Mobile Optimization For E-Commerce: Tips And Techniques For Effective Mobile Sites

The 21st century has been developing interestingly for e-commerce businesses and platforms. Thanks to search engines like Google, online businesses get information about their search results and performance. They also know the areas of improvement by looking at what their competitors offer and the areas where they are performing better.

You may or may not be in a position to have those super-handy SEO tricks that can help you know where you stand and also get an idea of the areas where you can perform better. But this should not hamper your business in any way.

So, you should identify how you secure and hold the top positions and attract your potential customers. One of the ways of doing this is by going to mobile-friendly websites.

Did you know that back in 2014, a study showed that mobile traffic had taken over desktop traffic? In the following year, the famous search engine – Google- stated that mobile searches had overpowered the ones done over the laptop or desktop.

If you want your online business to get wide-customer exposure, the best way to begin is with the help of small screens. They offer excellent assistance and hence, can be trusted for lead conversion.

So, it would help if you began as soon as you could.

Are you wondering about the way to do it?

Here are some tips on how you can make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly. You should also reach out to professionals like

●  Lookout For A Responsive Layout

When a website has a responsive layout, it can scale to fit the user’s device. Your customers can be anyone, but their website visibility will not be hampered. Hence, you should ensure to teach this for your game plan.

The availability of a responsible layout helps display relevant content while changing the designs based on what is needed. Also, it does not affect the loading time when the website display adapts to the screen size. Hence, if you are catering to the mobile effectiveness of your platform, getting a similar theme will benefit you.

●  Optimizing The Speed

You should think as a rational customer and decide accordingly.

What if you are surfing any website and it is taking forever to load?

Will you still be on that page or choose to move to other competitor websites?

Hence, speed is essential and helps make a crisp first impression of the views. If you plan to make an effective mobile site, you should take steps that help load the website within seconds. Once you crack this, it will help you see that the conversion rate improves so much that it is increased by three times.

The internet has many tools that can help you verify the website speed. You can get it displayed on the desktop and also for mobile viewing. You should ensure the test twice to display the results on the mobile and desktop.

●  Compressing The Images For A Better View

Many ideas have poured in when you would have been designing your e-commerce website. But, there are some alternatives that you need to implement while planning your website for mobiles. The foremost is that you should not forget to compress the images to the limit of your file size. It will also help you with the downloading speed.

But, you should see that the quantum of data that must be loaded for a proper view and understanding is also reduced when compressing the images. But, this helps in improving the website speed. Thanks to the internet, you can do the compressing task quickly.

It would help if you used proper imaging formats like JPEG and AVIF. They offer small file sizes but ensure that you get a qualitative result. Also, when you are using properly formatted images, it helps in boosting the speed.

●  Begin Looking For Alternatives Like HTML5

Any website design works well with animations. When it comes to animations, the best pick that is known is Adobe Flash. But you should know that mobile phones and similar devices do not support it. Hence, if you wish to expand your website operations by ensuring its mobile functionality, you should avoid using flash and, instead, go for HTML5.

HTML5 is a great alternative to Adobe Flash as it helps you do numerous actions online, and that too, without the use of browser plugins. Along with animations, you can embed movies and music with the features offered by HTML5. The mobile devices support it; hence, it is a win-win situation for you.

●  Try And Get The Least Pop-Ups For Mobiles

Pop-ups are not appreciated by all customers. Some turn down them while others get turned down by them. Hence, you should be careful while inculcating them.

When surfing anything on the internet, you tend to get a lot of pop-ups for various reasons. The websites can still function with it. But do you think the customers will like it when the same pop-ups appear while scrolling on their mobile phones?

When the pop-ups appear on mobile phones, they are hard to view. Also, it might not interest the customers, so they tend to exit the pages that are opened on the mobiles.

These small yet effective steps place you in a better position to opt for mobile-friendly website services. Apart from these, if you wish to go for the extra edge, you can try including the change of button sizes and their placement for the mobile view. These things offer convenience to the customers, and hence, they become loyal customers in the long run. Further, you can play with fonts so that customers enjoy scrolling your website on the phone.


The use of mobiles in the lives of people has been such that it has emerged as the chief medium for making hundreds of purchases. Hence, whether you are new or old in the e-commerce world, it’s never too late to make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly. You will begin seeing changes sooner and better than you expect.

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