How to Decorate a Modern Master Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal space, one that provides you peace and a good night’s sleep after a long day at work. It should be designed in such a way that it makes you forget your tiresome day as soon as you enter. With the right-chosen furniture, furnishings, and décor, you can certainly spruce up your resting abode the way you like.

There are several online and offline stores where you can get the best bedroom décor products. At Or & Zon, you can explore a host of options from bed linen and cushions covers to throws, blankets, and more. If you are decorating your modern bedroom all by yourself, take inspiration from magazines or sites like Pinterest. You will get loads of ideas, but then you need to pick the best ones as per your bedroom size, design, and your preferences. Here we have discussed some ideas to escalate the style quotient of your modern master bedroom to ensure that it gets all the attention.

Master Bedroom Decoration- # Idea 1-Plan well and in advance


First, have a clear picture in your mind about how you want everything to be. Make a list of to-dos and things you need to buy. Then get a rough estimate and see if you have funds for it. If not, drop a few things and replace them with more affordable but good options.

Master Bedroom Decoration- # Idea 2-Furniture and its placement

The bed is the center point of the bedroom, so choose it with patience and thought. For a modern bedroom, choose a bed with a modern headboard. High headboards are in fashion. You can opt for a wooden bed or an upholstered one as you like. Also, you can use the complete wall with leather panels as a headboard. Other furniture items you can have are chairs/sofa and coffee table for a small seating arrangement, storage chests, dressing table, wardrobe, side tables, shelves, etc. So, depending on the space and the functionality you need, you can decide upon the items. Go for space-saving and multi-purpose options wherever possible. After that, decide the design and placement. For designs again, the internet is the best source. Just ensure that you place the furniture in symmetry so that it stands out

Master Bedroom Decoration- # Idea 3–Wall Décor & Colors


You have so many options for wall décor from paint to wallpapers to leather panels, wood panels, wall art, and so on. The choice of wall décor is very important, as the whole feel of the room depends on them. If you want something affordable that you can change after 2-3 years, go for wallpapers. How about a feature wall with something that catches the attention instantly. If you want a plush feel, then you can go for a leather panel on one wall.

The colors you choose also set the tone of the room. You can go for white and beige shades if you want a soothing look, or shades of yellows and greens if you want something close to nature. Lilac and pink are apt if you want to have a romantic theme. Other trendy color combinations you can use in your master bedroom are gray and white, blue and beige, green and beige, brown and cream, lavender and off-white, blue and yellow, lime green and pink, etc.

Master Bedroom Decoration- # Idea 4–Furnishings


While decorating your modern bedroom, keep close attention to your furnishings. These include your

  • bedsheets and bed covers
  • pillows and cushions
  • rugs and carpets
  • duvets, blankets, throws, and quilts

For the bed sheets and bed covers, linen, satin or cotton could be a great idea! You can go for modern prints, floral prints, or solid colors as you like. You can play with color and design, but remember to keep the aesthetic aspect of the room in mind. You can give your bedroom a new look every day.

Another fantastic way to bring life to your bedroom is through throw pillows. The more, the better you can say. When placed well, they add to the look and enhance the personality of the room. These small pillows have some magical power to instantly change the mood. Bring that feel-good factor in your bedroom with the touch of the throw pillows.

Rugs are quite in vogue these days. Place them according to the empty floor space you have. A modern rug is all about a nice design and warmth. You can use the duvets, blankets, and quilts according to the weather. The market is flooded with endless options. You can explore them at leisure and choose the one that best matches the interior of your room.

Master Bedroom Decoration- # Idea 5-Curtains and/or Blinds

Curtains are not just functional, but add warmth and finesse to your room. While choosing the curtains, go by the theme of your room. The right set of curtains or window coverings can spruce up your bedroom manifolds. So, don’t rush into buying them in haste and repent later. First, spend time exploring all the options.

If you want something very practical, you can opt for roller blinds, Duette blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, and wooden blinds. Even if you have decided to go for curtains, do explore the option of blinds once. They look quite sleek, stylish and are easy to maintain.

Coming back to curtains, they have tons of variety in terms of colors, material, and design. You can go for linen, net, velvet, satin, or cotton to match your style. You can go for light color net or tissue sheer curtains as well, through which sunlight comes in. You can opt for light-blocking curtains if the room gets a lot of direct sunlight. A solid, dark color curtain can block the sunlight and let you have a good night’s sleep even in the daytime. Also, you can go for ready-made or custom as you like.

Master Bedroom Decoration- # Idea 6–Do Not Forget to Accessorize


No bedroom decoration is complete without accessories! This is the best and quickest way to change the entire decoration of your bedroom, and easiest as well. You can add a few accessories or decorative items like mirrors, family pictures, paintings, vases, decorative lights, candle stands, lamps, artwork, and more. Also, buy some plants according to your choice. It can be ferns, cactus, or anything. There are different kinds of plants for the bedrooms as well. No matter what accessories you choose, just ensure they add to the aesthetics.

With these tips and ideas to decorate a modern bedroom, why don’t you create something stunning that soothes your soul and freshen you up?

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