

Now because you know the best gun greases on the market, it’s time to look at the fundamentals that you can make use of.

At first glance, you might consider buying gun oil over gun grease.

Though gun oils are very popular, gun greases are a longer-lasting alternative. They’re best when applied on as many worn parts of the gun as possible.

Gun Oil Vs Grease

On a second note, regardless of what firearm you buy or own, purchasing gun grease is a matter of personal preference. So you’re not compelled to abandon any other gun grease you might have liked.

At the end of it all, gun grease is a firearm lubricant. And using one for better gun maintenance, especially by firearm enthusiasts, is a big deal. For buying the best gun grease on the market, it’s safer when you understand its features. It’s also crucial to determine why you need one right away. You’ll want to find the one that’s efficient, durable, and safe to use.

What is Gun Grease?

You might think gun grease is a basic cleaning lubricant used to keep any gun in fine feather. There’s more to gun grease than that. Gun greases protect the gun against all environmental factors.

This includes dust, dirt, rust, moisture, and all kinds of weather conditions. It also promotes a smoother action of the different parts of the gun. So heavy-duty gun grease is essential for a better surface texture.

If you’re planning on buying some high-grade firearms, look for superior gun greases. They contain a thin protective layer to reduce friction and instability from exertion. Plus, they keep chemicals away from sticking to the surface of the gun despite wear and tear. Gun grease features a thicker consistency than gun oil.

It’s made of a variety of ingredients with different compositions. And it protects the gun on a molecular level, providing fine coating from many chemicals. You buy gun grease so your gun can withstand the usual wear and tear for a much longer time.

What to Look Forward to?

Gun Greases Buyer's Guide

Any tool strong enough to prevent decay abrasion is an excellent tool to buy. With proper knowledge, more people can buy professional gun grease that works in a flash. These are the most significant features of a gun grease to look forward to.


For harnessing greases’ cleaning properties, knowing its solvent capacity is important. Solvents serve a more fundamental purpose in gun grease. Such as they remove carbon stains from the gun. Some even remove copper, salts, and lead stains due to intensive handling.


The lubricating features of gun grease reduce friction and impediments from weathering. The strength of the lubricant must also be able to resist extreme heat. Such kind of a condition often arises during heavy firing. If your gun grease offers enough lubrication to coat all moving parts of the gun, that’s what you need to shoot for.

lubricating features of gun grease


This includes the durability factors of gun grease. These are features that’ll keep your gun away from corrosion, rust, and oxidation.


Because there are many different types of firearms, non-toxic grease is essential. Some guns feature a plastic build, while some have a polymer construction.

So a safe, bio-based gun grease should be the most convenient and efficient option for you. It keeps your gun safe, regardless of its design. This helps in lubricating even the tiniest moving part of the gun. (Gun safety rules)


My Choice: Tetra Gun 004B1I Gun GreaseTetra Gun 004B1I Gun Grease

To summarize, let’s specify what you know so far.

  • The best gun greases for all types of guns.
  • The workings of gun grease.
  • The significant features.
  • And why you should buy a bottle right away.

Being a responsible gun owner, safety always comes first. You can click here to read more about gun safety rules. Any glitch can interfere with your gun’s performance. It can misfire or desist at an unfortunate time. And nobody likes that, do they? For a gun to last years, the lubricating or greasing gun is crucial.

It ensures all the moving parts of the gun are working well together and not against each other. So now you know the importance of gun grease. To make things quick, you can always opt for the Tetra Gun 004B1I Gun Grease. It is versatile and sturdy, and it works on all types of firearms.

I have evaluated different types of gun greases for proficient firearms. And after hours of research, I reach a standpoint where buying a gun grease is requisite. If you want something that’s easy to travel with, as a part of your gun tool kit, greases are a simpler choice. Here are some other options available in today’s market:

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