6 Effective Job Search Techniques and Tips

Being unemployed in these modern times is not easy because finding the right company and the right job position is not as simple as some people would think. A job search can last for weeks, months, and sometimes even years. Of course, there are probably millions of opportunities you can find while looking through Google’s results, but are those results really the best choice for you? It is just about picking the first compelling choice you see.

Even if you do manage to find the job of your dreams, your chances of the company accepting may vary. Nothing is guaranteed. You have probably been told many times in your life that getting a diploma will guarantee that you will have a successful job hunt, but that is simply not true.

There are many different strategies that you can implement in your searching techniques to find what you are looking for. Here is a list of techniques and tips we have made to help you with your search.

Create the perfect resume

It is no secret that having many accomplishments, diplomas and high grades is an impressive feat to employers and it is mostly what companies are looking for.

However, it is not always about your accomplishments, there are many other things that are factored in when employers are analyzing a resume. It is also about your ability to cooperate with coworkers, being friendly, being a leader, etc.

There are hundreds of other contenders out there that have the same diploma as you do, so that is not what makes you unique. You will need to think of something that will impress people and grab the attention of the people looking through all of those CVs. Show them what makes you better than all the others.

We cannot tell you what that exact thing is, it is up to you to find that out.

Keep it short

We already mentioned that having hundreds of accomplishments is not something special or rare. Employers in larger companies probably see hundreds of resumes every day that are filled with all kinds of diplomas and other similar information. What is the point of one, two or three diplomas, if the person can’t even create an impressive resume, right?

This is why many experts recommend that people should keep their CVs as clean and as short as possible. Many studies have shown that most people subconsciously avoid long texts and larger books, so when they see a CV that is filled with multiple pages, they quickly chuck it in the bin.

If you want them to keep in on their desk instead of in the trash, you will need to be concise and clear about the information you want to share. Believe it or not, but most resumes are looked at for about five to ten seconds. Just imagine how little information is analyzed during the time.

So, put all of your contact information on there, mention a couple of your traits and skills in there, make it look good and that is it. The rest is out of your hands.

Try LinkedIn

Sure, traditional job applications are still very effective. Going physically to the company to drop off your CV is still respected in many industries, but it takes up a lot of your valuable time. You could use all of that time to apply yourself to many other companies that you might find interesting.

Today, even sending your resume through email is considered to be a slower approach. There are dozens of websites and applications on the market today that can help you with your job hunt. The most effective website out of the bunch is LinkedIn. If you haven’t heard about LinkedIn, think of it as Facebook for business.

You can create a profile on LinkedIn that you can later use as your portfolio or a resume. Companies usually use the website to search for possible candidates. In 2024, we recommend that you should definitely have an active LinkedIn account that is constantly updated with new information.

Try the other way around

While LinkedIn is used for companies to find applicants, there are many websites out there that do the exact opposite. They exist for people looking for employment and available job positions. Businesses can submit all of their openings on these kinds of websites and candidates can apply for them. These kinds of websites make it much easier for both sides. For example, this site is great for doing advanced job searching.

Apply everywhere

Many people think that they should be careful about where they are applying their resumes. There really is no point in restraining yourself. It is simple, the more jobs you apply for, the higher the chances that you will be higher.

Of course, this does not mean that you should apply for every single position you see out there. Pick only those that you like, but do not pick one over the other. Companies have no way of knowing where else you have applied yourself. Even if they did have that kind of information, that wouldn’t affect their decision on whether they should hire you or not.

Once you are a candidate in multiple businesses, you will even get to pick by which one you want to get hired.


While the Internet is a great place to find the company of your dreams, there are still many ways you can go job hunting. In fact, networking might be much more effective than constantly applying yourself online. Connect with the friends of your friends or talk to your family members and find someone who is planning on hiring for their business. You can use these connections you have to set up a meeting and convince people into hiring you.

Leaving a real impression of yourself to people is much better than just a single piece of paper that does not really depict your personality.

We believe that all of these techniques and tips will surely help you find the job you are looking for. Just keep in mind that you should never give up even when no one seems interested. In time, you will definitely find the right company.

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