Cool Ideas to 3D Print Which are Actually Very Useful

3D printing technology has exploded to a point where getting a cheap and affordable 3D printer is no big deal. The real question lies after getting a 3D printer i.e., what to print? A 3D printer allows you to print anything practically sound and aesthetically pleasing. So, what are some cool ideas to 3D print? Ideas that are not only crisp but also functional. Well, let’s explore the below-mentioned ideas and find out.

Fractal Vise


For all the home mechanics, the 3D printed Fractal Vise is a very essential addon to the list of tools. This part has the ability to grab almost any shape with its arms. It utilizes 16 moveable fingers that hold firmly onto the object.

The designer recommends you to use two m3 15 mm bolts and two m5 bolts with a hex head if you do not get the 10-centimeter ones. The fractal vise is the most functional part which can be made without any complications of printing or building.

Giroid Vase


If decorating a house with an aesthetically pleasing vase inside which fragrance-filled flowers are kept is something that you or your friends love to do, this Giroid Vase is probably a very useful functional part for you. Its spiral design associates with the eye immediately. Also, 3D printing this object is not that difficult. It requires no support at all. The part can be best printed using PETG 3D printing filament.
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Squeeze Fan Ruggedized


This one is a perfect example of cool 3D printing ideas that can be actually very useful. You must have seen fans that can be 3D printed but aren’t functional. They can just be used as a showpiece. Well, this is not the one falling on that list.

It’s powered by a squeezing mechanism that doesn’t require additional batteries, and yet can be utilized to actually cool you down. You can print this fan it using 3D printing material such as PETG, ABS, or something that has a similar strength level. 3D printing of this object requires no rafts or supports.

Quick Setup Drill Depth Stop


Drilling can be done keeping in mind a simple rule: The only thing to take care of is about the depth of the drill. And if you are not used to doing it on a regular basis, while drilling holes, you can actually drill more than needed. Well, these stops can come very handy in ensuring such a mess doesn’t take place.

If you use these 3D printed stops, there are less to the point of being negligible chances of going deeper than needed. Also, this 3D model offers a lot of options in different sizes of collets and sleeves. So, stock up your regular drilling set with these unique 3D printed drill depth stops.

Shower Cubicle two-sided Hook


Shower utilities finally get their places inside the cubicle. Thanks to this shower cubicle two-sided hook that can be placed over the glass pane for hanging a towel, or bathrobe outside with soap, washing glove, waterproof shower radio, etc. The designer offers printing this part in various sizes such as 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, and 16 mm. It can be simply 3D printed without any rafts or supports.

Mobile Phone Tripod


With mobile phones getting upgraded with high-definition cameras, it’s a must to have a tripod to ensure good quality pictures, yeah? This 3D printed mobile phone tripod is compatible with almost every phone. It can be adjusted in many different positions to capture extremely good images. Also, the tripod can be extended to a maximum height of 13.7 inches and you don’t need anything more than some screws, springs, and time for 3D printing and assembling it.

OC Lamp


For those who work on a desk, there is hardly anything more useful than a work lamp. It enables you to have the freedom of working in your room without disturbing someone sleeping in the same. Instead of paying a handsome amount for buying it from a store, why not simply 3D print it without any rafts, or supports? It can be 3D printed with PLA filament. You can download the 3D design file of this OC Lamp from Thingiverse for free.

Headphone Stand


If a survey is conducted in which the number of people who have broken a headphone by placing it in a random manner at their place is calculated, it’ll be accounting too many. Which is why you shouldn’t keep your headphones randomly, especially when you can get a 3D printed headphone stand by downloading the 3D design file for free from Thingiverse.

Self-watering plant


If you have the opportunity to try at least one of these models, then we highly recommend you go for this one. The 3D design file of this self-watering plant is available for download on Thingiverse in two parts. It is sophisticated and tactile and prevents you from neglecting the plants at your place.

The Conclusion

3D printing is a great way to bring into reality ideas that are actually very useful. If you have a 3D printer at your home and do not know how to design, you can 3D print these ideas by downloading the 3D design file for free from 3D printing service providers. So, make maximum use of the device and this revolutionary technology to create extremely functional objects that can help you change your way of living. It can be much better than the current one without spending too much.

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