5 Things you need to know before Getting Permanent Makeup

Being beautiful and tidy is so easy these days. We have all the available makeup, and it’s really on the highest level of quality we can imagine. You can take any newer foundation, and you will get exceptional coverage as you’ve never had before. The eyeshadows and lipsticks are highly pigmented, to provide an excellent result. Sure, today’s makeup products are high quality, and still inexpensive, and everyone can find their favorite on the market.

But, they are not perfect, as we all know. Sometimes, even though you try really hard, the makeup won’t settle on your face. Sure, there are those stubborn days when your skin doesn’t behave like itself, so everything looks like you’ve painted yourself with badly chosen colors.

Surely, there is a solution, and you can either embrace it or deny it. Yes, we are talking about permanent makeup, which is practically a tattoo on the face. Many women like this idea and use it for a year. Others are too afraid of the pain, and the same look every day. But, the thing is that professionals have already been trained at a permanent cosmetics school like, before they are able to open their studio or get hired like makeup technicians.

We are sure you have a lot of questions about this, but also, there are simple answers to all of them. If you are interested in permanent makeup, you should know these things, before you make a decision:

1. You need to be prepared for the process


At least two days before the process, you need to avoid waxing and shaving your face. Also, don’t dye your eyelashes, and wear sunscreen, because you want your skin completely healthy for this one. We also suggest you avoid smoking, because you will heal easily. If possible, don’t take anti-inflammatory medicines prior to the process, because they can increase the risk of bleeding.

Also, be prepared that you won’t be able to wear contact lenses after the procedure. If you have some eye condition, you need to inform the makeup professional about that. If you have lip fillers or Botox, inform them. They also have to know if you wear dentures. Even though it seems like unusual information to give to the person who is doing your permanent makeup, they need to be aware of everything related to your facial and overall health.

2. It can be a little painful

This process is painless for most clients. But, sometimes some pain main occurs during the process. Keep in mind that it’s different than the usual tattooing since a numbing gel or cream is used to ensure a pain-free procedure. Still, some clients feel uncomfortable during the process, but also, there are those who even fall asleep. So, in most cases, it won’t hurt at all, but there is a tiny chance for a little pain.

3. It’s practically semi-permanent

The color fades away after a significant amount of time. Surely it’s permanent, and sometimes the initial results may last for years, but if you are sure you want this, you will have to get regular touch-ups with your artist. Probably it will take up to 5 years for the first correction. If your color fades away after the first year, then it’s not properly done, or the makeup is low quality. Good makeup technicians guarantee that the makeup will last up to 15 years (without the correction in the meantime). Make sure you go to a professional, because the process is time-consuming and expensive, and you don’t want to do that every year.

4. You must find a professional

As we said, professionals provide quality service and guaranteed results. Also, they take care of the equipment and handle it properly. They will interview the client, to determine the overall skin condition, and see what they want to accomplish. No professional permanent makeup artist will start tattooing you, before that general examination. So, don’t settle for less than the best.

5. What are the main benefits of permanent makeup?

From the very first moment, after you heal, you will have a great base for your further makeup activities. Some people don’t even put on additional makeup, except the mascara for the lashes. It means you save a lot of time and energy in the morning before you go to work. So, this means that you wake up beautiful every day.

You can even use permanent makeup to correct some scars and blemishes on your face. Also, you will be able to choose the exact look you prefer, and the color combination that is compatible with your face.

Of course, the best thing is that it won’t smear or smudge, even if you put an additional eyeshadow or you put a lip gloss over your mouth.

It can be expensive

There is no fixed price for this service, but depending on the factors, it can be between $200 to $800 in the USA. The prices may vary from one studio to another. Also, they can be higher or lower in different states and countries. In long term, it’s really cost-effective, since you will buy fewer makeup products through the years. But, it’s a huge expense to pay at once for sure. We can say that you need to be really sure you want this for yourself and that you are ready to pay the needed price. That’s the only way to get a quality service. Surely there will be cheaper studios, but you have to check on their background and see examples of previous work. After that, you can decide what to do and where to go.


This is an easy and convenient solution that saves time and money on a long-term plan. You have to be careful where you are going for permanent makeup, and we highly suggest going to proven studios, with a huge experience behind them. Also, you will take care of it afterward. That ensures durable results, and proper care for your skin too.

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