Why Is Online Dating So Hard For Guys?

Dating is a period in courtship when people get to know each other better. Couples visit restaurants, go on holidays and spend time with each other in order to get to know the other person. If their vibes match, they can go on to get married or date each other for a long time. Traditional  courtship involved meeting and approaching people of the opposite sex in public places or at parties. But today, the presence of a large number of matchmaking applications has revolutionized the way in which people meet and spend time with potential partners.

What Are Dating Applications?

A dating site or dating application is a website or mobile application that allows you to meet people that you might be interested in. They have transformed the romantic lives of people because almost any person can have a profile on these sites. Moreover, they are pretty quick, and if you are lucky, you can find a potential match in a matter of just a few days.

These sites are online, so they allow you to meet people from across the globe. Moreover, these sites use the latest developments in technology, like big data and artificial intelligence or AI, to sort and match people’s likes and dislikes. So if you are looking for a potential date or partner, you can go to

Do Men And Women Have Equal Chances Of Success In A Dating Site

Men Garner Less Interest Than Their Female Counterparts


It is a general rule that men garner less interest than women on a dating site. This means that if a man has a profile on a matchmaking site, then his profile will get less interest in the form of messages or right clicks than the profile of a woman. There are many reasons why a man’s profile might evoke less interest.

The most likely reason is that women are very choosy when it comes to dating. Most women set a very high benchmark for the men that they want to date or marry. So they do not pay attention to most of the profiles because they do not match their expectations. For instance, most women set high standards of good locks, professional success, wealth etc., as criteria for dating a man. If a man does not meet any of the above criteria, he does not elicit much interest.

On the other hand, men seem to have a relatively lower benchmark when it comes to dating women. Although most men want good-looking and successful women as their partners, they are more forgiving than women. As a result of this mismatch between expectations and reality, a woman is flooded with messages or potential matches, but a man is not so fortunate.

Since a woman on a matchmaking site gets many messages or right clicks in a day, she might become exhausted while attending to all of them. At times it is possible that a woman is too exhausted or bored by the time she reads a particular man’s message. Thus, even if that man might be a good match, the woman is just too tired or bored to consider that message seriously.

So most guys face a twofold challenge on a dating site. On the one hand, they do not have enough people who are interested in them, and on the other hand, a woman might be too tired by the time they read a man’s messages or see their profile.

Less Experience In Grooming Themselves


Guys have less experience in grooming themselves, and they have a higher preference for keeping things casual. Girls, on the other hand, are very cautious about how they look and how they present themselves in front of potential partners. Also, most girls are more aware of the latest trends in fashion. So the profile of a girl looks much more interesting than the profile of a boy.

A girl will most likely put their best picture in a dating profile. And it is precisely for this reason that a girl’s profile will evoke a better response than a boy’s profile. This difference in grooming ability is visible when a person visits the social media profile of a girl and a boy. A girl usually puts a very interesting profile with fun captions, nice filters and beautiful pictures. Hence a girl’s pictures get more likes and shares than that of a boy’s.

The Rules Of Traditional Dating


The dating scenario has undergone a tremendous change, but many women still believe in the idea of old-school love. Traditionally men are supposed to approach a woman first if he is interested in her. A woman usually responds to a man and never approaches him directly, even if she is genuinely interested in him. As a result of this perceived notion of courtship where a man has to be the first one to show his interest in a woman, online sites become tough for men.

Men May Not Know How To Use The Dating Site

Men find it difficult to navigate and use a dating site because they might know how to use it properly. Most guys join a dating site in a casual manner, and hence they might not know the importance of sharing key information or the value of writing an interesting bio on their profile. Thus, the lack of knowledge about the working of dating sites might hamper a guy’s chances of finding the right partner for him.



Dating and courtship periods are never easy. Most people are self-conscious, and they have a fear of rejection. Shy people have a tough time approaching strangers. And as a rule of thumb, most guys have it harder than girls when it comes to online dating sites. Guys are more casual in life; they do not pay a lot of attention to grooming and presentation; thus, their chances of finding a partner become slim in the online world. Girls, on the other hand, are more presentable and know how to use dating sites.

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