How to Decorate a Concealed Carry Vest

Concealed carry has grown in popularity, with more and more people carrying their firearms around. With this, there has been an increased need for concealed carry accessories, one of the major ones being vests.

Concealed carry vests are designed to provide comfort while providing ‘cover’ for your firearm. Unlike other vest designs, concealed carry vests come with a holster backing in the form of a Velcro attachment, an elastic lining, or snap buttons. You can read more about them at These are to provide a secure solution to prevent your carry from flopping around.

They work great; however, they come in straightforward designs, making it obvious that you have a firearm with you. While there is nothing wrong with that, sometimes, you do not want to make it obvious that you have a gun with you.

This is where the need to alter your concealed carry vest comes in. You can do a few things to decorate your concealed carry vest and hide the obvious tactical look that most come in.

You need to be a little creative with this, but there are easy and quick ways to spruce up t.he look of your jacket. And, if you like a little fun with your clothing, then decorating your concealed carry vest may be a good idea.

What you Need to Decorate a Concealed Carry Vest

The first step is to put together all the supplies you will need for the project. There is no defined set of things or rules to this, so you can be as creative and playful with your ideas. But, there are a few essential items you need to have.

There are:

  • Needles
  • Stitching thread
  • A concealed carry vest
  • Sewing machine
  • Decorative pieces, e.g., Material patches, beads, threads, pockets, belts, zips, etc.
  • Flatwork area

Ways of Decorating a Concealed Carry Vest

You can have as much fun as you’d like decorating your concealed carry vest, and the designs you choose entirely depend on your creativity and preferences. But, if you have no idea where to start and would like to vamp your concealed carry vest, these ideas below may be a great starting point.

Adding Pockets

Most concealed carry vests come with fitted pockets and have that tactical, unique look. It works perfectly, but adding pockets can be a fun idea if you want to draw attention away from the tactical style.

You can replace the pockets the vest has with other ones. If you can sew, you can make pockets out of fabrics that you like and patch them on the vest. This is a simple decorative idea, but it can make a massive difference in the look of your vest.

Patching Decorative Patches


This decorative idea is particularly ideal for people that love color and are not afraid of having colorful outfits. If your plain concealed carry vest does not tickle your fancy but functions as it should, you do not have to do away with it.

With a few decorative patches, a thread, and a stitching needle, you can make all the difference and transform your vest into a fun, colorful piece. This is where you tap into your creativity and add as much or as little as you need. In the end, you will have changed the entire look of your vest.

Decorative Accessories

You do not need to alter your concealed carry vest as much with a few accessories. This decorative idea is excellent for people that do not consider themselves creative but love unique pieces.

You can get decorative pieces such as belts, straps, and zippers and add them to your vest for an uplift. These do not need much work, just a little stitching and positioning to vamp up your vest. If you are not confident about doing the job yourself, you can have these accessories added by your local seamstress.

Decorative Stitches

A simple stitch on your concealed carry vest can be all you need to change up the look. There are hundreds of decorative stitches to choose from and add a little more aesthetic to your concealed carry vest.

You can add these stitches around the neck, shoulder pads, or around the pockets of your carry vest. The idea is to create patterns or shapes with the stitches you choose. And, you can mix colors to create a theme with your design. You need to find complementary colors and use them to create a unique design.

Drawing / Printing

You may not have a hand at stitching or patching fabrics on clothes but can draw or design unique prints on your vest. This is an easy way of decorating your concealed carry vest, and you do not need a lot of resources to implement it.

You can create a design on your computer and have it printed on the vest. This could be your name, a quote you like, or a picture of something. Then take the design to a branding shop to have it printed on your vest.

You could also draw on the vest using fabric-friendly dyes and colors. This is not applicable for everyone, especially if you do not have artistic blood in you. But if you love to draw, practicing with your vest could be a good idea.

The good thing is there are stencils that you can buy and use to create patterns on fabrics. You just need to find a pattern or stencil that you like and use fabric-friendly paint to create designs.

You can find inspirations online or in magazines and change them up for a unique print. The bottom line is finding a design or drawing that you like and want on your vest. Ultimately, this will make a huge difference, and spruce up your plain concealed carry vest.

You do not have to keep your old, plain concealed carry vest in its dull state. You can spice up the look while enjoying the functionality concealed carry vests bring with the ideas above. They are all relatively easy to do and do not need complex or expensive tools and materials to implement.

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