What You Should Know Before Getting a Bulletproof Vest

We live in a world where nothing is secure, but we can take necessary precautions to protect ourselves. Wearing a bulletproof vest is an excellent solution as it can save lives and help you get out of threatening situations without any major injuries.

Today, even civilians can get bulletproof vests and other body armor to protect them. Remember, there are several different types of bulletproof clothing, and choosing the right one can be daunting. At, you will find a range of body armor that can work great for you.

To make the most out of your armor, there are several things you need to understand before getting a vest. This article will help you know a few things before getting a vest.

Identify the Threat Level

One of the steps when deciding on your body armor is to determine your threat level. When you understand your threat level, you will be able to narrow down the type of armor you need. For example, if you are in the police department, you will need protection from knives, pistols, and handguns. Another essential element before buying a vest is to read the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to know the types and levels of body armor. The higher the level, the greater protection, so make sure you understand the difference.

Every Bullet is Deadly

As much as bulletproof vest are good is protecting yourself and capable of stopping bullets. It is important to note that there are several types of guns and bullets out there that travel at different speeds. So no matter how much armor you have on, there are chances of bullets passing through the ballistic fibre. For example in 9mm or the .375 guns, the bullets are much faster than .44 Magnum and required added force to stop them completely. Getting shot will often stop the bullet with the right vest however, it will leave bruises and in some cases even incapcitate you.

Get the Right Fit

Most people do not take this step seriously as they believe the larger the vest, the more coverage. Well, that’s only partially true because an improper fit bulletproof vest will hamper your movement and even reduce protection. The wrong size may not be able to cover all the necessary areas required for protection which are the front, back, and sides, whereas the right improves your protection. Keep in mind that if you gain or lose weight you might need to switch armors, in any case stay fit and keep a close on your armor fitting.

Stand-Alone and In-Conjunction Armor

Now that you have decided to buy body armor, you will find several different types of armor out there. And during your search you will come across stand-alone armor and in-conjunction armor. Knowing the difference between them will help you choose the correct one for you. In-conjunction armor is where an individual adds an additional plate to offer more protection. While in stand-alone, you won’t need anything else, however, people use to use carrier vests as per their convenience.

Vests Lifespan

A bulletproof vest won’t protect you for life because it comes with a 5-10 years warranty. Each brand offers a different lifespan depending on the type of body armor you choose. While these vests are designed to survive for a certain period, the protective capabilities reduce over that time. The best solution is to regularly check your vests for damages, creases, smells, burns, etc. It is important to note that if you wear them regularly, the sooner your bulletproof vest will deteriorate.

Never Dry Clean

While it is important to keep your vest clean because you might wear it every day and may get overrun with sweat, when you buy your vest, you must refer to your instruction manual when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, as you may ruin the ballistic panels if not managed right. If you prefer to wear a bulletproof vest daily, consider getting two carrier vests so you can wear another when one is being washed.

Place Ballistic Panels Correctly

When you use plates with your bulletproof vest, you must learn to place them right. If you happen to misplace it, it would reduce your protection from lethal force and not be able to disperse the energy of a bullet properly. Ensure that you do your research and find the correct technique to add your ballistic panel. You can also refer to any labels, booklets, or manuals that you might receive with your purchase.

Store them Well

As much as your armor is bulletproof, it would be best to store them well to prolong its life. Because these vests are made with several layers of ballistic fiber, they need to be stored well away from the sunlight. Additionally, you cannot treat them as your regular cotton vest because if bent or folded, you won’t be able to straighten it out. A quick tip is to store them on a hanger and keep them in your closet.

Stabproof Vests are Different

Most often people directly assume that bulletproof vests and stabproof vests are the same. In simple terms, both vests are made with different materials, and the fiber used, functions differently. Whether you are a police, army, or civilian, every threat situation is different, so make sure that your account for your threat level and choose a vest accordingly. Keep in mind that you will also find multi-threat vests that help you combat both stab and gun attacks simultaneously. However, they are much more heavier than regular bulletproof vests and even costlier.


These are some important things you need to know before purchasing your bulletproof vest. Keep in mind that no two types of vests are the same, and it differs from person to person. Make sure that you prioritize your health and life and choose the right vest according to your need and comfort. Along with your armor, if you are looking to add a Glock, find the best ones here with a light laser combo.

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