Video Poker Games by RealTime Gaming

RealTime Gaming is among the most popular casino software companies. Since its inception in 1998, this company has risen as an online casino software developer to become one of the top industry players. Today, more than 70 online casinos use software from this company. Moreover, video poker games are some of the significant products from RealTime Gaming. Most gamers know casinos powered by this company because of their lucrative sign-up bonuses and acceptance of gamblers from the U.S and other parts of the world.

About Video Poker

Most gamblers know that video poker is a simple game. When playing this game, you select your bet, and then you’re dealt five cards. From these cards, you pick the ones to hold and the ones to discard. Finally, the player is dealt additional cards to complete their hand. The video poker machine determines and reveals the payout instantly if the gambler forms a paying hand. Then, the game initiates another round, where the gambler starts by selecting another bet. However, a player may decide to quit at that moment.

Most online casinos have many variants of this game. And video poker variants can differ in terms of denominations and types. Additionally, each video poker variant has different pay schedules.

Modern video poker is a 52-card game, meaning 2,598,960 hands may be dealt. But managing this number becomes easier after considering the duplicates. For example, a hand with 5h, 5s, 5d, and 3s is different from another with 5h, 5s, 3h, and 3d. However, a gambler plays both hands the same way.

Nevertheless, a gambler should learn to play all 2,598,960 hands if they want to win a video poker game. For beginners, this might not seem easy. However, seasoned gamblers know it’s something simple.

Another thing to note is that video poker game offers a single betting interval. So once a gambler has placed a bet, they have joined the game, and they can only leave once it ends. And this differentiates video poker from blackjack and live poker.

Video poker uses a computer algorithm to determine the cards dealt a player. This Random Number Generator algorithm ensures fairness in a well-shuffled deck, and the algorithm has statistical measures for determining its randomness. Nevertheless, your priority as a video poker beginner is learning how to play different variants of this game.

RTG’s Video Poker Games Overview

RealTime Gaming has a wide range of video poker games, including bonus and standard variants. These games provide several ways for a player to win big. For example, some video poker games automatically hold better hands, like the “2” in the Deuces Wild. However, RTG games do not do this, making them a better option by eliminating the possibility of making an error. Also, most RTG video poker games allow the gambler to double whenever they win.

The basis of Bonus video poker games from RealTime Gaming is Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. Although these games are almost the same, their payouts are slightly different. Most of these games provide better payouts to players that hit four-of-a-kind. However, they give a lower payout to compensate for this in lower hands. Also, some video poker games by RealTime Gaming have better payouts for a higher four-of-a-kind hand or depending on the card that comes with the four-of-a-kind.

Popular Video Poker Games by RTG

RealTime Gaming casinos feature a wide variety of video poker games from this casino software developer. Gamblers can play several hands at once, with options like 100-play, 52-play, 10-play, and 3-play alongside the 1-play standard in some of these games. The first five cards are the standard in this game. However, a draw takes place several times.

As hinted, RealTime Gaming video poker games give the player the option to double every time. And a gambler can do this several times with every win. However, individual casinos set their payouts. Therefore, RTG video poker house edge can vary.

Overall, video poker games by RealTime Gaming come with pretty solid graphics. Many players across ages love these games. Perhaps, that’s because these games don’t require a complex strategy to win. Also, their generous payouts and fantastic odds endear them to many gamblers.

Since RTG video poker games have different denominations and bets, every gamer can try their luck at them. All gamblers do is select a video poker game they are comfortable playing and indulge in its exciting gameplay.

RealTime Gaming casinos offer different video poker variations. Consequently, you can easily find a video poker variant meeting your demands in terms of payout, rules, and action. Perhaps, the reason for this developer’s increasing demand for video poker games is the company’s concentration on exceeding the gamblers’ expectations. What’s more, this company has always launched fascinating video poker variants.

While video poker games have several similarities, and a player can win by applying one basic strategy in all of them, you should familiarize yourself with some details before indulging in them. Some casinos have the same paytable for video poker games. However, RTG presents a little different situation, with each casino setting its betting limits. Moreover, each casino determines players’ winnings depending on the paytable, without relying on the other RTG casinos. Here are the video poker games by RealTime Gaming that you can find at Red Dog casino.

Bonus Poker Deluxe

Bonus Poker Deluxe is one of the most popular RTG video poker games. When playing this game, you follow the rules you can apply to the conventional Jacks or Better. The goal is to have a hand making you eligible for an award. A player with a Royal Flush gets the top reward, while a double option allows the player to boost their winnings as long as they select a higher ranking card than a face-up card.

Joker Poker

When playing Joker Poker by RTG, a gambler is dealt five cards, with the freedom to select the card to keep and the ones to discard as they try to get a better hand. When you click on the Deal icon, the machine replaces the cards you’ve opted to discard with new ones. The game determines the payout depending on the paytable.

