What Sexologist Really Think About Using Sex Dolls – 2024 Guide

Over the course of the last few years, there has been a lot of attention and care put towards equality and inclusion. In an effort for all people to feel important and normal no matter their sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, or nationality, society has slowly entered a new era of equality. This movement has been in the making for a long time following years and decades of poor treatment, misconceptions, ostracization, and stereotypes. Finally, people are allowed and encouraged to show off and celebrate their differences and enjoy the things they like.

Modern Developments


In this newfound state of freedom where people are no longer judged like before, a new development has taken place in the adult industry. From new types of video materials to new products widely available for purchase, things have never looked better for those who actively participate in this kind of fun. If there was a single area where this is obvious the most, it would be sex toys. Back in the day,

sex toys were among the biggest taboos and nobody dared to talk about them openly, let alone share experiences and recommendations.

In the modern world however, it is normal for people to use them as well as to talk about it with the people in their life. Of course, not all of us are the same and some people are more open about certain aspects of their life while others prefer to keep things private and are a bit shy. In any case, sex toys have gone through a renaissance and there is no looking back. Among them, it is the sex dolls that take the cake as the most popular product right now. In this article we will talk about why that is and what the experts, in this case sexologists, think about using them. If you are interested in dolls, want to get one, or simply find out more, make sure to visit here.

Why the Sudden Rise?


First of all, we should mention the obvious reason why sex dolls are so popular nowadays. It mostly has to do, first and foremost, with the fact that sex toys oriented towards men have become equally as common and widespread as those for women. Traditionally, women were the target audience for sex toy companies as it was thought and believed that men do not need them. Men were portrayed as masculine enough and not needing any sort of “help” to pleasure themselves or their partners, while at the same time women were thought to need some kind of aid.

These conclusions were based off the idea that since men talk and joke about their sexual lives more, they must be fine. The women, on the other hand, did not talk about it and were judged by the society if they were more open about it and if they showed any form of “overly” sexualized behavior. Therefore, the use of sex toys was reserved mostly for women, while at the same time they still did not talk or brag about it, but hid it and made sure it is not known. Then came the modern times where sexuality is considered normal, as it should be, and things improved.

Nobody thought though that men would adopt the practice of using sex dolls as well, especially not something as complex and big as dolls. Vibrators and other toys for women are subtle, small, and aimed at stimulation and pleasure of sensitive and erogenous areas. With the dolls, customers literally buy a lifelike model of a woman and use it in any way they wish. This was first thought to be too much, too perverted, and too strange. Men who partook in it were not really looked at the same, but only for a while. Now, the market is too big to ignore and the customers are too many to neglect and judge.

What Do the Experts Think?


Every product has its customer, otherwise it would not last on the market. The popularity of sex dolls, and other sex toys for both men and women, cannot be underestimated and disputed. However, what to the experts think about this? What are the views of sexologists who have taken some time to evaluate this new development in the adult industry and do they think it is beneficial or detrimental?

It should be stated that older therapists and sexologists, as well as female ones, show more constraints and criticism towards the use of dolls. According to multiple studies, a small percentage of around 10% cannot begin to think how using it would benefit them. On the other hand, between 45% and 50% say that they could seem sex dolls being recommended to patients and clients. Most of them, naturally, agree that many things regarding the dolls are unresolved, mostly the ethical and moral aspects of the practice.

As with many things, addiction is possible as well as the development of such traits in users like no longer wanting or needing a partner. Sexual health is important too and single people who dislike dating multiple partners or dating casually have a way to enjoy themselves without worrying too much who it is and whether they will like them. In that same sense, experts welcome the benefit of achieving almost the same type of pleasure, fun, and enjoyment as with a real partner for those who are not willing to pay for sexual services. It is harmless in the sense that nobody is being taken advantage of, used, or being persuaded to do things without consent.

The worst thing, like with many other products out there, is the overuse and oversexualisation of things that should not be sexualized. There are all sorts of dolls out there now, with some sadly looking like underage people, which could have obvious consequences and could be understood as a promotion of pedophilia and other controversies. If it is used as it is supposed to be used, there is no harm so sexologists also see no reason why the dolls should not be used.

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