Women Do These Things to Attract Men, but That’s How They Actually Reject Them

The most common mistake many women make at the beginning of a relationship is getting obsessing over their partners. Not only will they unconsciously distance partners from themselves, but they will not give them a chance to show how they feel about them.

We will reveal to you the pieces of these most common mistakes that women make at the beginning of relationships. What you need to know yourself, without someone who is an expert – for example, a relationship counselor – telling you, is that the relationship should be fun and relaxed at the beginning and that you should feel free in it. And then, over time, you will bond with your partner. So, in the beginning, it is not good to create pressure because it repels men, and the following mistakes are the ones that women tend to make…

You Call Him First Right After the Date

This is especially applicable and includes moments when you call him to tell him something interesting that you have heard, read, or seen on TV. Or, perhaps, to ask him why he did not call you first. Instead, wait for him to call you. That will mean he cares about you and wants to see you again.

You Initiate Contact

This includes sending messages on Viber, Messenger, Instagram, sending SMS or email, or any other attempt to make contact. After the first date, it can be too much for men and it can easily chase them away. If you want to see him again, it is best to let him know about the date and time of your next date and wait for him to call you first.

You Overwhelm Them With Your Plans

Invite him to join you if you want him to go somewhere with you, that is fine, but do not overdo it with suggestions. That could keep him away from you. Let men take responsibility, but also initiative. Men like that.

You Keep Asking Them How They Feel

This especially includes the question of how he feels about you or your relationship. Especially at the very beginning of the relationship. For men, this can cause fear or pressure, so it is better not to ask such questions while the relationship is still fresh.

You Think You Can Change Him

Never date a man who you intend to change (to what you think is a change for the better) or a man who you think will change on his own. That is hardly likely to happen. And it is not just men who will not change just because someone wants them to. You will hurt either yourself or him. Instead, be with someone you like and with whom you share similar interests. Then, you might try to make him do ‘cosmetic’ corrections to his behavior through a calm conversation with him.

You’re Looking for Perfection

One thing you need to understand right away is that perfection does not exist. Nobody is perfect. You are not either. So, don’t expect that from anyone you like and who you date.

You’re in Too Much of a Hurry

If you want a long-term relationship, it is best to go slowly. Get to know each other well first, and only then sleep with him. Don’t let him do everything on the first date. Men like to conquer.

You’re Often in a Bad Mood

Going out should be fun and exciting and you should be happy because you are seeing someone you like. So when you are always in a bad mood, you turn into a person no one wants to be with.

You’re Selfish

If you plan everything by adapting it just to your schedule, then it is not fair to your partner who is trying to please you. It is all a matter of compromise in the relationship, and if you are not ready for that, you have to change something.

You’re Denying Him a Hobby

Every man has his hobbies – one goes fishing on a weekend, the other likes to watch sports matches on TV, the third likes to fill in sports tickets at bookmakers, of which those with free bet welcome bonuses can be found at… At first glance, all these hobbies, most of them, are completely harmless when a man exercises them moderately. Then hobbies are not hazardous for a relationship and do not deny them to him. Intervene only if he spends all their free time doing some of the listed hobbies.

You’re Trying to Find the ‘Right One’

If you are trying to find the ‘right one’ in everyone, stop doing it. You certainly will not find that right away, or on the first date, but in time you will. The more you get to know someone, the more he becomes the right one. Never have high expectations at the beginning of a relationship.

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