10 Easy Moving and Packing Tips that will make your Move Dead Simple

Packing up your belongings and moving your whole life into a new house can be a very stressful task. Even if you are used to this whole moving thing and pack things like a pro, or a newcomer in the game, the stress is the same nonetheless.

If you consider moving to California, read these ten easy moving and packing tips provided by, that will make your move dead simple.

1. Get rid of everything


Before you start packing, go through your house room by room, drawer by drawer, closet by closet. Pick out those utensils that you never use and are cluttering your kitchen cupboards. Put in a separate pile those out-of-fashion old clothes. What about that awful vase from your office Secret Santa? Do you really want to pay to have all these unused items move with you all the way to California? An ugly vase will still be ugly five years down the line. So do yourself a favor and get rid of everything you do not use or do not like.

2. Sort things by category

Sort your objects by category and Marie Condo your way through your house. For example, if you have electrical appliances, go around the house and gather them together. That hairdryer in the bedroom? Check. The kettle in the kitchen? Check. The speaker in the living room? Check again. You can put them all in one box and label them accordingly, instead of packing them according to their room.

3. Host A Yard Sale

Well, you know what they say. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So host a yard sale with all the things you do not want. You never know who might need them or want them and who might be willing to pay a couple of bucks to have them. It is a win-win situation. You are decluttering, cutting back on your moving costs, and earning money at the same time.

4. Source Your Packing Essentials

The cost of boxes, bubble wrap, and tape can pile up if you decide to buy everything from hardware stores. Instead, try to source packing essentials from unexpected places. For example, visit your local grocery store and ask if they have boxes you can use. Call in favors from neighbors and see if they have recently bought appliances and have boxes they can give you. Search around the house and find the original packaging of your electronics. Instead of bubble wrap, use towels, t-shirts, and bed linen to protect your fragile objects.

5. Pack Each Individual Room

Do not just start throwing things in the boxes in a haphazard random way. Instead, start with one room and only move on to the next one once you are entirely finished with the one you are working on and it is completely empty.

6. Be Tactical In Your Packing


Be tactical in your packing to save space and money. Use different size boxes for your items. Heavier objects like books should go in smaller containers; filling a big box with books will render it too heavy to lift and carry. Use more oversized items as nesting for smaller ones. For example, use your pots as a nesting place for small saucers and cups.

7. Be A Label Boss

Be a label boss and label each box like a pro with the room it goes. That way, you know that “kitchen” boxes will be unloaded in the kitchen, “bathroom” ones in the bathroom, and so on. This will make your life a whole lot easier, instead of just unloading everything in the middle of your new living room, opening them in random order, and moving the objects around the house to where they belong. If you want to kick this labeling thing up a notch, number each box as well. And then keep a log with everything that goes in each numbered box of each room. You can even number them in the order they should be opened. For instance, toiletries, medicines, and so on, could be “Bathroom, #1”; towels, mats, etc. “Bathroom, #2”.

8. Find The Best Moving Company


Start searching for the best moving company two months before your planned moving day. This will give you ample time to shop around for the best available services at the most affordable prices. It will also give the moving company enough time to carry out an inventory of your house and give you a quote on your moving process from start to finish. However, as there are several fraudulent moving companies out there, take extra care to choose a company that has excellent customer reviews. Read more about moving scams here.

9. Pick The Best Time For Your Move

The best time to move is usually April and October. The weather is still good enough, so you don’t have to worry about loading and unloading your boxes in the rain. It would help if you stayed clear from May till September, as moving companies tend to have the highest bulk of their business during these months.

10. Disconnect Your Utilities


You don’t want to find yourself paying for utilities at two different places. So a couple of weeks before you move, make a note to contact your utility providers and ask them to disconnect their services on the day of your planned move. Some providers may offer you appealing packages to entice you into using their services in your new home.

Packing up your whole life and relocating to California or another town within California can be a daunting task. But the process does not have to be so stressful. Just leave everything in the expert hands of professional movers. Looking for a mover job? Check it out on Jooble. After all, this is a new beginning in the Golden State. Enjoy it!

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