Can You Naturally Be Good at Video Games or You Need to Practice

The video games industry has been on the rise for more than a couple of decades, and the contemporary trend does not seem to be going anywhere else but sky-high in the future. Since the older technologies are getting better and the new ones come out on a daily basis, it comes as no wonder more and more people invest their time and money into being a part of this ever-evolving story that once seemed to be nothing more than an illusion. So, the not-so-easy question we will try to discuss today is whether someone can naturally be good at video games or they need to practice to improve their gaming skills. Thus, read the following lines and see what facts have to say.

Game Types

Since there are so many genres and subgenres of video games it is actually quite hard to tell whether it is a pure talent or the hard work that delivers the most optimal results. Namely, it was almost unimaginable that you would be capable of playing a version of your favorite video games anywhere else from video games clubs, while today you can fit nearly any video game you can think of within your pocket. That brings us to the conclusion that playing different video games imply different means of playing, therefore if one is considered to be an expert in a game such as Mortal Combat playing it on a PC or a game console, it would be silly to compare it to a person being successful playing the game of the same title on their mobile device.


A prerequisite to playing any video game is to have a device where you enjoy your favorite title with ease. It is funny how certain individuals spend fortunes on gaming equipment while others manage how they can. It is out of the question if certain pieces such as a gaming chair or a hi-fi headset can improve your gaming experience, but they are not essential and do not influence the game itself that much. On the other hand, a quality graphics card and a powerful processor are considered essential parts of any gaming machine. It is what enables you to play any game smoothly and to show how good at playing particular games you actually are.


The same goes for different genres of video games. Namely, you could be the most experienced MMORPG player in the world, but the chances that you would be able to manifest the same level of proficiency playing a first-person shooter game are equal to zero. Therefore, we can conclude that various video game types require you to develop different gameplaying skills, which can, but do not necessarily have to be applicable to a range of different video game genres. Therefore, if an individual has above-average management skills, they would definitely be able to find their way more easily in a strategy game than the one who has no idea about how to handle available resources. On the other hand, if you have better reflexes than someone, you could say that you are better equipped for a genre that requires you to react as quickly as possible, such as a shooting game where your life depends on how fast you click.


Although you might have the initial advantage at playing some video games, there is no way that you will be able to deal with higher-ranking players solely because you can click fast or figure out how to efficiently use available resources. It is also important to mention that in modern times, it is not only you who needs proper training, but also your character. If you want to find more about how to train and level up your character and increase your chances of showing who the boss is, visit and gather all the necessary info there, while we try to explain the predispositions of a player in charge. Namely, it is not questionable if the practice will make you a better player at any game. The only question that arises is how much of your time you are willing to sacrifice to become more efficient.

Bots or Realtime Opponents

Another thing that is crucial to be mentioned is whether you are playing against computer bots or real persons. Since bots are programed, you should eventually learn about their moving patterns and the decisions they most frequently make, so you could say there is always a predictable way to beat a bot. It does not mean that you cannot become better by playing against AI, but the true challenge is to play with others with whom you might test your true proficiency. Since other human players are unpredictable, you can count on them to be the true test of your ability. That is why there are leagues and rankings in any online game so you can either compare your results with the ones showing the same skill as yourself or even challenge them to a duel and do the things the old-fashioned way.

(Un)fair and Square

While there are games where you can solely rely on your skill and the time you invest in them in order to achieve something, there are other games that claim to be free, while in reality, they ask money for additional features not everyone can, or does not want to, pay. While this approach to providing a game is totally valid, since numerous games would not even exist if there were not for this type of financing, it is not ideal for the players who are not willing to give their money up so they could access certain privileges. Unfortunately, a vast majority of players are not aware of this until they are deeply involved in the game, so they end up either feeding the stronger players or they leave the game out of disappointment. When games, as described above, are in question, neither talent nor practice will make you eligible to achieve greatness.

Since the answer to the question of our today’s debate is not as unambiguous as we would like, we have tried to get you to know different aspects which could affect the conclusion. In a nutshell, the simplified answer would be yes, but the initial advantage one might have means nothing. The point is you need to devote years and years of your time to gather the experience that would put you in front of your competition.

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