How to Recover Gambling Losses in 5 Easy Steps

Nearly 3% of the entire global population have problems with gambling addiction. Some players bet on responsibility and others throw themself in large stakes, consume all their budget and make deposits after deposits until they remain without money.

This last category is at high risk of becoming gambling-addicted. If you have been there too, there are lots of solutions to recover from these losses. Read the following informative article and learn more about the recovery process from gambling in 5 steps.

When can gamble become an addiction?

Gambling becomes an addiction when you can not control your spendings any longer at your favorite operators like It’s quite difficult to keep a keen eye on your losses while playing games like slots, blackjack, poker, baccarat. You can spend your budget in a few minutes and want to make a deposit and play again. Some people do that until they have no money for their most important spendings. That includes paying the rent, bills, food, and so on.

When you play online, scroll down the casino page you fancy and read the responsible gambling policy. Pay attention to it and even take the gambling questionnaire. If you answer yes on many questions, it means that you are one step away from becoming gambling-addicted. Track your answer and start the healing process fast and easily. In the next paragraphs, we will debate more about the possible treatment and how it works. Before that, you should know which are some of the questions we talked about earlier.

  • Do you spend all your money on gambling?
  • Do you feel a massive rush to gamble more when you lose?
  • Do you hide your gambling addiction from your family and friends?
  • Do you take loans to gamble?
  • Are there any changes in your behavior while gambling?
  • Do you feel better when you gamble?

Is treatment for gambling addiction difficult?

The treatment for gambling addiction is quite difficult for those who don’t want to admit their problem. But, gamblers that are aware of it recover faster and easier than the others. The treatment is different for everyone and usually comes with lifestyle changes. In severe cases, medications are required. Some of the most effective treatments are to be the ones created for the inpatient and outpatient players. Some treatments need a specialist. Let’s talk a little bit about them below.

Inpatient and Outpatient Player Treatment

There are lots of facilities created especially for inpatient and outpatient players. For instance, the inpatient gambler is the one that can not pass over an offline or online casino without gambling or investing money after money. They are impulsive and need a break. Depending on how bad their situation is, they have to stay in a rehabilitation facility for 1 to 12 months.

The outpatient player isn’t as difficult as the inpatient player. Punters like that can attend some courses and learn how to fight their addiction. They can talk with other people that share the same problem and participate in group sessions.

Specialized Treatment

If you don’t want to go to a facility or group sessions, you can take this problem to a specialist. Search for a great psychologist and get an appointment as soon as possible. Once you find him/her, make sure to explain everything that happens to you since gambling and how you get to that point.

How people get over gambling addiction

From our point of view, people get over gambling addiction in different ways. When you see that you can no longer control your budget, the casino will give you some options like imposing some deposit limits, taking a break, or closing your account permanently. How do they work? Check the next list and read more here.

  • Impose a deposit limit – enter your casino account and select the banking menu or scroll down the operator page until you find the responsible gambling policy. Select your deposit limits – it means to choose the maximum budget allowed to play per day/week or month
  • Take a small break – apart from imposing your deposit limits, casinos encourage people to take a small break whenever they feel it’s necessary. You can close your account temporarily (for a week, a day, or 3-6 months)
  • Close your account permanently – when you feel like it’s harder and harder to control your gambling spendings, talk with the casino support team and ask them to close your account permanently

How to stop gambling addiction

As hard as it looks to stop gambling addiction, as simple as it is to do it. Start with a new mindset and try to do other activities. Go to work, find other jobs that are suitable for you, take a walk in the park or read books. Do anything that works for you and get your mind out gambling for a while. Just remember that:

  • Gambling is entertaining and it depends on you luck
  • You should be aware that you can not earn money each time you play in an offline or online casino
  • Gambling is a fun activity and it’s not a job
  • You can win fortunes or lose all your money in seconds
  • Keep a keen eye on your budget and don’t invest more money when you lose a lot

How to help other people

If you don’t have anything to do with gambling but you know other people that have a serious issue with that, you may want to help them. Try to have a heart-to-heart conversation and explain to him/her what they could possibly do to get over this problem. Recommend them to ask for someone’s help, no matter if it’s family or a psychologist.

Ask them to be more careful with their spendings and advise them to set a deposit limit or to take a break from gambling if it’s necessary. Overall you should be there for your friend in need. Show support and understanding, be their resistance pillar, and help them to get over this addiction.


At one point, each one of us has been or was close enough to be a gambling addict. This problem starts from our brain and it can be easily solved even in severe cases. Choose to talk with your loved ones, and ask for a specialist if necessary.

Also, control your budget and take a break when you can not handle gambling any longer. Do not forget that casino games are exclusively created for fun and they should be entertaining. So, when you lose, don’t make extra investments.

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