9 Celebrities who are Obsessed with Bitcoins

Earlier, people were hardly aware of the concept of buying cryptocurrencies, but it has gained so much popularity worldwide in the past few years. One of the main reasons why people are going crazy about digital currencies is the influence of celebrities. The number of stars who are investing their wealth in the crypto world is increasing every day.

Celebrities are connected to a massive audience both through their social media accounts as well as offline. Therefore, they have a great potential to convey their knowledge about the crypto coins to their fans. Yet, people who haven’t invested in this trade market start investing by gaining knowledge from their favorite celebrities. This is, in fact, a perfect way of engaging audiences in the crypto trade.

In this article, we will share some of the famous personalities who are actively participating or investing in Bitcoins. You might have already seen some of them obsessing with cryptocurrencies, and some of them might be new for you. Meanwhile, if you are looking for some platform to gain insights into crypto trading, then make sure to check out

Famous Celebrities who own bitcoin

1. Gwyneth Paltrow:

Gwyneth is a famous American actress who rules social media by gaining a lot of attention from her fans. No doubt that the actress gets many questions related to her lifestyle and health care website, but she is equally participating in various other businesses.

In 2017, Paltrow was the face of a popular Bitcoin wallet known as the Abra, and from there, she became a crypto advisor. She even shared an article related to Bitcoin on her Twitter account. This article contains the content in which she has explained all the fundamentals of Bitcoin and how a person can get started by investing in it.

2. Elon Musk:

When we are talking about Bitcoin or any other digital coin, how can we forget the name of Elon Musk? Elon is one of the main reasons why many new investors started investing their money in cryptocurrencies. In 2019, he backed Bitcoin and showed great support towards this digital coin. Due to his support for the BTC, its price has seen many hikes in the past few months.

However, later this year, Elon declared that his company Tesla won’t accept Bitcoin as payment because of some environmental concerns. But this is not it because he is more popular for his well-known love affair with another famous crypto coin, i.e., the Dogecoin. That is why Dogecoin experienced a good hike in the early months of this year.

3. Mike Tyson:

Mike Tyson, the legend of boxing, was one of the first celebrities who believed in the upcoming future of digital currencies. He started showing his support towards cryptocurrencies in early 2015 only when most of us are unaware of this digital world. He also mentioned that he feels great to participate in such a revolution. Later on, in the same year, he joined hands with BTC ATM manufacturers and Bitcoin direct to release a mobile wallet for BTC.

4. Pitbull:

According to the reports, Pitbull was also amongst the earliest celebrities to invest in BTC. He started his investment in BTC in 2012, and later in 2018; he announced that he is soon going to release a digital currency named Smackathon in partnership with eMerge Americas. Pitbull wants to bring a revolution in the payment methods involved in the music industry.

5. Ashton Kutcher:

Another role model who is responsible for popularizing cryptocurrencies is Ashton Kutcher, a famous Hollywood actor. Kutcher has been a big-time fan of the developing blockchains and is also a huge tech investor. According to the reports, he has invested his money in BitBay, a well-known bitcoin exchange. Apart from this, he is also giving good support to a betting platform called Unikrn with the help of his investment venture.

6. Snoop Dogg:

Snoop Dogg started expressing his interest in Bitcoin even before anyone hardly knew about it. In 2013, Snoop showed that he is interested in selling his upcoming music album using Bitcoin as a payment. At that time, he sold each of his albums for 0.3 BTC. And if we compare this price with the current scenario, then it makes approximately $14000.

However, there is no precise data available to know how many albums got sold out at that time. Later on, we have seen Snoop expressing his support towards another cryptocurrency, i.e., the Dogecoin.

7. Mel B:

Mel B is another celebrity who was popularly known as a Spice Girl in her earlier days. She is also counted amongst those celebrities who soon realized the worth of the digital coins in its growing stage only. Mel B accepted BTC as a payment for one of her music albums that got released in 2013. She also passed a statement saying that Bitcoin is one such currency that will unite her fans, and that’s when cryptocurrency became a trend.

8. Madonna:

Madonna, who is well known as the queen of Pop, is another public figure on the list who has been influencing her audience to participate in the crypto trade. She expresses her views regarding digital coins and how convenient they are for secure and most effortless payment. According to the reports, she collaborated with Ripple and Facebook to raise funds for one of her foundations.

9. Lionel Messi:

Lionel Messi has a huge fan base and always makes sure to influence his public in a better way. In 2017, Messi joined Sirin Labs, which is the first company working to produce crypto smartphones, as their brand ambassador. By seeing Messi backing up such an organization, his fans will also get excellent exposure to the crypto world.


We all follow our favorite celebrities on social media. These public figures had a significant impact on the lives of their audience. People generally get influenced by whatever action or step they take in their lives. With the rising trends in cryptocurrency, we have seen many famous personalities supporting digital currencies.

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