5 Tips and Tricks to help you Master the Genshin Impact Video Game

Genshin Impact has entered the video gaming scene relatively recently and ever since its release the game has been attracting millions of players into its fantastical world. The initial draw being the fact that the game is completely free to play. The game isn’t exceptionally demanding either, being capable of running on mid-tier devices with no problems.

On top of that, the game has become available on most platforms, making it even easier to get into. This means that there will be a lot of people who wish to engage and get good at the game coming in. For the sake of giving a mix of newbie and advanced advice, we’ve selected some tidbits of knowledge that you should know when playing Genshin Impact.

1. Explore

The world of Genshin Impact is huge. The time it will take you to explore it is long as well, especially with constant new updates coming out. Not only is it huge in size, but the staggering amount of content within it also extends the potential playtime. As you explore you will find various collectibles and secrets throughout the world. The sudden encounters add some spice to the constant walking and collectible picking, with the switch of beasts you fight giving a lot more freshness to the exploration.

Players should take the time in each area to find chests that can grant them useful boons. There are even flowers that require elemental magic to be used on them before being picked up and while those may seem as simple, side collectibles they are actually useful for future quests. Some players may get lost with so much to explore.

Thankfully, Genshin Impact has a map you can use to orient yourself and make sure you aren’t going in circles. If you want even more guidance, dropping markers can provide you with ample directions that will help you chart your path.  In case you’d rather leave a part of the exploring out, such as finding all chests or collecting all 131 Geoculus, consider using lfcarry to skip it. They offer help with some events as well as adventure rank boosting so you should be covered for any bits you don’t feel like playing.

2. Learn how to travel faster

While exploring, we wish to cover ground fast. Either due to having little time to engage the world right now or simply because there’s nothing new to do in our vicinity. To do so, we’d usually resort to the standard holding of the sprint button. However, it is much faster to tap the sprint button until a dash animation triggers, releasing the button and dashing again.

This type of movement doesn’t only speed us up but reduces our stamina consumption too. Stamina is a very important resource in Genshin Impact, especially when it comes to travel. If we just held down sprint our stamina would drain out quickly, resulting in constant stop and start situations. With the dashing practice, we are able to keep the momentum going consistently and keep going.

There are some characters in Genshin Impact that have the ability to bunny hop. This gives them vertical reach during movement, allowing you to traverse minor obstacles with ease. More importantly, bunny hopping can be spammed providing you with a quick solution to traversing higher vertical terrain. Even if you hit that last drop of stamina your character can still bunny hop, allowing you to keep climbing as long as you spam jump.

3. Make use of iFrames to evade damage


Whether it’s a simple combat encounter while exploring or a dungeon, managing the damage you take is key. In other games, the task of keeping mobs under control would be the responsibility of a tank. While there is some standard party structure advice we’ll go into later, keep in mind that there’s no proper tank in Genshin Impact. Instead, you evade damage by dashing.

The dashing animation possesses a couple of iframes. These iframes, alternatively called invulnerability frames or invincibility frames, form a small window of time during which your character cannot be damaged by any attack. However, it requires good timing too. Dashing right as the attack hits is a guaranteed way to avoid damage that may compromise your current fight otherwise. While healers are always there to keep carries topped off, it’s always easier to simply not require healing.

Learn dodging on smaller enemies first and then switch up to bigger ones. Try to avoid every type of move until you get good at timing the dash right. After that, you’ll be capable of nullifying most damage done by enemies. Additionally, some of the other moves possess iframes too. Experiment with your team and figure out which moves allow you to avoid damage, it could help you in a pinch.

4. Repeat pulls are useful

While in most other gacha games you’d be distraught by drawing into the same character again, in Genshin Impact there’s ample use from drawing copies. The benefit being that the first six copies unlock constellations for the character. These constellations can vary in utility, giving new effects to characters. Even characters that at first seem mediocre can get far better with a proper constellation.

As constellations unlock and level up you’ll start to see a lot more purpose for those characters you might’ve initially dismissed. Not only that, they could prove insanely powerful once you get your constellation effects and passives stacked up. Basically, drawing the same character can be beneficial. Of course, if you get the constellation you like early you’ll probably still find repeat pulls annoying but we encourage you to read through these constellations and revise if there are some engaging ones that you might’ve skipped initially.

Even if you’ve pulled every possible constellation, the repeat pulls will award you with enough currency to make another wish.

5. Use external maps

While exploring, learning as you go, and building yourself up is fun, there are some things that we’d rather skip over. One such is learning locations of resources. This is why we use outside maps to skip some of the resource gathering grind.

The currently available regions already require a ton of time to explore and remembering the location of every place is difficult even if you use your markers.

The outside sources will help you by mapping out all required resources without having you spend ages going through each part of the map. While some may scoff at this it is a very useful way to skip some of the more boring bits such as searching for specific items that may be in an entirely different region as far as we know.

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