The Frequency of Using Sex Toys among Female Consumers

Doing what makes us happy is important and it can be argued that it does not really matter what it is as long as everyone is safe. Hobbies and activities come in a wide variety of types and most people usually have multiple that fill out their free time. But what about activities and tools that are strictly made for pleasure, pleasure of the most intimate kind? Sexual pleasure has been a taboo for the longest time, but luckily no longer. Right now, in the era of inclusion, freedom of speech, and celebration of differences, it is easier than ever to share experiences and practices that fall under the category of sexual.

Being intimate with a partner is hardly the only way to experience such feelings. Having somebody to rely on to make you happy and fulfilled is not possible all the time. Not everyone is ready for a relationship or a no-strings-attached type of relationship. Even people in long and happy relationships or marriage cannot be intimate nearly as often as either of them want to. Luckily, there are alternatives to this especially for women and they come in the form of sex toys. In this article we talk more about this exciting topic in more depth, particularly about the frequency of sex toy use and whether there are certain limitations. Read on to find out more and be sure to check out for a great selection of high-quality toys.

Frequency Among Female Users

Sex toys have always been more popular among female customers than the male ones. The reasons behind this are many but they mainly have to do with the fact that men have been thought of as not really needing any help in the bedroom department. Since women talked much less about their sexual practices and experiences and were much more constricted by society, they were the ones the sex toy industry tended more. At least at first. Nowadays there are toys for both men and women, and it is actually the men that shop for it more.

Still, there are more types of female toys than male because men have it easier when it comes to pleasuring themselves on their own. Masturbation, a taboo itself, is a topic men have discussed much more openly and willingly. For women, it was a controversial topic for a long time. Even discussing it was not really welcome, let alone buying toys and using them frequently. As the times changed so did the industry and today women use their toys much more. Exactly how often is not really something that can be precisely determined on a large scale, only through questionnaires and surveys. So all of the research is based on that. Consult the following paragraphs for more about the numbers on thus topic.

What does the Research Say?

Across the United States of America, the research has been done the most. According to surveys conducted there over the years, nearly 25% of all responders said that they use their sex toys several times per week. This means that a quarter of women surveyed use their sex toy anywhere from 2 to 4 times in a single week. On the other hand, those who use it every day accounted about 5%. The other 70% of surveyed women either said they did not use it, did not give a clear answer, use it once per week at the most, or use it less than that.

When the rest of the world is concerned, the data is quite limited. If we take into account the fact that the US is one of the countries more open to modern understanding of things and all of the contemporary trends of society, it can be considered as an above-average country when sex toys are considered. Europe, Australia, Canada, and Japan could be said to be equally or even more open than this, with the rest of the world being more constricted, traditional, and reserved towards the sex toy industry. This is particularly true for the Middle east, most of Asia and Africa, as well as South America. The percentages of surveyed women who use toys there would probably be very low.

Despite the sex toy market becoming bigger and bigger by the year, some regions will always be less interested in it due to traditional, religious, and societal. In the USA, 7 out of every 10 women owns at least a single sex toy. As a matter of fact, since 2017 they have spent at least $100 on them. The most popular ones are dildos, vibrators, and lubricants. Things are largely the same in the aforementioned parts of the world where the sex market is thriving, but these stats are again quite different elsewhere.

Is There Some Kind of Limit?

Using too much of any type of product can be said to lead to a certain type of addiction. But can you really be addicted to a physical pleasure like this? The answer is of course yes. It is more than possible to get addicted to sex toys, just it is possible to be a sex addict. To prevent this from ever happening, a healthy relationship with sex toys has to exist. Practicing sex with a partner should always come first, if possible of course. It is the real deal while the toys are but a substitute. One should always aim to experience the ultimate sexual pleasure as it was meant to be experienced, in a passionate and intimate moment with another human being. If using toys is more fun and the customer prefers it to real sex, there may be something close to an addiction.

With all of that being said, there is actually no limit imposed on the use of sex toys among female consumers. As long as the toy is being used safely and properly and there is no abuse, allergic reactions, or injuries, it will be fine no matter how often you use it. Too frequent use could cause saturation and a loss of pleasure for a short amount of time, but that can happen after any amount of excessive self-pleasuring. Masturbation is relaxing and it feels great, but it too needs to be within reason. Make sure the toys you have are always something to look forward to. They need not become a daily obligation or a routine.

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