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Nerdy Is the New Cool – Best TV Geeks

The era of classic nerds is over. Watch the rise of the geek! There are some stereotypes of a skinny nerd who impresses others with his intelligence. Knowledge became sexy. And the geeks, who were victims of illiterate bullies for decades, became bullies themselves, using their computer skills to attack and blackmail the hollow heads that previously made their lives living nightmares. Payback, bitches!

So this is the perfect time to characterize the geek. To be a geek, you have to be smart. Sorry, you can have a lot of enthusiasm, but if you don’t have a high IQ, then “thanks for participating.” You will always have the opportunity to be an office worker or a housewife. Second, geeks are characterized by an extreme fascination towards the things they like. Those are not just hobbies, but lifestyles. What do geeks like? Technology, especially computing and gadgets; the sciences – hard sciences specifically, especially physics and mathematics; pop culture, particularly science fiction, fantasy and horror books, movies and TV series; video games, role-playing games, and collectible action figures; mischief

Ross Geller in ‘Friends’ and Eric Forman in ‘That 70’s’ Show, were quite nerdy, as well as other sporadic characters in various TV series. Perhaps the first nerds that had their protagonist were ‘Dexter’ and ‘Jimmy Neutron,’ but their representation of the nerd was not very favorable (less in Dexter than in Jimmy). The TV series that gave the geeks the place they deserve was ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ which started in 2007. This funny comedy, as everyone knows, was the first to have a group of nerds as protagonists, in addition to being full of references to geek culture.

“When you are part of something like ‘My So-Called Life,` which has such a profound influence on people, they will always see you as such character.” That is a quote from Devon Gummersall, the actor who played Brian Krakow, the intelligent, empathetic, and sensitive boy who admired Angela from a distance (it was his male version in the series). The transparent guy who never gets a glimpse of attention caught her years later when Buzzfeed said that Brian Krakow is now considered to be smoking hot.

Being a geek is fashionable nowadays. It is manifested through things as the following: wearing glasses, talking about top-notch gadgets, idolizing Steve Jobs, loving Sheldon Cooper, or reading alternative comics (without understanding them, but saying they are very cool), etc. Of course, the entertainment industry has taken advantage of this, and now the “celebrities” are seen with their goggles.

But real geeks, those who have been such characters from the beginning, will continue to be true icons. That is because being a geek is a way of life, not a passing phase. Nor can it pass as a trend of a society we live in, in which knowledge and intellectual skills are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, people who have such personality traits, education, and abilities have the advantage.

So all you brutes, bullies, and illiterates out there, tremble before a geek revolution! Geeks have nothing to lose. On the contrary, they have a world to win. Geeks of all countries, unite!

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