Why are Streaming Services Getting So Popular among Millennials?

We can safely say that less than a decade ago streaming services were pretty much non-existent, and in the last few years, it seems like people gave up the traditional ways of watching TV and they all switched to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon or all of them.

The popularity of these platforms is getting bigger by the day, and some days it is hard to choose between a traditional provider, IPTV, or just a platform that will allow you to watch previously uploaded movies and shows. Here we are going to tell you more why millennials choose these services and steer away from the old ways of watching TV.


The most popular service is YouTube with almost 200 million active users and Netflix comes in the strong second place with more than 50 million accounts. However, the fun fact about Netflix is that even though there are so few accounts compared to YouTube, it is said that half a billion people are enjoying the shows and movies this service provides.

As you probably know, you can choose between your profile having only one user and up to 4 or more different users under one account. Statistics say that millennials usually subscribe to different services and a group of people share one profile on each platform. Even though this is not entirely legal, there are no laws that forbid people from doing this.

The fact that one person can share their account with multiple people is one of the first reasons for these services being so popular among millennials. On the third place of popularity comes Hulu with about 30 million profiles, and Amazon Prime comes next with about 20 million active users.

It is said that most users have profiles on at least two different platforms because some movies and shows are not available on each and every one of them. The monthly fee for creating an account on these platforms is another reason why people prefer them compared to traditional providers.


One of the best things about the streaming platforms is the prices they offer for their subscriptions. If you are looking for something affordable that will give you the chance to watch thousands of movies and TV shows, then you should look into one of these platforms.

The cheapest subscriptions come with a price for just a few dollars per month, and the most expensive options will not cost you more than $30 or $40. The difference in price depends on the service you choose, the features you want, and how many accounts per profile you are looking to include.

Most of the platforms will allow you to test things out for a month and see if you like them, and others offer additional features for long-term users. You can cancel these subscriptions anytime you want and you won’t be charged extra.

Make sure you check all the available features before you purchase one of the plans and see all the options you can get with the plan you choose.


The biggest reason why millennials prefer streaming providers is that they can choose between different features and options when they use these platforms.

No matter if you want to purchase a plan that will be only for you, or if you want one for your whole family, you can get it. You can also choose between HD sound and video, and depending on the things you are looking for, the price will vary.

If you don’t want to subscribe to traditional platforms, then you can use IPTV on your smart device by just plugging a USB stick there. The reason why many users choose services like IPTV Grand is the portability. They don’t have to go through long verification processes when they use a stick, and they can plug it in any device they are using at the moment. You can use it for your smart TV, your laptop or your computer. Some of the USB sticks have the option to be used on a smartphone as well, or a tablet.

Probably the most used feature is the option to pause any movie you are watching and to choose if you want to continue with the same one, start it from the beginning, or start another show and go back to the movie you watched later on. Some people want to watch several different shows at the same time, and all platforms give you the option to stop it at any point and continue watching it some other day or week.

How to choose a streaming service?

If you are looking for something that offers you millions of videos, tutorials, and different channels, then you should think about choosing YouTube as your main platform. On the other hand, if you want to be able to access thousands of movies and TV shows, then you can look into some of the platforms that include Netflix, Prime, and HBO.

On the same note, if you want the best of both worlds, and to be able to access libraries that contain the movies you like, and at the same time, if you want to watch regular TV channels, then you might want to look into Hulu or IPTV.

It may be a hard task to choose just one of these platforms, so you need to do some research. You can see which platform offers you the best plans, and your preferred genre. However, as we already mentioned, most of the services are really affordable and you can have all of them on your smart device, so even if you want to invest in several of them, the monthly subscriptions won’t cost you more than 20-30 bucks for the basic plans.

No matter which platform you choose, you should know that most of them will allow you to cancel your subscription right away, and you won’t have to pay any penalties and fees. The only thing you need to access them is a good internet connection and a device of your choosing.

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