Follow These Tips To Turn Your YouTube Channel Into A Full-Time Job

Starting a career on YouTube can be very intimidating. Not only because it is an unconventional career choice, but also because unlike other professions, there is no guidance or coaching available in this matter to help you succeed.

Right from editing videos using an Instagram video editor or a video editing website, to marketing, content creation and other core activities, the onus of it all falls on you solely. While this process is long and arduous, it is definitely a road worth treading. The satisfaction of creating something of your own with your own efforts is unbeatable and the experience is worth a lot. So, before you start, here are a few tips you can go over that apply to any type of content you might want to dive in, while making your own channel.

1. Is YouTube a Real Job?

You might be wondering- is YouTube a real job? After all, this is something that has been debated online for many years now.

According to Daniel James from Tubefluence, YouTube is a real job- and a good one at that depending on the type of person you are.

Here’s the deal- YouTubers need to learn a lot of skills. Some of these skills include:

– Graphic design

– Video editing

– Audio editing

– Search engine optimization

– Social media marketing

Hobbies don’t typically require you to learn such technical and complex skills- especially not all at the same time (this is why successful YouTubers hire people to help them).

Along with this, many content creators on YouTube are paid to create videos via Google AdSense. Typically, people are paid at jobs when they do the work required of them. The same can be said for YouTube.

While debates continue about whether YouTube is a real job or not, it’s important to recognize that online content creation is becoming a more professional profession in the marketing world. So, it’s only a matter of time until the end of the debates and everyone acknowledges the fact that YouTube is a real job.

2. Pay attention to the competition

Looking at the number of creators that have now come up on YouTube, you will always find people that are doing similar things like you, in terms of content or otherwise.

Pay attention to these things as you can figure out what you can do differently from the rest, and how you can attract more people towards your content. Having a considerable sense of what is going on around you will also keep you up to date with the environment you are working in and help you get an edge over your competition.

3. Collaborate

Competition does not have to be looked at in a bad way. If you find someone who is at a similar stage as you are, you can always get in touch with them for a possible collaboration. This way, you not only get introduced to their audience, but you can also come up with a refresher from your usual content.

Your existing viewers can get something new to see and it will automatically become the change your content needs. Not only that, this will also help you in networking better amongst people who are engaged in similar activities.

4. Interact with your audience

While putting out content and ensuring its quality is the most important thing, another aspect of being an online creator is to be in touch with your viewers. Find out what they like, dislike, and what works best for them so you can plan your content strategy accordingly.

There are many ways to do this, right from paying attention to comments on your YouTube videos, to messages and comments on Instagram and Twitter. Some creators also do live streams on platforms other than YouTube to build those profiles as well and monetize them in the process. Live streams are a great way to talk to your viewers in real-time and establish a better connection with them through personal interactions.

5. Investment is key

When you are just starting your channel, it might make sense to just use some basic equipment like your phone and its in-built microphone. However, as your channel gains viewers and subscribers and you start climbing the ladder of being a content creator, you might want to consider investing in some better equipment like professional cameras and microphones along with lights and shooting equipment.

These make your content aesthetically pleasing and also give your videos a professional look. If you are seriously considering a career for YouTube, this is definitely a step in the right direction, an investment that won’t go to waste.

6. Enable super chat


YouTube has introduced a lot of features to make it easier for creators to thrive on its platform. It understands how crucial content creators are for their website, and is doing a lot to keep them there. One such feature they have come up with super chats.

How super chat works is, when a creator does a live stream, they can enable super chat on their channel. After this, viewers can pay the creator any amount of money they wish to highlight their comments during the stream. Most creators even give special shout-outs to people who contribute through super chat. This is a great and easy way for viewers to show support towards their creators.

One thing to keep in mind for super chat is that it works especially well in case the creator has a lot of subscribers. With a limited set of viewers, it might be difficult to fully be able to use this feature to its best.

7. Edit skillfully

Editing is one of the most important elements of post-production. It can change your whole video and how it is perceived. Most people think editing only involves cutting and pasting, but actually, there is a lot more scope to it than one might think.

Keen and dedicated editors will do their best to make the video crisp and engaging by using the tools available at their disposal. Adding snippets of comical elements or effects that make the video look better is solely a creative call. You can use a YouTube video editor available online for the same if you do not want to invest heavily in editing softwares. They work perfectly well and help in producing industry-level content. Get more information regarding this on the internet.

8. Ace analytics

If you were putting up content online just for recreation, analytics wouldn’t come into the picture for you. But since this is a plan you have for long-term sustainable business, you might want to look into analytics.

Every platform has a way for creators to check their engagement on a particular post and see how exactly viewers reacted to the same. You can find out which posts got the most traction, and accordingly create content from thereon. Analytics gives the creator a clear view of what works and what doesn’t and is an amazing way to gauge which direction you should be working in.


These tips will help you make your fun youtube channel into a full-time job, a place from where you not only derive entertainment but also make money online. Using these tips has benefited a lot of young creators and helped shape their careers in a great way. You can have the same if you follow these tips and dedicate your full attention to taking this seriously.

Try not to focus a lot on numbers, but instead concentrate on improving your content, and in no time, the numbers will follow too.

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