Joker Poker is slightly different from the other variants because it includes a joker, acting as the wild card. This card enables a gambler to make other winning hands, and the machine reshuffles the cards at the beginning of every round. The Royal Flush gets a player the highest payout while a pair of Kings has the lowest payout.

Pick ’em Poker

Pick ’em Poker by RealTime Gaming is also the same as Jacks or Better. But this game is slightly different because a gambler is dealt four cards. In Jacks or Better, a gambler is dealt five cards. This game doesn’t allow gamblers to discard their first two cards from the left side to the right. Instead, the machine includes them in the last hand. The player decides whether to discard or keep the other two cards. The game replaces the cards that a gambler discards with new ones, after which it determines the game’s outcome.

Double Double Jackpot

Double Double Jackpot by RealTime Gaming is a multi-coin variation of video poker in which gamblers play with 100 hands. All hands are dealt in a central area, and the machine displays the payout on the left side. This game requires the player to have at least one Jacks’ pair to get an award. And the Royal Flush is the highest-paying combination.

Double Double Jackpot differs from the other video poker variations in one way. Ideally, the machine segregates the four-of-a-kind cards according to the fifth card. Among the options that players take advantage of when playing this game include adjusting the screen mode, sound, and speed.

Sevens Wild

Sevens Wild video poker by RealTime Gaming is suitable for any gambler wanting to try something unique. If used to playing draw or traditional poker, you should try Sevens Wild. The basis of this game is classic video poker. However, Sevens Wild has a Seven-card, acting as a wild. While this poker variant is not popular like Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better, it is good to try it. Its betting rules and card discarding and holding are the same. Nevertheless, being dealt the Seven-card is the best thing for a gambler when playing this game.

Loose Deuces

Regardless of how often you gamble, you must realize that 2’s are not favorite cards for any player. Thus, most gamblers try to avoid them as much as possible. But, things are different with Loose Deuces.

In this game, the gambler aims to gather as many two’s as possible. That’s because 2’s are the wilds in this card, granting the gambler the highest payouts. When playing this game, a gambler starts by determining their bet amount. After that, the machine prompts them to select the cards to keep and the ones to discard. Finally, the game replaces the cards that a gambler discards with a new set. And the game’s outcome depends on the winning combinations that the player forms.

Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights is also a popular video poker game from RealTime Gaming. The basis of this game is also Jacks or Better, although it has a more generous paytable as long as the gambler hits four-of-a-kind.

When playing Aces and Eights, the gambler aims to make the best possible hand from the ten cards they are dealt upon placing a wager. The machine displays the first hand with five cards once a gambler presses the Deal button.

After that, the gambler decides on the number of cards to retain and the ones to discard. Finally, clicking on the draw button prompts the machine to replace the cards the gambler dumps with another set. If a player wins, the game allows them to use the gamble feature, doubling their winnings.

A player must get a pair of Jacks to compensate for their bet. And any combination can recoup for the wager and get the gambler a profit.

All American Poker

Both experienced gamblers and beginners can play All American video poker by RealTime Gaming. This game’s popularity has risen over the years. Today, you can find this game in most online casinos with exciting options.

Perhaps, the player-friendly paytable of this game is the reason for its popularity. This paytable enables every gambler to complete a gaming session with a significant payout. This game offers a reduced payout to players for Full House and Two Pairs.

Since All American video poker is a one-hand game, a player starts by adjusting the bet amount. Placing a higher bet boosts your chances of getting a solid award.

Jacks or Better

Most video poker variations’ basis is Jacks or Better. Therefore, most people define Jacks or Better as Straight video poker. It’s only a few twists of the rules that differentiate it from regular video poker games.

This game allows a gambler to play a minimum of 1 credit, after which they are dealt five cards. After that, a gambler decides their next move. For instance, they can hold more cards while discarding those they think won’t enable them to form a winning combination. The highest-paying hand is the Royal Flush, while Jacks or Better pays the least amount.

Bonus Deuces Wild

Gamblers play Bonus Deuces Wild with five cards. The player decides on the cards to keep and the ones to discard. In this game, the 2’s are the wilds that help a gambler get a higher payout, particularly the five-of-a-kind.

Deuces Wild

If you’re a seasoned gambler, you know that Deuces Wild is different from the other video poker variations. And RealTime Gaming’s Deuces Wild is not exceptional. In this game, the Deuces substitute the other cards, helping the gambler to get an award.

When a player gets deuces, they stand a chance to make a great poker hand. Thus, Deuces Wild offers a twist that makes a preference for many gamblers. In addition to the wild deuces, a player has five-of-a-kind at their disposal. The paytable requires the player to have at least a three-of-a-kind to get a prize. Qualifying for a payout gives the gambler a chance to double their winnings. And this requires the player to select a card whose value is higher than that of the face-up card.

