4 Women’s Fashion Trends Men Hate

If we, as girls, ask ourselves, the point is clear – we’re perfectly fine in the fashion sphere, and we don’t need any special assistance to look chic and trendy. Today, women are becoming more interested in this stuff – they simply adore finding new ways to improve their styles according to the latest fashion tendencies and look as attractive and beautiful as possible. Of course, one of the reasons for this concern, in addition to the most essential one, which is one’s own pleasure, is male attention. It pleases us, makes us feel feminine and confident and sometimes affects positively the way we see ourselves. However, women’s and men’s tastes do not always coincide – many things that seem absolutely fabulous to us, make guys roll their eyes and get them really turned-off.

So, why not take a closer look at some garments that seem to be a no-no for dudes, just in case?



Do you know what peplum actually is? This is an additional piece of fabric on a top or a blouse that goes from the waist down and kind of curls outward. It wasn’t that popular until a couple of years ago when a huge expansion of girls started wearing these garments. Unlike many other pieces of clothes that are supposed to highlight the waist, this one actually covers the most problematic part that’s a pure nightmare to many girls – love handles. That’s precisely why it’s been used so widely, apart from looking chic nowadays.

To us women, peplums might look like gentle, fluttering miracles, especially to the ladies who boast their seductive hourglass figure. But, although men often crave women whose waist is much narrower than their hips and love it when we point it out, they don’t really like this idea. To some of them, it looks ridiculous and somewhat childish, while others see it as some kind of weird, frumpish, mum blouse that doesn’t add any attractiveness to women’s overall appearance.

Leopard print


Yeah yeah, we know – your wild cat spirit, it’s untamed and you want everybody to see it. Not only by your way of acting but also by your dressing style. And that’s okay – this kind of pattern is always trendy. Of course, we’re not talking about overwhelming, all-you-can-dress, kitschy leopard-patterned uniforms – girls are doing fine even with one or two nice pieces, for example, chic tights, scarf or a top. And, for naughty ladies, some super seductive sleepwear sets or underwear, like the ones from Haute Flair – a truly irresistible spice!

However, if you ask dudes, you’ll find out they aren’t so keen on this trend or over-thrilled with it – for them, it’s a long-overdue and sometimes even offensive solution. The animal print could be a fantastic garment for us, but really horrible for masculine perception. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to give up on it – but it’s warmly recommendable to be rather careful with the colors with which you decide to combine it and with the intensity of the pattern.



Ah, jumpsuits! So comfy, with their breezy and easy-going styles of all kinds – elegant, hippie… You name it.  One-piece clothing is generally a lovely choice for relaxing walks around the city, shopping with girls or going for coffee with your dearest friends. It’s as cozy as a summer dress or those long, swaying floral skirts. And, right – it could be a little bit tricky because of the shorts or pants, as you might encounter an issue or two if you need to go to the bathroom really quickly. But all the other things are so simple with it and you don’t even need to spend time finding the top or bottom that will fit – it’s a freakin’ one-piece and it’s often universal size!

On the other hand, men tend to think that girls look funny in these. It reminds some of them of children’s clothes, which might leave them rather puzzled, and they don’t think that it flatters our figures (obviously, they haven’t seen ALL kinds of rompers, right?) And, worst of all, it needs ages to be taken off – a lot harder than the individual pieces of clothing – which is probably the biggest struggle they have! Therefore – it’s a big, fat no from the team “Guys” for this one.

Oversized (XXL) jumpers


When we say “an XXL jumper”, we can already imagine a cozy room,a glass of mulled wine, a super soft, fluffy blanket and a big fireplace. An ideal winter garment, right? There’s nothing to tighten our limbs, it’s so feminine and there are so many types – off-shoulder, bell-sleeve… whichever you prefer. To us, it’s simple, God-given perfection in the form of a sweater.

But, it seems that it applies only to us, as guys don’t seem to be so happy with this choice. Just like the thing with peplums – they can’t see enough of the female body and, to them, it looks as if girls are trying to cover up their figures with such baggy – not emphasizing them enough. According to some internet opinions and many pieces of researches carried out by magazines, some guys even dared to say that those clothes were something that probably only their grandmas would wear. Harsh, harsh, harsh! However, there’s definitely an option you can try in order to make them love it more – show up only in a sweater.

Could you imagine that these pieces of clothes tend to make guys cringe? Let’s be honest – we often believe that garments and the way we dress can tell more about our character. Although lady-like peplums, wild animal prints, super chic, figure-hugging rompers and irresistible, huge sweaters are parts of dream combinations for a bunch of girls, it definitely doesn’t mean that men share the same excitement about them. Of course, what matters the most is your own satisfaction with your style and the way you feel when wearing your favorite. But these facts are showing that sometimes we should simply find a golden mean in order to remain happy with our own fashion choices, but also astonish and amaze our stronger halves.

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