Why Are Millennials So Obsessed With Online Dating

Online dating has become a fascinating phenomenon that has led to a lot of people interacting with potential soulmates they would have never gotten a chance to even contact. The nature of the beast is such that it affords a much more attractive alternative than usual real-life interactions. That’s why we’ve seen such a boom in online dating apps and services recently. These options usually end up being most attractive to millenials and the generations that follow due to them being well versed into the internet and its workings. Now let’s see why the whole subject of online dating is so attractive.

Meeting new people from various walks of life

The first and probably most enticing part of the subject is the ability to meet literally anybody through these apps and sites. From a simple working man to a ballet dancer, the number of potential hits is incredible and their variety even more so. People who’ve already had a few dates where their dates seemed too similar may find online dating platforms a breath of fresh air in their lives. Of course, even those who have had more colorful dating experiences may find it easier to locate the type of person they prefer through online bios rather than through real-life contacts. Not to mention that latter can be rather creepy and worrying so a simple digital paragraph is definitely a welcome replacement.

It’s easier to gauge mutual interests


For just about anybody who has gone on a date with a person they’ve only recently met, the feeling of suddenly feeling the conversation is going nowhere or that silence is sticking around for too long is probably a well-known experience. It can be rather uncomfortable to get there but it could also be tough to get out of that weird mindset of keeping an empty conversation going because we know nothing about the other person. Sure, you can always resort to some generic questions but those can lead to an even bigger dead end. With online dating, you can immediately pick somebody out who you deem interesting to engage with and share some experiences with. They could have a similar hobby, the same college or simply feel like somebody similar to us. Regardless, it is far preferable to an awkward first date conversation so a chunk of people turn to online bios when deciding on their next date. For those who live in San Antonio, we suggest you check this. This dating site offers San Antonio singles a place to meet and date with very little prep time needed for the profile creation.

There’s a higher number of people online

Just finding somebody to go out with can be troublesome and difficult. Not only is it possible that people around us aren’t piquing our interest but it’s also likely that there aren’t many of them out and about in the first place. It’s easy to miss a ton of potential fun dates due to the simple fact that you don’t go to the same places or one of you isn’t as keen on going outside often. By using online dating sites, it has become possible for millennials and others alike to find more dating options. Sure, some might suggest just visiting some new bars and places to meet a new batch of people but that approach isn’t quite as reliable. We want a quick, fast date without skirting around town, looking for somebody to flirt with. Of course, dating sites allow people to not only get a date with people in their vicinity but those further away too. This broadens our horizons even further and can lead to even more fun dates.

Pandemic has made in-person dating harder


Due to the current pandemic going on, it has become hard to go out and meet new people without risking our and other people’s health. Even then, the rules and regulations in place can make bars feel somewhat empty and every approach just a bit more awkward than it used to be. Using online dating options skips on the weird post-COVID flirting and allows people to get right down to it. It’s doubly useful because the pandemic has cut off some of the most popular places for finding a date such as parties and concerts from our list of available locations.

You can filter people before meeting them in person

We’ve all had that one date where it’s difficult to gauge what the person will be like from appearance and the first few minutes alone. They could actually be quite an unfavorable pick if we had only known some of their other interests or traits. That allows us to avoid the date altogether which can save us a lot of mental energy we’d otherwise spend with some peculiar people. These include conspiracy theorists, people who are too in love with themselves, or any other person you may personally dislike and would rather not meet on a date. Although it’s impossible to pick them out 100% of the time, they are usually loud enough in their bios to at least give us a hint. There are some recognizable patterns unique to dating sites that could tip you off too. If you are a millennial, we can assume you’ve happened upon such bios either firsthand or by your friend sending it to you. There’s a certain kind of energy those profiles radiate that is basically telling you not to go out with them.



Online dating and services providing it are here to stay. While there are some issues you could run into with them, such as catfishing, it will usually skip out on some boring or downright frustrating parts of dating and let you hop into a new date easily. Millennials have fully figured it out with some of that age group fully leaving their dating to online options. However, it’s hard to say that it’s only them partaking in this type of dating as it grows ever more popular and useful. The quality of these services and the specificity of your search terms increase daily so eventually, you’ll be able to check up an entire slew of details before even looking for a new date.

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