6 Hidden TikTok Video Tips & Tricks You Need to Try

Do you love making TikTok videos? If yes, you might want to learn some hidden tips and tricks. Well, you are in the right place. We have prepared this article to share some tips to get better at TikTok. Everyone on this platform wants to become famous. However, that is not possible if you don’t know new techniques to make videos. Your videos should be unique. Otherwise, no one will like to follow your account.

The TikTok community is growing at a faster rate than ever. People love to watch others’ content and also shoot videos. It all depends on the user’s preferences. Nowadays, it has become more convenient for people to learn about this video-sharing platform. You will find various websites that assist beginners who have just started using TikTok. One can also take inspiration from other creators. You can download the audio and videos on It is one of the best sites for TikTok users.

You will never get disappointed after using their services. Many people begin their TikTok journey without researching. It is because they think that it is not necessary. In reality, researching might be beneficial for everyone who is planning to create their account. Otherwise, you will face various problems in the future. You might be curious to learn hidden tips and tricks to increase your followers on TikTok. So, let’s not waste any more time and get started with the same.

Which hidden TikTok tips and tricks are you missing out on being a user?

If you think that you can become popular on this platform without good content, you are wrong. Creators work hard to achieve their goals, and you have to do the same if you want to become famous. Also, note that hard work means nothing without intelligent work. You have to learn some essential things before creating content for your account. The following tips will help you a lot in your journey to becoming a good content creator.

1. Download your favorite creator’s videos


The best method to begin your TikTok journey is by looking at someone else’s work. You might be wondering why you need to do it. Well, it is because you will know what kind of content people watch and prefer.

Also, note that taking inspiration doesn’t mean you will start copying them. You are allowed to take an idea but not copy the video. It is not complex to download a creator’s video as various sites assist you with it. There is only one condition- their account should be public. It is not possible to download them without a link. In this way, you can quickly get it from a reliable website.

2. Hide your videos

Another effective trick is that you can now hide your videos. Isn’t it amazing? So, one can say that you can improve your account by removing bad-quality content. It also keeps your account free from security issues. Cyberattacks have become more common in the past few years.

You will quickly find an option to hide your content on your profile. Then, you can select which ones you want to remove from your profile. The best thing about hiding them is that they will not get deleted permanently. You can still get access to them whenever you want to.

3. Add to favorites


A unique feature of this platform is that you can add your favorite videos and sounds. Well, there is more on the list. You can also bookmark hashtags, filters, music effects, and more. In this way, whenever you will make content, you don’t have to struggle a lot while finding sounds, effects, and more. Other applications or platforms do not give such features to the creators. Due to this, they have to waste a lot of time and energy on the same.

4. Screen time management

Sometimes, it is hard to resist watching videos on TikTok. You might have faced this problem while using it. So, what can you do? Now, you can restrict yourself from binge-watching through screen time management. It is a new as well as a unique feature. It depends on you how much time you want to use. You will see some time limits in terms of minutes on it. All you have to do is select a suitable one.

Social media is indeed a valuable tool for people. However, the problem arises when someone uses it excessively. Nowadays, you might have seen children getting obsessed with various platforms. They spend hours and hours watching exciting content, and it affects their studies as well. One can stop it with some restrictions.

5. A better experience with restricted mode


Restricted mode gives users the benefit of getting appropriate content. You might already know that many people use this platform to showcase their talent. Unfortunately, some creators do not make suitable videos. Well, you don’t need to worry.

They provide an option. It is called restricted mode. If you turn it on, you will see only those videos that you prefer to watch. Some users don’t have any idea about this option. Most of them decide to delete their account because of the same. It is always better to search for various features before making this move.

6. Filters and games

These are the two main things that attract people the most. You can discover as many filters as you can on the platform. Some are useful while editing videos. It might take some time to find a suitable one. But you will get it according to your preferences and requirements. It won’t be an issue for you. As for games, there are plenty of options for you. You can play whatever you like. There are no restrictions on playing a particular game.

The Bottom Line

From the above information, we would like to say that TikTok offers many features to its users. Still, some people don’t know about them. Due to this, they lack optimism in using it. We hope this article helped you in understanding all of them in detail.

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