4 Most Annoying Things Gamers Hate

Video games aren’t perfect because there are a lot of annoying things that gamers hate when playing them; even their favorite ones.

Video games are meant to offer an escape into reality. To be someone you never will be and to fully take control of a character that is far more powerful than you are.

But with all that power comes a big punch of lag, invisible wall, and even annoying teammates. You should remember that not all games are fun; some are absolutely horrible experiences that make us question why we’re even wasting our time on it.

But we’re not here to get into any specifics, at least not now, we’re here to talk about the 4 most annoying things gamers hate. Without wasting too much of your time, let’s start.

1.  No In-Mission Checkpoints

Checkpoints exist in singleplayer games that are there to give you a second chance of life whenever you die. Checkpoints offer the player the security we don’t have in real life.

Whenever you see a “checkpoint saved” written somewhere on the screen, it means you can instantly die and your game will resume on this location.

Checkpoints are great especially for hard levels, and they’re one of the core mechanics of video games.

But what happens when a poorly-placed checkpoint or one that only makes things worst gets added to your favorite game?

For all the good that this mechanic does, it is one of the most annoying ones if the developers mess it up. There is only so much we could do if we progress upwards of 90% of the mission only to die and revive at the beginning.

There isn’t quite anything like it in video games. One title that comes to mind where checkpoints are brilliantly made is GTA V. The devs did a brilliant job in thinking it through when developing the in-mission checkpoints.

Instead of reviving at the beginning, in GTA V you revive at the nearest save point during a mission or heist.

2.  Leveling and Questing in MMORPGs

Once upon a time in the world of video games, there was a breakthrough title called World of Warcraft that took the industry by storm.

Commonly known as WoW, it’s an MMORPG that is considered the grandfather of all games alike. WoW managed to set the tone as to how MMORPGs should be played, how they should be developed, and how they should be updated with content.

But it was only so long until gamers finally realized that they’re doing the same thing with each new expansion. They make their character, they go and quest, the level up, yadda yadda yadda.

You have to go through the same boring and repetitive thing before you could actually start enjoying the new content. This is quite possibly one of the most annoying things gamers hate.

While some do enjoy this mechanic, dunno why at this point, there are ways to skip it. Namely, there are specific services that exist that help you skip over the leveling and questing phase. These services are quite possibly the best way to save dozens of hours only for a small price. You can visit here to learn more about WoW classic PvE services that let you essentially skip the leveling and questing phase of every new WoW expansion.

3.  Terrible Multiplayer Experience

Trust us when we say this, a multiplayer game has to offer an excellent experience if we are to enjoy it.

Sadly, there are far more games that don’t offer this and instead offer a cheap experience that negatively reflects on the game itself. When it comes to multiplayer experiences, there are two types of games. There are those that do it right and those that don’t.

Depending on which category your favorite game falls, the title in question can be purely multiplayer or has a multiplayer mode. More times than most, it’s the titles that are singleplayer but have a multiplayer mode that provides the worst possible experience.

One game that instantly comes to mind is Assassin’s Creed Unity. In this title, for those that haven’t played it, the multiplayer mode is total anarchy. Players would run around and kill each other, even if the game wasn’t solely about that. It was poorly designed, not carefully thought out, and reflected negatively on the lowest-rated Assassin’s Creed game ever.

4.  The Higher the Difficulty the More Health Enemies Have

This is one of those things in video games that we simply have to live with.

Every game has a difficulty setting, even those that are purely multiplayer allow you to play with bots that can have their difficulty set.

But in nearly 99% of all video games, the difficulty isn’t a measurement of how strong the AI is but how large his health bar is and how much more damage it can do.

So it isn’t really about the AI outsmarting you, it’s about cheating.

This is quite possibly something that 99% of gamers will agree on. Making the AI overpowered by making more damage and having a bigger health bar doesn’t make your game good.

A lot of companies have seemed to give up on improving the AI with each difficulty setting, but instead following this useless trend.

A smarter AI means you have to outsmart him. It’s a game of chess where each move matters and each wrong move is a deadly consequence that will cost you a lot.

While we do agree that the AI should do more damage with each difficulty setting, we disagree that it should have more HP.

If you’re a fan of the Dark Souls series, then you’ve experienced first-hand how difficulty settings should be developed. Playing on higher difficulty provides a better challenge for the player.

Even if the player has beaten the game on normal difficulty, he will return to play it on a higher difficulty solely for the challenge. Making the AI essentially a “bullet sponge” will only reflect negatively on your game and give it the last spot on our list of most annoying things gamers hate.

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