8 Cool Gift Ideas For Geeky Gamers Who Have Everything

Sometimes choosing the right gift for a certain person can cause a big headache. Especially when it comes to men. But if your friend, partner, or family member is a big fan of games, then you can solve this problem faster than you think. The 21st century is an era of great technological progress which, among other things, has had a great impact on the entertainment aspect of human life. This has led to the development of various games that are the main source of entertainment for a large number of people around the world. Buying gifts for one gamer is no longer such a difficult task. Even if they have all the necessary equipment in which they have previously invested a lot of money. Trust us, there is still room for you to be creative and original enough. There are a lot of cool ideas available on the internet, so all you have to do is open your browser and a website will already give you gift ideas that you need.

If you aren’t a great connoisseur of games, or you aren’t familiar with the latest news, we suggest that you first get better informed with GamingBeasts. If you don’t have enough time to research, we’ll try to help you make the right choice with a few cool suggestions.

1. T-shirts with gaming sayings

Maybe your friend or partner to whom you are buying a gift has all the necessary technical equipment, but the joystick and headphones are definitely not the only things you can give them. Adequate clothing in which they can spend time every day and feel relaxed would be a perfect choice.

T-shirts with funny prints have long been a popular gift on various occasions. So you can adapt this cool idea to gamers by printing a saying like “gamers never sleep” or “I paused the game to come”. We are sure that your friend will be delighted.

2. Joystick keychain

Another interesting idea for those who like details and at the same time don’t separate from their cars or have just moved into a new apartment is a key ring with gaming motifs. Clearly, this won’t be appropriate for some big and significant occasion but for some smaller ones such as moving into a new home would be perfect.

There are a lot of details that can be used if you opt for this gift. Everything from technical equipment you can imagine, including a joystick, headphones, mouse, or even a miniature figurine of one of their favorite characters.

3. Play station wallet

A wallet is something that without exception, we all have in our bag or pocket when we leave our home. Also, one of the good choices when it comes to gifts for men, although it’s very popular with women as well. But the wallet you plan to give as a gift this time doesn’t have to be regular. Considering that your partner or friend spends a lot of time with their favorite games, make him happy with the play station version of his wallet. Such a design will surely provoke many reactions when the owner wants to pay for a drink in the cafe, and at the same time, it will be very unique.

4. Cool Gaming Socks


While some players enjoy playing online, others like to gather friends in the room and play until late at night. Then it would be cool to spice up relaxed home clothes with interesting details that will make all the people present laugh. If your friend’s character fits this description, then cool gaming socks would be a good choice for his birthday or some other occasion.

And in this case, you can buy some socks with funny inscriptions or simple pictures of his favorite skins from Fortnight. The team gathered in the room will have a good laugh and the future owner will surely wear them often.

5. Earrings with keyboard letters

If you thought that girls were a rarity among gamers, you were wrong because the statistics show otherwise. It is for these reasons that the designers of unique gifts intended for fans of this type of entertainment made an effort to make something for women as well. It was not that difficult, considering the wide range of ideas that are available when it comes to women.

We suggest unique earrings with a keyboard letter pendant. We are sure she will be delighted. Especially if you spend many hours together every day in front of the PC or Playstation.

6. Console Controller Tie

In addition to unique pieces of clothing that are intended for a relaxed home atmosphere, you can also make things a little more elegant. How about Console Controller Tie? A tie is an unavoidable part of elegant combinations, but very often they can go perfectly with a casual clothing combination, together with a white shirt and jeans.

The console pattern doesn’t have to be too large to be effective. Small images of the console controller in several places will be enough to keep all the enthusiastic glances at you. If the person you are buying a gift for is silly enough for something like this, then don’t look any further.

7. Custom Caricature Portrait

The best gifts are those that depict a person from your perspective, the way you see them. Nothing can show it better than Caricature Portrait. Of course, the one that shows your friend or partner sitting in his comfortable chair and playing games.

All you have to do is find a talented cartoonist who will do it perfectly, according to your instructions. Or better yet, if you have a talent for drawing you can do it yourself. Then this gift will be even more perfect considering the effort you put in.

8. RGB mouse and keyboard pad

All players strive for the best possible gaming experience. This is best achieved by purchasing equipment that includes even those details that we would neglect in regular circumstances. One of those details is the RGB mouse and keyboard pad. Thanks to the perfect features of this pad, which include mouse sliding colors, exciting lighting effects, and which is more pleasant to the touch, the experience will be better than ever.

As you can see, buying the perfect gift for gamers who have everything doesn’t have to be such a big challenge. We hope that we’ve proven it to you with these ideas and that you will be able to surprise your loved ones with them.

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