9 Tips and Rules to Follow When Buying Concert Tickets

With the announcement of the tour and the concert dates, artists and musicians send their fandom into a frenzy. Fans become super excited to see their favorite artists perform their favorite tunes and medleys live. It is a great source of excitement for all, no matter their age, and the concerts are supposedly the most fun to attend.

Along with the excitement comes the shared part of buying the respective tickets, and the ticket buying process, given the advancement of technology and the needs of the society, has become a relatively easy job and is mostly online, from the convenience of their homes. Online ticketing platforms and gateways like provide authentic tickets, and usually, the prices are slashed if the tickets are bought in groups, like lovers and friends tickets.

Attending a live concert is a unique experience altogether and a dream of most, if not all, music lovers. However, there are many things and points, both big and small, that people should keep in mind while purchasing tickets for an event. Stated below are a few of them:

1.  Check the authenticity

While purchasing the tickets for any musical event, people and fans are advised to buy them from the event organizers or their original ticketing partners. Many times, there are counterfeits available in the market at much cheaper rates, and people tend to fall for it. This should be avoided as the counterfeit is invalid, and you would simply lose your money and the chance to see your favorite artist perform live.

There is an easy check for this. Artists usually notify fans about their partnered ticketing agencies for their convenience and safety. Fans can cross-check from the social media sites of the respective artists.

2.  Choosing the suitable seats

Tickets are commonly categorized and priced according to proximity from the stage. Closer tickets to the stage and the pits are usually more expensive but are ideal for the true lovers of the respective artists. Meanwhile, the seating area and the farthest tickets are comparatively cheaper and are usually occupied by the family members of the fans. Moreover, all tickets are for the same show and would be an enjoyable experience for all. So, depending upon your preferences, you can choose the tickets which are most suitable for you and your family.

3.  Buy Lovers and Friends tickets

Happiness increases with sharing. If you know someone who is a fan of the respective artist you are about to watch performing live, then invite them over. Buying tickets for lovers and family is always a good option, as it usually leads to a good, fun, and relaxing time with loved ones. This also has some additional benefits. Usually, the tickets are priced lower than the individual ones, if bought in groups.

4.  Having a budget

Having and following a budget is a good idea in everything you do. The rule applies for buying tickets as well. Clearly, you do not want to overspend on an artist you are not truly a fan of and underspend and miss out on the opportunity of extorting the best out of the situation for your beloved musician. Having a flexible budget that bends and restricts you accordingly is always a good plan.

5.  Look out for the meet and greets

Sometimes artists bundle up their tickets with an opportunity for the fans to meet them before and, or, after the show. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and fans clearly do not want to miss this out, even if it costs much more than the actual price. So, it is advised to check for such offers and consider grabbing the opportunity if applicable.

6.  Doing research about the venue

It is always good to have some extra information about the event, the organizers, and the venue beforehand, just in case things start to go south. Things to consider before buying the tickets include the exact location of the venue, the distance, shortest route, parking space, availability of public transport, and so on. And these small details are very important when minors are accompanied or are in attendance. The venues are, of course, very safe and secure, with local police and guards encompassing the entire perimeter, but the responsibility of the minors is on the adult accompanying them. So you would want to re-check all these points and then buy the tickets.

7.  Check the weather

Do consider checking the weather of the day of the event beforehand. If it is the rainy season, consider carrying an umbrella, a raincoat, and wearing boots, and dressing accordingly. Similarly, if the forecast predicted the possibility of snowfall, consider changing your attires and putting some additional layers on. No one would like to get sick during the concert of their beloved artist and then miss out on the fun.

The traffic gets nasty during the rainy season, and the winter snow might make it impossible to move. So you might want to consider public transport or leaving earlier than the estimated time, just in case you get stuck.

8.  Register for presale

Getting tickets for world-famous artists and musicians is a troublesome job, and sometimes they sell out in a few minutes. In case you do not want to miss out on the fun and the chance of seeing your favorite artist, join the tickets presale. Registering for presale has many perks. Not only does it increase the chances of getting the tickets, but it also has some internal benefits for the fans, like ticket upgrades and free meet and greets sessions. Signing up for the newsletter and promotional email list is also helpful in this process.

9.  Keep your bank informed

While most banks send out a confirmatory text or email as soon as you try to make the purchase, sometimes, banks might take it as a case of fraudulency and can block the card as a precautionary measure, leading to the cancellation of the tickets. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep your bank informed and in the loop while making online purchases to prevent yourself from any fraud or unwanted ticket cancellations.


Every music lover dreams of attending at least one concert in their life. The excitement, joy, and pleasure brought out with a concert remain unmatched. However, fans must be careful and be mindful while sharing the details of their tickets online with friends and families and say no to all scams and counterfeits, no matter how tempting they seem to be.

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