Guys, Here’s How to Make Her Want You Badly

Scientists are still searching for evidence that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but any guy who has been in some sort of relationship doesn’t need proof – he just knows how true that is. It seems like we’re always working on making them desire us but the harder we try, the less result we see. Well, there are some secrets we can share with you – and most of them are simple to live by, whether you’re trying to get a girl’s attention or you’ve found yourself in a deadlock stage in your relationship. Just make sure the woman’s not looking and continue reading.

Expect the unexpected

We all have that feeling that sometimes our girlfriends are trying to pick a fight, and we don’t really know why. Well, it’s more than just a feeling. In any relationship, sometimes one side decides to challenge it in order to feel secure about its strength. We men do it as well, but much less often and we don’t notice it. That’s why when your woman is angry at you and you are left clueless as to the reason, sometimes it’s not you – it’s her.

The ideal solution, the way to “pass the test”, is not to get dragged into it. This is a big challenge, since on one hand you do not want to add fuel to the fire of the argument but on the other hand you don’t need to apologize if you did nothing wrong. The solution? Try to divert the discourse to another direction. Smile. Tell her you appreciate her. Offer to do something romantic together. That way she gets her feeling of security back and you avoid that huge mine.

Yes, you do have to play it ‘hard to get’ sometimes

Let’s bust this myth first: Women are looking for the bad boy all of the time. Women do, however, like to encounter him every once in a while. Why? We have yet to figure out. We can only guess it gives them some kind of a thrill, but don’t take our word for it. That’s why you need to be nasty sometimes, but the real trick is when, why and (most importantly) how much.

When you’re being hard to get, do it with apathy and not with anger. Don’t turn a situation into a fight by accusing or being mean spirited but do make her feel a bit like she needs to put effort into gaining your attention. Try to do it when you see she has the mental strength for it – definitely not, for example, after she’s had a long and hard day. But the number one rule is to know how far you should go with it. You’ll see by her reaction when she’s ‘up for the game’ and at what phase it just irritates her, and that’s when you know you should take your foot off of the gas pedal. Succeeding in doing that right takes time and mastering, but once you’ve got it – well, you’re one step ahead of her game.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

“A kiss on the hand may be quite continental”, sang Carol Channing all the way back in 1949 and it was actually George Harrison (not Madonna) who first determined that “we are living in a material world”. What we’re trying to say with all of this poeticism is that while women don’t always like to admit it, they would like you to express your love with money (and lots of it). It’s not the feminist thing to do, so they won’t say it out loud, but they want you to buy them jewelry, take them to a fancy restaurant, book a vacation, etc.

And you know what? Diamond jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean taking another mortgage on the house. Today there are plenty of options to save on costs without settling for authenticity. One example is the recent trend of clarity enhanced diamonds. This means that a rock with lower levels of clarity is cleansed with laser technology to make it more sparkling and seem much more expensive. And the best part? It doesn’t change the diamond’s structure, meaning that no one can tell. You get a classy looking rock for a price that can suit your pocket. Moreover, online jewelry shops like Best Brilliance and others have good offers and promotions every once in a while worth checking out. We wouldn’t hide that fact from the Missus, though, if she gets the diamond appraised by a professional, she will find out.

The element of surprise

This one is a direct continuation of the last one. Do not, we repeat, do NOT, wait for her birthday/ your anniversary Valentine’s Day to give her some special treatment. Getting her flowers on February 14th is not special. It will arouse gratitude and a good vibe but if you’re looking for passion – surprise her. Buy her a necklace for no apparent reason. Take her out to dinner without scheduling it months in advance.

On the other hand, you do not want to make a habit out of giving and surprising. Don’t do a day at the spa with her every two weeks, because then she’ll start expecting it. The point here is to surprise her with something out of the ordinary and not to develop a routine of expensive gifts and gestures. That is why you should not plan in advance when you buy her a nice pair of earrings but do so when you feel you want to arouse her a bit.

But most importantly…

Igniting her passion takes work. It takes effort. Don’t expect it to happen if you don’t put energy into it. On the other hand, don’t work too hard at it because it will get you opposite results. You’ll find your golden path with your girl and once you do, just stick to it. Yup, that simple.

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