7 Things To Do About Smoke Detector False Alarms

Nuisance alarms are a common occurrence for many smoke detector owners. Frequent false fire alarms are not only irritating, but they can present a danger to your home too. Once you start hearing these every day, every single alarm triggered inside of your house will seem like a false one, and in the case of fire, you might end up being slower to react because of the constant faulty ringing in your home.

So, what can be done about it? Is there a way to prevent false alarms from occurring inside of your house?

In this article, we’ll discuss this topic in detail, so keep on reading for more info!


1. Reposition the detectors

Incorrectly positioned detectors are the number one cause for nuisance alarms. While placing a smoke detector directly above the stove might seem like the most rational thing to do, it can do you more harm than good. Most smoke detectors will be perfectly capable of sensing a fire even if they’re placed farther away. So, make sure you keep your fire detectors at least 20 feet away from your kitchen appliances!

The same goes for your bathrooms too! If you enjoy taking long, hot showers, make sure you keep your smoke detector away from the steam! Moisture can be extremely damaging to your fire detector, and the steam itself can cause a false alarm.

If you live in a smaller apartment, and this kind of placement is not possible, then you should just keep it as far away as you can.

2. Change/ Recharge the batteries


Faulty batteries can cause your smoke detector to malfunction, which can be a source of false alarms. So, make sure you check your batteries weekly and make replacements when necessary.

If you’re using rechargeable batteries, ensure they’re fully charged before placing them inside of your smoke-detecting device. Batteries that are not charged properly can lead to some unwanted effects, so make sure to keep that in mind.

So, overall, keeping your batteries healthy is of the utmost importance for false alarm prevention. Of course, make sure you’re buying the right type of batteries since the wrong ones can damage your smoke detector. If you’re not sure about the battery type, contact the supplier or take a look at the user manual. Whatever you do, do not borrow batteries from the other devices you have inside of your home.

3. If you’re a smoker, get a specialized smoke detector


Cigarette smoke is still smoke, so smoking under smoke detectors is always going to set them off! However, turning off your smoke detector only to light a cigarette isn’t a smart idea. Smoking can be a serious fire hazard, so instead of removing batteries from your smoke detector, you should invest in a tobacco-sensing one.

Other than that, make sure to smoke away from the fire detectors! Even if they’re unable to sense tobacco, fire detectors won’t be triggered by a small amount of cigarette smoke as long as you’re not smoking directly under them.

4. Remove dust and get rid of the insects

Cleaning your smoke detector is extremely important if you’re trying to improve its functionality. It’s fairly simple to do, and it will take less than 10 minutes of your day. So, make sure to do it as frequently as you can! Use a vacuum extension brush and remember to do it gently. The sensors in smoke detectors are sensitive, and therefore aggressive rubbing can damage them beyond repair.

Other than that, make sure there aren’t any insects clogging up the detector because this can cause malfunctions and false alarms. So, overall, proper maintenance is key to getting rid of nuisance alarms!

5. Consider replacing the detectors

If nothing else seems to work, maybe your smoke detector simply reached its end. You should replace these devices at least every ten years, so make sure to check if they’re simply too old to keep on functioning properly.

Of course, when you’re purchasing a new one, make sure you get a high-quality one. Smoke detectors are what will keep you and your family safe, so consider it an investment towards protecting your home from potential danger. According to X-Sense, the qualities you should look for in a smoke detector are simple installation, interconnection, longevity, and compliance with international safety standards. Luckily, there’s a wide range of choices available on the market, so you’ll easily find a product that fits your expectations.

Whatever you do, remember that trying to get it fixed is not a good idea. Getting a brand new detector is a much safer and much cheaper alternative!


6. Harmful chemicals

Does your alarm seem to be triggered every time you decide to clean your home? If so, the cause might be in your cleaning supplies! If you’re using strong chemicals around your smoke detector, there’s a high chance it will get activated. So, make sure you cover your fire-detecting device while you’re doing some deep cleaning around your living-room!

Also, don’t spray any strong chemicals anywhere nearby the detector, as they can damage its sensors. If you’re having an insect problem, avoid using bug spray near the alarm system.

So, all in all, any aggressive chemical solutions shouldn’t come anywhere near a smoke detector.

7. Remove all sources of moisture

We all know that moisture and electronics aren’t a good mix. So, keep your spaces properly ventilated, and make use of your exhaustion fans in rooms with high humidity levels!

Keeping your home dry is essential not only for keeping your detectors healthy but also for mold prevention!

The bottom line

False fire alarms can be a huge issue if not dealt with in time. The best way to prevent these is to take proper maintenance measures, keep it away from moisture and strong chemicals, and change the batteries frequently.

So, all in all, if you take the necessary precautions and follow these simple tips, you won’t have any problems with faulty alarms ever again! Whatever you do, make sure to get rid of the issue as soon as possible since it can be a huge security hazard.

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