10 Latest Jacket Fashion Trends That Are Going Viral In 2024

Since summer is getting to the end and the weather is getting colder, it is time to prepare for the fall season. If you live in an area where the average temperature is around 60 degrees and even lower during the night, it is time to start wearing a jacket. If you are not interested in getting the old model from your wardrobe, you will need to look for stores where you can buy a high-quality and attractive piece.

Choosing the right jacket is very important for the outfit because that is something that people will notice first. You should check out the most recent trends and find a reliable store. If you are interested in buying a new women’s jacket, click here. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some of the styles that will be popular this fall.

1. Faux Fur

This model represents one of those trends that are constantly circulating. The main benefit is that it will provide you with excellent comfort, while you will appear more attractive as well. The great thing is that there is a wide selection of models on the market, and you can choose different sizes and various details.

For example, if the weather is not too cold, you can wear a faux fur blazer, which goes perfectly with jeans and a t-shirt under it. On the other side, it will be easy to find the right model for colder weather, and some of the most popular are thinner coats and standard-size jackets covered with this material.

2. Cropped Blazers

If elegance is what you want to achieve by wearing a jacket, there is no better option for fall than getting a cropped blazer. The advantage is that you can combine it with both dress and pants. Also, you can choose to wear a shirt or a blouse under it. Many stores offer combined pants or dresses with these blazers, which will make it easier for you to choose the right outfit.

3. Leather is Always Trendy

Leather is one of the materials that are always popular. When it comes to the models that are going to be in trend for fall and winter in 2024, the focus is on additional details like wider shoulders, chains, more buttons, and more.

On the other side, a classic leather jacket without any special details can be a great choice as well. It depends on your preferences. If you prefer casual style, a combination of jeans, a leather jacket, and nice shoes can be perfect.

4. Bomber

Buying a bomber is perfect for the fall. It is light and comfortable but can be a great option to protect you from the wind and cold. Also, you have the flexibility to choose from all kinds of models and materials. We can notice that experimenting is also in trend, which means that it won’t be a mistake if you choose to combine the dress with this type of jacket.

5. Anorak

This model is perfect for windy and rainy weather. The design is what makes this option so popular. You can choose between oversized and slim models. It can be a great combo with pants or jeans. Also, if it is too cold, you can wear a sweater, or just a t-shirt on warmer days. We can notice that models without the zipper became very popular in recent years.

6. Oversized Models

If you prefer comfort when you are choosing a jacket, there is no better solution than buying an oversized model. It will be a big trend this year, and the great thing is that many brands are now offering various designs, colors, and materials.

Some of them are elegant as well, like a wool jacket. Tweed and denim are also expected to be very popular. Besides the classic models, there are printed fleece jackets. The main reason for the huge popularity of fleece jackets is that you can choose from a variety of interesting combinations of colors and patterns.

7. Classic Blazer

The main difference between standard and cropped blazer is the length. It is common for classic models to have less details and focus on elegance. While it is perfect to combine it with pants, the new trend is to be unique and different and be brave enough to choose some outstanding outfit, like wearing torn jeans with heels and classic blazers. You are free to choose the combination according to your preferences.

8. Down Jacket

If the most important feature is to feel warm and protected from the wind when choosing a jacket, then longer models are the perfect option for you. The advantage is that you can combine it will a lot of other clothes. It is a perfect everyday solution similar to a classic coat.

9. Quilted Jacket

If you prefer elegance, but it is still important to feel comfortable and warm while wearing a jacket, you should check out the available models of quilted jackets. You can find different lengths as well. Also, you can combine it with both casual and more elegant outfits.

10. Wool Coat

The main advantage of this model is that you will feel warm while wearing it, while it perfectly blends with the body. Those who prefer slim models and want to avoid popular oversized options should look for a nice wool coat. Moreover, there are all kinds of colors and patterns, along with the lengths that you can find.


It is always a good idea to check out the most recent trends in fashion before you decide which model to buy for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. The biggest trend is related to the focus on feeling free to experiment.

Therefore, the chances that you will make a mistake are lower. You should focus on the style that you prefer, and wearing a jacket that will make you feel both attractive and comfortable. Also, pay attention to the materials used in production and be sure to buy a high-quality model that will last longer.

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