The Numbers Game of Fortnite – What it Should Mean for you

We all like to see high scores, high ATM balances, and the maximum number of points you can get on a test. As long as it’s beneficial, seeing numbers increase makes us happy. Of course, there will be times when a smaller number is preferable to a bigger one, like for bills and debts for instance. But generally, higher numbers trump lower ones. Video games are no exception. We like high levels, stats, and the amount of in-game currency owned. The game Fortnite also has these kinds of numbers. Fortnite stats include wins, win rate, kills, the kill to death ratio, and the number of matches played.

Fortnite trackers record all those stats, as well as the time the player has spent on the game. It’s something players and PlayerAuctions would want to see an increase of.

A Quick Explanation of Each Fortnite Stat


Wins are how many matches you’ve won. The win rate is the percentage of how many wins you have compared to how many matches you’ve participated in. Kills are how many players you’ve defeated in the game. Lastly, the kill to death ratio is the average number of kills you get before dying.

While still a concept, the game can show players’ stats after they get eliminated or win. The prototype image shows the following stats:

  • Eliminations (kills)
  • Assists
  • Revives
  • Accuracy
  • Hits
  • Critical Hits
  • Distance Traveled
  • Materials Gathered
  • Materials Used
  • Damage Taken
  • Damage to Players
  • Damage to Structures

It will also show your ranking among the players in the match. Some player suggestions say they want to see the path they took, where they got hit, the locations of their kills, and where they died. Another said they want to see where the circles were during the match.

The idea is to provide immediate insight into your performance in the match. That’s the gist of all these numbers. They tell you how well you’re performing in the game, to an extent.

How Do You Increase Fortnite Stats?


Practice, practice, practice. Getting experience and training your skills will soon increase your number of wins. As that grows, your win rate will also start climbing up. The more you play, the more you start to figure out how to defeat other players in skirmishes. Getting the hang of that increases your kills, and influences your K/D ratio.

Practice will also influence the growth of the post-game stats mentioned above. You’ll learn how to hit more accurately, in turn increasing your hits, normal or critical. Then, that lets you deal more damage, making eliminating other players (or assisting in their elimination) easier.

You can also look to the top players for inspiration on improving yourself. Getting tips and strategies you can adapt to your own playstyle goes a long way. However, you shouldn’t aim to be exactly like them. Find your own style and improve upon it.

Does High Stats Mean Being Good at the Game?


Not necessarily, no. If you check out the stats of the top players of Fortnite, you’d be surprised. Ninja, for example, only has a 35% win rate. However, say a new player gets a lucky winning streak. As a result, he gets a 100% win rate. Does that mean he’s better than Ninja?

It doesn’t necessarily follow, right? The second player has only played for a few hours at best. Ninja has spent months practicing and playing the game. There’s a sense of mastery when you watch the top players play the game. That’s why people agree that they’re the best players of Fortnite.

In this sense, the second set of stats is the better marker of whether you’re good at the game or not. Accuracy, Hits, and Damage Taken are all things you can practice. You’ll see the growth in these areas more evidently than other stats.

Why Should I Care About Them, Then?


They’re a record of your growth as a player. Stats show your strengths and weaknesses. That lets you know what to focus on when you practice. As long as you don’t compare it to others, they’re legit confidence boosters. When you see them increasing, you feel that you’re getting better.


The best you can do is to have fun, and not worry about stats. They’re more of a record and marker than a show of your superiority. So what if you have many wins in Squads? If your teammates just carried you through the match, can you really say that was a win for you? Not to say that you shouldn’t play those modes. You should only be wary of relying on these stats as the basis for a player’s skill. The more important skills in the game aren’t ones that can be quantified with a number. Can you assign a number to tactics and strategies? How about the sense of the map grid for building? Stats aren’t everything.

There will always be someone better. Don’t aim to become ‘perfect’. Aim to become better than you were before. Comparing yourself to your old self is the best way to see your progress. Stats are a convenient tool for comparison, but in the end, it shouldn’t be your bottom line.

Fortnite stats trackers are handy tools to use if you want to know other players’ stats or your own. Just search for the username of the player you want to check.

Remember to keep enjoying Fortnite!

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