Mystery Bonus

Like most video poker games, the basis of Mystery Bonus by RealTime Gaming is Jacks or Better. Ideally, these games have similar rules. The machine selects a hand type in every round randomly. If the gambler gets the chosen hand type, they get a special bonus. Only RealTime Gaming users get the exclusive Mystery Bonus.

Double Deluxe

In this RealTime Gaming video poker version, gamblers play ten hands of five cards. The higher bonus payout comprises any four-of-a-kind combination. Jacks or Better starts the paytable. The winning combinations are queens, jacks, aces and kings, three-of-a-kind, a full house, two pairs, straight, straight flush, four-of-a-kind, and a Royal flush. The Royal Flush pays the highest amount of 4000 coins.

This game uses a 52-card deck that reshuffles every hand. A player can select a bet amount of 1 to 5 coins in every hand. The game deck gives the player five coin denominations from which to choose. The maximum bet provides the gambler with a chance to get the highest payout. For instance, getting a Royal Flush with one coin wins a gambler 250 coins. However, a Royal Flush with five coins earns the gambler 4000 coins.

Double Jackpot

Double Jackpot video poker by RealTime Gaming has a little cramped playing grid. This game comes with five different four-of-a-kinds in the paytable. The machine also doubles the payouts on the combinations. For example, a gambler wins on a Jacks or Better pair, 3-of-a-kind, two pair, full house, four-of-a-kind K-Q-J, four-of-a-kind Aces, Straight flush, four-of-a-kind Aces and K-Q-J kicker, and a Royal Flush.

This game uses a 52-card deck that reshuffles every hand. A gambler can bet between 1 and 5 coins for every hand. The machine gives the gambler five-card denominations, and the maximum bet pays the highest amount.

This double jackpot video poker uses a hundred hands grid. The gamer is dealt five cards face-up, with the bottom hand showing the starting card. A player can discard or hold any number of cards to form the highest winning combination. Every hand has its 52-card deck, with each containing the same cards. Players are dealt other cards in every round from their decks, each receiving a payout for the highest combination.

What to Expect from Video Poker by RealTime Gaming

Any gambler wants to be confident that they are playing video poker with high-quality software. That means the video poker games they play are secure, bug-free, and have fantastic sounds and graphics. These are the primary criteria seasoned gamers use to select the games to play at an online casino.

RealTime Gaming seems to know this because their video poker variants fit the bill. This company has developed many video poker titles from which a gambler can select their favorite games. So whether you prefer classics like Sevens Wild and Jacks or Better or modern games with a slight twist, you will find fantastic video poker games for your ultimate enjoyment.

RTG video poker games come with excellent graphics. Some of these variants have some realism elements because the lights, cards, and sounds remind gamblers of their live counterparts. Most people love gambling due to the great atmosphere in a brick-and-mortar casino. RTG video poker designers have captured this setting and replicated it for online gamblers. In addition, these games come with easy, streamlined, and clean screens for beginners and veterans to enjoy and understand.

The company allows the casinos to determine their paytable details regarding RTG video poker payout percentages. That means that every online casino decides on the payout percentage for every title in their lobby. Although this can make judging the overall payout percentages for RTG video poker across the board, players can read paytables on casino sites.

Nevertheless, don’t stop trying different video poker machines because that’s the best way to identify the game that suits your gambling needs. Moreover, trying several video poker by RTG games will enable you to identify adequate numbers to work with for every gambling session. RealTime Gaming knows that gamblers have varying needs. Therefore, the company provides a wide range of video poker games to cater to every player’s gambling needs.

Selecting the Casino to Play RTG Video Poker

RealTime Gaming is not involved in the regulation of online casinos that feature its video poker games. Ideally, RTG is an online gaming software developer or supplier. Therefore, you’re responsible for doing due diligence to select the online casino where you can play RTG video poker.

To select the best casino site to play video poker by RTG, check online reviews by other gamblers. You can also sign up at a casino and then try playing the demo versions of these games. That means you can try an online casino without loading your account with money.

Additionally, read the terms and conditions and the casino’s privacy policy that claims to have video poker games by RealTime Gaming before signing up and disclosing financial and personal information.

Ideally, ensure that a casino where you play RTG’s video poker has a license from the relevant authorities in the jurisdiction where it operates. Nevertheless, RealTime Gaming supplies software to reputable online casinos. But take your time to determine whether a casino suits your gambling need. That means researching the casino extensively before spending money on the available video poker games.

Final Thoughts

Video poker games by RealTime Gaming present a higher quality in their graphics, sounds, bonuses, and payouts. What’s more, this gaming software developer offers a wide array of titles from which a gambler can select the game to play depending on their needs. Nevertheless, gamblers should choose reputable casinos to enjoy playing different RTG video poker games safely.

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