Highschool Of The Dead Season 2 Release Date

The dead, called zombies, are occupying the earth and the heroes are trying hard to survive – sounds thrilling and of course, reminds you of the famous show – AKA Apocalyptic Academy: Highschool Of The Dead. Stick with us for more information about its second season.

A Peek Into The Storyline


This is a Japanese horror anime whose story builds up with a horrific catastrophe. A pandemic disease causes a trail of death in Japan and throughout the world. The disease was turning people into zombies and was killing them, it was spreading faster by the zombies as through a bite people got infected. In such a scenario, some youngsters struggle to get rid of the zombies all around them.

The students who decided to combat this horror were from Fujimi High School and are desperately trying to reach there, assuming that the school is a safe zone. But in the end, we are left confused if the school is a safe place or not. Moreover, on the way they are interrupted by zombies, and the risk increases with every step towards the school. The first season leaves us perplexed as to how much time they will survive surrounded by the zombies? Will they succeed in reaching school? Is the school still a safe zone? Audiences are eagerly waiting for season 2 to know what happened to them.

Casting Choice We Can Expect


The lead role in the series is Takashi Komuro who’s voice over was provided by Junichi Suwabe in Japanese; Leraldo Andaluza in English. So, he is surely going to lead in the next season. Takashi is 17 years in age and is from Fujimi High School. In Japanese the voice over was given by Rei Miyamoto,  while in English Jesica Boone gave the character voice, who is the childhood friend of Takashi. They were supposed to marry but sadly she started dating someone else.

Saeko Basujima, voiced by Miyuki Sawaahiro and Taylor Hannah in Japanese and English respectively, is the president of the school. He is popularly known to carry a wooden sword and kill students who become in touch with the disease out of mercy.  There are several other characters visible in the series. They survived in season 1 so it is expected that we will see them in season 2.

When Can We Expect The Release

The unfortunate death of the creator of the popular manga, Daisuke Sato, has put the second season on a hold and there is no hint of the release date. There are rumors that a US-based network will produce the second season and is expected to release in late 2024 or 2024.

Summing It Up

Since 2010 when this anime first aired it has been loved by all and it was a commercial hit. Soon it reached great heights and became extremely famous, it created a huge fan base. Even after decades, all the fans are hoping that they would get another season on screen and know many unanswered questions.

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