How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Become‌ ‌a‌ ‌Pro-Gamer‌ ‌in‌ ‌7‌ ‌Easy‌ ‌Steps‌ ‌

Are you one of those people who spend their days watching YouTube channels of professional gamers and secretly wish your job was like that? Would you give up those eight hours of working time in a company where you earn badly and spend all day in front of the computer, in a comfortable armchair with a cold beer in hand and some snacks? Sounds perfect, right? But if you thought the road to it was easy – beep! – you’re wrong. Lots of reviewed streams, exercises, and hours spent in the room stand behind it. Professional gaming requires a true commitment that ultimately results in numerous advantages and true enhancement. Today, there’re many popular gaming channels on YouTube and you need to know the right way to stand out among all of them. You don’t even need to record – but you can be one of the best.

Every game lover must have once wondered how to become professional, improve their skills, competitive spirit and teamwork and enter the competition of the best. Your competence depends on all this. In the text that follows, we reveal to you how you can achieve that in a few steps. Find out what you need to do to get to the very top and put yourself in the opposite role from the one you’re currently in.


Have a good reason why you want it

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This, as well as all other life decisions and situations, requires motivation whose role is to move you when you need that. When you do things in life that you don’t like because of money, contrition comes very quickly. That’s enough of a reason for you to think again if that’s what you want.

If money is what drives you, you better give up on time. But if you love e-sports and are a fan of competitions, those reasons sound better – as no one could ever guarantee that you can make money playing. Everything goes more smoothly in case you’re driven by the good feeling that arises when you make a personal contribution to a team game –  that’s when you know you’re doing the right thing. 


Pick one game where you are the best


You’ll agree that it’s rarely possible for a person to be equally good in multiple fields. When people decide to try it, they usually quickly realize that they were wrong and that they should have focused on only one thing. We recommend it in this case as well.

Maybe you should try to opt for the one that suits you best. Identify with a particular genre or theme because only the best and unique players will find their place under the gaming sun. The choice is huge and some of the most common types are first-person shooters games, represented by a Counter-Strike, then real-time strategies, and multiplayer online battle arenas.


Get quality equipment

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Problems in terms of technical equipment during the game can lead to everything else falling into the water. Speed is a key factor in this case and without it, you lose the advantage over competitors. You can look at this from another angle. Let the mouse and keyboard be your teammates and an important help on the road to success.

Considering that your hand will be in the same position all day, try to prevent pain with a good choice of the mouse and also find the appropriate mouse pad. The mouse should be accurate and fast as well. 

Especially with war games, although others are no exception, it’s crucial that you can hear even the quietest sounds to be aware if someone approaches you, so it’s important to get headphones that produce quality sound. We won’t talk much about the processor and motherboard, as you probably know that they shouldn’t be overloaded if they’re of average quality, so try to get a stronger PC.


Practice, practice and just practice all the time


In order to achieve a certain level of skills and reach the role of those whose knowledge and advice are required, it takes hours and hours of practice. You can do this in two ways – with the help of a more experienced friend, or watching streams and tutorials on your own. Ups and downs are expected but why would you let it demotivate you?

Try to master some basic techniques. It’s recommended that you avoid memorizing because every new part of the game comes with novelties. As is the case with Modern Warfare boosting in the Call of duty and you can always read more about it if you’re interested and easily master them using logic. 


Connect with other players

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To provide yourself with the right experience, it would be good to try to connect with other passionate players. In that way, you’ll be given the opportunity to see the attitudes and skills of others, how they do it and what their style of playing is. The first advantage is reflected in socializing as one of the main beauties of professional gaming (and the second advantage) is the fact that you’ll learn a lot from them that could come in handy to you and later be able to transfer that knowledge to those who are just joining.

Once you realize that you want to join the network, you can do it in several ways. One of them is entering the forums where they gather. Make contacts thanks to chats in games and social networks. While playing, it will mean the help of those who have the same goal and more experience.


Find a way to attract attention if you want to stream


Once you decide you want to become a professional player who’ll maybe have the opportunity to present their skills live to others, you need to find the best way to do it. Attracting an audience is not such a simple task. Providing a large number of reviews and followers will determine the fate of your channel and is crucial for gaining competitiveness on already sufficiently overwhelmed networks.

The key thing is to be present on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. By creating fan pages, you will advertise, announce to everyone that you exist, and direct them to the right web address. You can’t immediately expect to become part of TSM or Fnatic, but hey, so much space for progress.


Research techniques and strategies

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Engagement in free-time research on this topic would be advisable. Investing a little time in watching the tutorial and analyzing the moves of the more experienced player is necessary on the way to the top. Why not take advantage of the availability of YouTube and influencers and help yourself?

A great idea to climb a new ladder is to always be up to date with the best techniques and strategies used. Of course, no one is stopping you from spicing it all up by adding your own ideas that will further improve the whole thing. You could study weapons, as well as how to fight the most dangerous ones.

Whether you see yourself only as a pro gamer or also as a streamer, these tips might be a true guide for you in many ways. The years will pass until you earn the epithet of a professional, a lot of effort, and time spent in a chair, but with persistence, your skills will pay off sooner than you think.

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